Journey to Marketing Partnerships

By BriteBee

In a little over seven months, BriteBee has become a marketplace, production company, and full-blown marketing agency.

We’ve helped insurance shoppers connect with agents from all around the country.

We’ve learned over 300 key takeaways, while helping insurance agents, entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, and doers share their stories all around the world.

Keagan Henson, our courageous leader, has flown and driven an impressive number of miles, building relationships with the insurance industry’s top influencers, while losing a large amount of both sleep and hair.

It’s safe to say that we’re just getting started…

What’s next for BriteBee?

We are a startup. We’re inspired by the challenge and we chose the struggle. It’s rarely glamorous and it’s not always fun, but we live for the opportunity to make dreams into reality every single day.

We are so excited to be starting marketing partnerships this year, because it is the natural next step in our mission.

Ever since its beginnings as an idea in Keagan’s mind, BriteBee has existed to improve the insurance industry’s reputation online. We want to be the name serving remarkable insurance agents across the nation, helping them share their stories, and fighting for their online visibility. Now, in 2019 we are ready to take our mission to the next level through BriteBee Marketing Partnerships!

What is a BriteBee marketing partnership?

A marketing partnership with BriteBee offers an opportunity for agents to gain valuable exposure, while improving their brand awareness and online rep. We want to be your rock, a foundation for marketing efforts, externally and internally, helping you in every aspect of your business. Tell us your agency goals and dreams, and we’ll help make them happen.

Let’s meet the team behind BriteBee…

“We listen. As a startup, we know we have to do a good job to survive; it’s financial life or death. We know we have to give you our all. There is so much marketing information out there, but it’s been around a long time. So much of it is outdated; it’s time for the new, it’s time to get creative, and to think outside the box!

When you hire us, you get the whole team. With me, you get a dreamer who is diligent in improving all aspects of business, and most importantly, you get someone who is willing to fail in order to succeed.

We’re ready to dream with you.

We’re different here at BriteBee, because we understand the insurance agent. I was one. Some of our team have worked in the industry, others not; but we all have experience in what we do: helping agents make their dreams come to life.

When I think of BriteBee’s vision and picture it in my mind, I see people spread across the US (heck, even around the world), working together for one mission: serving the insurance agent. Honeybees swarming around the hive, all working diligently as partners to create something of value.”

We are a perfect match for agents, because we’ve found that most agents need assistance with marketing in non-traditional ways. Through trial and error in marketing our own platform, we’ve learned a great deal about marketing in the digital world and can bring this to agents. I see myself here as a builder with a steady hand, as I plan and track the IT functions, finances, and a little bit of anything else that is needed.

When I think of BriteBee, I see our future—and that of our clients too—as being full of lots of data from many sources. That’s why we get great results for new agents who join our platform, and for all of our partners!

My vision for BriteBee is to become the BIG third-party provider for the insurance industry; the Autotrader© of automotive, the TripAdvisor© of Travel, and the Open Table© of Hospitality. We aim to give the agent what they want and need (prospects) by satisfying the wants and needs of the consumer in the easiest way possible.

We want to fill in the holes in your agency, whatever those may be, rather than a cookie cutter service that ‘nickel and dimes’ customers for every step.”

"Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. Every time we waste that opportunity, every page or sentence that doesn’t do enough to advance the cause is waste."

“My vision for BriteBee is that we are considered indispensable by our users; every other good thing will come if we nail that, and nothing good will happen if we don’t.

I translate customer and team desires into external and internal product features, offer counsel to our team about the technical tradeoffs involved in various approaches to our problems, and be a sounding board for our leadership regarding general business strategy. Every bit of this is then translated to our partners.”

“My vision is for BriteBee to become the industry leader bridging the gap between the way insurance professionals communicate with non-insurance professionals, and how non-insurance professionals actually want to communicate.

When I think of my vision, I see people of all ages and lifestyles being able to look briefly at their phones and know that they have control over their insurance decisions without any confusion or major time investment.

I see myself helping to educate and communicate to insurance professionals the importance of their image and communication styles in their market. I also see myself helping to show non-insurance professionals how great it is that certain people in the insurance industry are adjusting to their needs and wants through storytelling.”

"The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions."

“I see BriteBee helping hundreds of insurance companies reach their full potential through strong digital marketing, content creation, and lead generation. I see myself being extremely busy creating endless possibilities with hundreds of social accounts to manage and lots of content to produce.

I get excited just thinking about it! I want to lead an insurance team to success through digital marketing and managing.

“I see BriteBee as a dedicated agency that will assist anyone in the insurance sector, or otherwise, to maintain the best image possible, in addition to building out their brand image to one of complete customer confidence. Our partners can be assured of a two-way partnership built on trust, satisfaction, efficiency, and reliability.

I will do my part in making a big change in this industry, from one of stagnation to that of a bullet train! I see us as that bullet train, constantly moving forward, representing our progress and innovation; stopping at stations along the way to pick up partners and bring them along with us.

I will assist our partners in creating the best website possible using modern web standards, while getting their feedback every step of the way so that we are all completely satisfied with the end product.”

We think like a startup.

At BriteBee, we don’t just think like a startup, we are a startup. We’re constantly learning, trying various methods, making connections, figuring it all out; but the important thing is that we’re putting it all into practice each and every day, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

A startup requires flexibility, quick-thinking, and honestly it requires a desire to survive. There’s no doubt about it being grueling and hard—but these aren’t necessarily bad things, nor anything to think negatively about. It’s more the thought, the idea, the sheer tenacity of all these ideals wrapped up into one goal.

Our process has involved its fair share of roadblocks and speed bumps, good decisions and hard lessons, but always saying, “We’re going to make it, let’s move ahead.” Here in Oklahoma we have a saying: “It’s like a dog chasing a squirrel. He runs around and around trying in vain to catch it, barking up one tree after another.” Sometimes that’s how it feels!

"I think there’s a roller coaster ride that’s earned the title “scariest in the world.” That’s how I feel about this, when I think of all that’s happened in the last six months (that’s all it’s been?!) since we said “let’s do it.” That first day when my only thought was, “What am I doing?!” It’s been a series of ups and downs, excitement at every turn, and tons of high-fives."

Come along for the ride…

In 2019, BriteBee and its journey will be an open book. Read at your own risk. We hope that you will use it to celebrate our successes alongside us and to learn vicariously through our missteps.

Use this link to follow along (we’ll make sure you don’t miss anything interesting) –

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