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Your Customers Are Already Searching Online. How Are You Reaching Them?

BriteBee’s Digital Stimulus package gives you access to our premium listing service that puts your agency in front of your customers as they search for insurance. Our platform makes it easy for your customers to find, research, and connect with you when it matters most.

We’re offering our Digital Stimulus package for FREE—for a limited time. See how other insurance agents are leveraging the BriteBee platform to increase the online visibility of their brands, products, offers, and digital reputations with the Internet’s most comprehensive online insurance directory.

Help Customers Find You Online​​

Increase visits to your website, drive engagement on social media, and improve your agents visibility on Google. We make it more convenient for customers to find you online.

Display Your Products And Services​

Highlight your core products and services and unique selling proposition directly on your profile. From personal lines, to commercial niche markets, BriteBee helps you drive more conversions.

Stand Out From The Competition​

Boost your agency presence by focusing on appearing in searches for carriers you represent. Your BriteBee profile will be optimized with SEO in mind, so you can dominate the competition.

Supercharge Your Search Results​

Getting noticed in the search results must be your top goal. Agents on BriteBee unlock premium features that are more likely to stand out in Google search and Google My Business results.

Clarify Your Calls To Action​

Simplify your messaging. BriteBee drives consumers to engage with your agency through website visits, clicks-to-call, and directions to your agency.

Spotlight Your Testimonials​

Drive more value from the positive experiences you’ve created. BriteBee integrates with your agency’s Google My Business and Rocket Referrals testimonials to create a centralized location for them all.

Make Your Profile LIVE In Under 30 Minutes. No Credit Card Required.​​​

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How Does BriteBee Help My Agency?

Are you tired of hearing about SEO? Investing in SEO for your agency website can be timely and expensive. With BriteBee, you can experience a faster and easier solution to enhancing your agency's visibility in search.

Here's How it Works:

  1. BriteBee Helps Customers Find More Information About Your Agency
  2. Our Team Focuses on Building listings that follow SEO best practices
  3. Our platform provides customers a more user friendly insurance search experience

Give Your Customers An Easier Way To Learn, Engage, And Interact With Your Agency

BriteBee is on a mission to empower insurance agents and agencies to deliver exceptional customer experiences online. We help you put the customer first by simplifying how they find and interact with your agency online, and how you display relevant information about the products and services you sell.

Find out how you can take advantage of our Digital Stimulus package to create better customer experiences and improve your online visibility.

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Make Your Profile LIVE In Under 30 Minutes. No Credit Card Required.​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect with the Agency Digital Stimulus Package?
    The Agency Digital Stimulus Package provides you with three free months of BriteBee premium, which gives you expanded access to our online insurance directory. Agents using BriteBee are more likely to be found in the search results, have better control over their unique, customized landing page, and receive notifications based on the actions your customers take when engaging with your profile.

  • Why is BriteBee providing a stimulus package to insurance agencies across the country?

    We know that almost everyone is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and want to make the BEST of this situation by helping agents increase their visibility online. People are using the Internet more than ever before, and we believe that insurance agents should start getting ahead and winning while people are searching. Even if insurance searches are down right now, we all know that it will come back stronger than ever. Insurance agencies need to be prepared and ready to BEE found online.

  • What’s the catch?

    BriteBee’s Digital Stimulus Package costs your agency $0 and there is no credit card information required. It’s a great way for agents to boost their visibility.

  • How much time does it take to set up my BriteBee profile?

    Setting up your BriteBee using best practices takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Take two minutes to watch our best practices video, so you can set up your profile to best perform within our own directory and Google Search.

  • Who is a good fit for BriteBee?
    BriteBee is perfect for independent and captive agents and who can spare an hour to build out and optimize their BriteBee profile. Spending just 20 minutes/month to update your profile with accurate information will help you appear more visible.

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