Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel: Meet Steven Kastelic with BlyncSync


5 Key Takeaways from Steven Kastelic

  1. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something.
  2. Always be yourself, and be confident about it.
  3. What seems like common sense to you, might not be the case for the people around you.
  4. The earlier, the better (for anything).
  5. Never give up.

Today on the Hive Five Podcast, we are excited to sit down with Steven Kastelic, a co-founder of BlyncSync and fellow participant in the Thunder Launchpad startup accelerator. Steven studied entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma, and co-founded BlyncSync with fellow students Austin Green and Khanh Nguyen after graduating. BlyncSync is working to prevent accidents in the trucking industry, through the use of smart wearable devices.

Steven met Austin and Khanh in college while they were all pursuing entrepreneurship degrees. As college students, they went on lots of road trips to visit family, so their eyes were opened to the problem of falling asleep behind the wheel. After talking with truckers and fleet managers, they learned that this was a serious problem, that the transportation industry deals with every single day. Surprising to them, most technology currently available is reactionary, but not preventative.

With BlyncSync, they are working to prevent traffic accidents, instead of reacting to them. Steven says that 1 out of 3 truck drivers admit to having almost fallen asleep behind the wheel. The leading cause is fatigue, and even though they are professional drivers, keeping track of their energy level is a challenge. BlyncSync has partnered with suppliers of smart wearable devices and created a software that can track drivers’ energy levels in real time. It can indicate things like when the driver needs to take a break and when they are most likely to fall asleep. It’s revolutionizing the trucking industry and will continue to make roads safer and keep truck drivers safe.