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If you need to buy commercial auto insurance for your business, the team at Paradiso Insurance is here to help simplify that process, saving you both time and money on your commercial insurance portfolio. We believe in a personal approach to doing business and have served in our local community for more than 15 years.

Your Local Business Auto Insurance Agents

As your local commercial auto insurance agency, we can help you protect your company and personal assets in the event of an accident or loss. We understand that every business is unique, and this is why we sell commercial auto insurance the way it should be done, with personal attention and tailored policies that meet the individual needs of your business, its vehicles, and drivers.

Does your business need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy?

If you only use a vehicle to commute to a single place of work and you do not transport any goods or people, then you will be typically be covered with a personal auto insurance policy for this type of use. However, as soon as your use extends beyond these limits, you may need to buy commercial auto insurance coverage for your business. Generally, the below points indicate you need to buy a business policy for your vehicle/s.

  • You transport colleagues/clients or drive to visit clients
  • You use the vehicle for picking up business supplies
  • You make deliveries on behalf of the company
  • You have a vehicle which is titled to your business
  • You transport any hazardous materials
  • Your vehicle is used for towing
  • You use your vehicle to carry tools, equipment, and/or products related to your work

This is only a guideline and is by no means inclusive. If you want to find out if your business needs to buy a commercial auto insurance policy, contact a member of our Connecticut commercial insurance team today for a quick chat about your business use.

What type of commercial auto insurance do we offer?

At Paradiso Insurance, we offer business auto coverage for companies with a single vehicle up to an entire fleet of vehicles to insure. We also provide FedEx ground ISP and CSP coverage, along with trucking insurance for single or multiple vehicles.

What is covered by a commercial auto insurance policy?

When you buy business auto insurance, you will get coverage for the cost of an accident involving a vehicle you use for work-related reasons. It can also provide coverage for acts of theft, vandalism, medical expenses, and other types of damage to a vehicle. The most typical commercial auto insurance policies will offer coverage for:

  • Auto accident liability
  • Theft and physical damage
  • Accidents with uninsured motorists
  • Medical expenses

At Paradiso Insurance, we provide tailored business auto insurance quotes that will include the most appropriate coverage for the needs of your company and its fleet. If you have employees who use their own cars for work-related reasons, we offer coverage for this too.


Disclaimer: This information has been written for the public as informational only. Since coverage varies from state to state, it is important to speak to a licensed insurance agent in your state.


Companies Represented

  • Allstate
  • American Modern Insurance
  • Asi American Strategic
  • Bunker Hill Insurance Company
  • Classic Collectors Infinity Insurance
  • Commerce Mapfre Insurance
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • Hagerty Insurance
  • Hanover Insurance Company
  • Harleysville Life
  • Harleysville Nationwide Insurance Group
  • Kemper Insurance
  • Main Street America Group
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Plymouth Rock Ct
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Quincy Mutual
  • Safeco
  • Safeco Roadside Assistance
  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • Stillwater Insurance Group
  • The Hartford
  • The Hartford Roadside Assistance
  • Travelers
  • Travelers Business
  • Upc Insurance United Property Casualty

Insurance Products Offered

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Parcel Delivery Insurance
  • Personal Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What factors impact the cost of a commercial auto insurance quote?

    There are lots of things we take into account when offering a quote for business auto insurance. The number and value of the vehicles you need insurance for, your claims history, the level of coverage you need, the business activities, the policy limits, deductibles, and more.

  • Can business auto insurance cover a vehicle that is not owned by the company?

    Yes. You will need to buy non-owned and hire auto insurance coverage for any vehicles your company uses but does not own.

  • Who can be covered to drive a business vehicle?

    You can get coverage for yourself, your employees, members of your family, and others.

  • Are trailers automatically covered by a commercial auto insurance policy?

    If the gross weight of your trailer is more than 2,000 pounds, then it will need to be discussed with your insurance company. For any trailers below that weight, you will typically find it will be automatically covered.

  • What information do I need to get a quote for commercial auto insurance?

    If you’re ready to get a quote for a business auto insurance policy, you will need a full list of the vehicles in your fleet, including the make, model, and year of registration. You will need to know an approximate value, security features, the claims history of your company, and the expected annual mileage of your vehicles. Finally, you should also have the details of any employees who will be driving your vehicles, along with their license numbers and driving history summary.

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