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  • Morgin R. 8 months ago

    Teri provides great customer service. She truly cares about her customers and it shows in the way she treats them. I highly recommend using Teri as your insurance provider.

  • Mar K. 9 months ago

    I’ve never written a bad review. I’m a very patient person. If you need insurance do not use this office or just don’t even use State Farm. I had to call multiple times a week before I even got a person on the phone. They don’t return voicemails. I had State Farm for over 13 years between my families insurance and my own. When I moved from out of state they didn’t do the proper paper work so they some how cancelled my policy without telling me for 2 months I was driving around uninsured and it caused my old state to try to suspend my license. They tried to blame it on me because I called the State Farm customer service and they chose this office for me unfortunately. When I needed a letter to resolve it looking to my old state that I had no insurance this office caused they didn’t even provide the correct information like policy Limits in the ridiculous letter they gave me. Good thing progressive was instant and had a letter available right on the website to make sure my license didn’t get suspended due to THIS OFFICE CANCELING MY POLICY. These people don’t care about their clients. I was told multiple times it was a mistake and I did not owe them any money for insurance. I told them at that point I would find new insurance. Progressive is a quarter of what I was paying before with better coverage and customer service. I just received a bill in the mail for almost $200 with a completely different policy number. No one answers the phone. These people will not look out for you. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

  • Craig B. 11 months ago

    Good and helpful on insurance

  • Tony A. about 1 year ago

    She's great....

  • Michael A. over 1 year ago

    Been with Teri for a couple of years now after moving back to CO. Never had an agent take the time to reach out to schedule an in person review to not only go over my policies but to get to know her client. She took the time to go through all of my policies (3 cars, homeowners, umbrella policy) step by step, and not only showed me exactly what I have, but also talked through things I may not even need. I've shopped around and not only is she the best priced for what I need, but the personal service will keep me with her for all my insurance needs. Highly recommend!

  • M S. over 1 year ago

    Great experience! She helped us in a pinch to get the best deal and coverage possible. Definitely recommend.

  • Scott H. about 2 years ago

    Teri and her team are fantastic! They are responsive and thorough ~ most of all, they show concern about their customers "beyond the policy"! Thanks Teri and Team!

  • Kathy T. over 2 years ago

    Teri takes ever claim very personally. My apartment flooded not once but twice in a month. She was on top of it within hours of it happing ensuring I got to put up in temporary housing that was convenient for me. She had the billing set up so I had no out of pocket expenses. When I was having a hard time working with my corporate claims person she worked to get me a new person that could work better with. Due to work and illness, it took me over a year to complete the information the claims person needed. I sat down with Teri in her office and together we called corporate and went through all the items line by line. I had a check a few weeks later. She was awesome! I use her office for all my insurance needs. I would highly recommend Teri Starry to anyone.

  • Mike R. over 2 years ago

    I've been a State Farm customer of Teri's for about a year. I switched after she worked hard to save me about $2,000/year compared to what I was paying for home and auto with GEICO. She made the transition incredibly easy for me and she has always been at the ready to answer any questions I've had. Two weeks ago, my 16 year old son was in a roll-over accident during an ice storm. While he came away from the accident unscathed, the car was damaged significantly. Within two days of the accident, State Farm called me to inform me that the car was deemed to be totaled and that they would be sending me a check for the value of the car minus my deductible. I figured it would take a couple of months to get the check, but in less than a week, it arrived in the mail for the exact amount they promised me. Additionally, in less than 24 hours of me informing Teri that we had purchased a replacement car, she sent me a new temporary insurance card. I've never experienced such exceptional customer service from an insurance provider. If you're looking for great coverage at a highly competitive price and exceptional customer service, Teri Starry is your agent!

  • Jeff W. over 4 years ago

    I have followed Dale to every office in which she has worked and have never had better customer service. Her knowledge is unbeatable, and Dan Kelly's office is wonderful!!

  • Cindy S. over 4 years ago

    I hate leaving poor reviews, but... i gave them numerous chances. I, too, have had horrible customer service from Dayle. I bought a new car & switched insurance from old to new. They took it upon themselves to upgrade me from liability to full coverage without my consent. I was going to get full coverage but I would do it on my time-line. Dayle blamed someone else in the office & took off the coverage. I went into office to figure out what deductibles, etc, I wanted (not what they chose for me!) but Dayle said the main office was back-logged so she would keep it in her computer until they got caught up & then would submit it. She said not to get into an accident until she got my full coverage on there in about 3 weeks! About 2 months later, i got a call from them saying Dayle wanted to get my coverage submitted, & asked what coverage I wanted. I told them she had it 'on her computer' & to use what we agreed upon. She hadn't saved the info & i had to redo. Then, my 24 yr old son (who was on my policy) moved out & sold his truck so he called State Farm to cancel his policy. When I got my next bill, it was MORE than when my son's truck was on my policy! That was the last straw. Despite the fact that my folks had been with Dan Kelly State Farm for years and years and years, I have FREAKING had it with Dayle!!! I've left them and am now with a different state farm agent. I gave them numerous times to get things right or to switch me to another person in office...but they chose not to & consequently have lost my business. Good riddance!l

  • Dale F. almost 5 years ago

    There are times when a miscommunication can be two-sided -- I am certainly sorry for any part I had in that.

  • Kelly W. about 5 years ago

    There are plenty of agents that are available in Arvada Colorado. Please select another one then the people in this office. Mr. Kelly is a very nice man and has done many things for families including ours but the direction of how things have gone as indicated in other reviews.... it's best to look elsewhere.

  • Jessica L. over 5 years ago

    HORRIBLE customer service! I moved out of state, and Dan Kelly's office (Dayle to be specific) was bouncing me back and forth between the two offices, telling me how the new agent needs to follow protocol to get my life policy transferred. I began to state my frustration with the customer service, and not only did she speak above me, she HUNG UP on me! FIND ANOTHER Arvada or Denver metro agent, for sure!!!

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