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If we are doing our job (and we tend to be busy little bees), we'll match you with the perfect insurance provider to meet your specific needs and you should NEVER need to shop for insurance again.

How Do We Find The Best Insurance Agents For Your Specific Needs? We ask you to tell us a bit about you and the type of insurance you need and we rate and rank the largest list of insurance providers in existance to show you the top agent matches for you.

We Learn A Few Things About Your Current Insurance Needs

We ask you to answer a few simple questions to help us better understand your insurance needs and what you are looking for in an agent.

Then Analyze The Largest Agent Database Anywhere In Seconds

This is not as easy as it sounds, but we love buzzing around crunching data and are guessing you have better things to do.

And Return Only The Very Best Agents To Meet Your Needs

In the blink of an eye (we are guessing, since we don't blink) you have a list of the top insurance providers to meet your needs.

Or You Can Browse Our Comprehensive List Of Top Agents For Yourself Feel free to browse our curated lists of the absolute best insurance agents anywhere for yourself. If you decide that it's a tougher decision than you thought it might be, we'll be happy to ask you a few questions and show you who best fits your needs.

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BriteBee is built by insurance agents, just like you, who KNOW how hard it can be to meet the right customers where they are online. What's even more difficult is meeting them at just the right time in their decision making process. That's why we've built simple to use tools, with an unmatched search intelligence to make your agency smarter and faster than the competition, and get in front of the right customers at the perfect time.

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