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  • Annette T. 6 months ago

  • Anonymous over 1 year ago

    Horrible! Was insured with them for less than a year and won’t ever go back. I was paying over $100 for what I thought was full coverage well come time when I needed it, my first wreck, I was told it wasn’t full coverage all along. They didn’t protect me in my accident AT ALL. In no way was the car wreck the slightest bit my fault. I was hit by a speeding elder. He was doing well over 50mph in a 35. I was told someone would come out to investigate where the accident took place (in my driveway) look at the damages on my vehicle and reimburse me for damages made (vehicle was completely totaled, not drivable and would not even start) vehicle that hit me was able to drive away from the scene. No one ever showed up, never got any calls on updates. I called back 2 weeks later and was told no one was coming to look at anything or investigate and the accident was my fault. I dropped them quickly after this. Ended up having to repair my vehicle on my own. Only good that came outta this was my totaled vehicle still had a clean title.

  • Juan M. over 1 year ago

  • Yolanda T. almost 2 years ago

  • Carolyn H. almost 2 years ago

    Great service, very knowledgeable, Jessica was very friendly.

  • Pha C. about 2 years ago

    Agent that work's here are wonderful and always willing to help you.

  • Chumpy Slasher almost 4 years ago

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