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  • John S. 3 months ago

    I requested a homeowners policy quote to replace my existing policy and was told that quotes were good for only 30 days and the agent "Dylan" would reply with a quote in a few weeks. I did not hear back from him so I got a quote from USAA. Once I requested a cancellation of my current policy, I received an email from Dylan with a quote that was lackluster at best. I was then told that I needed to complete a proper cancellation form in order for me to cancel my current policy. I was emailed by another employee, "Storey" that once I confirmed my address, she would send me a docu-sign form to sign. After 10 days now, I have not received the form nor a call back. I guess at this point I should file a complaint with the Fl Insurance Commissioners website. I don't want to pay for two policies because of IOA lack of responsiveness. Very poor service and communication.

  • Michael B. 5 months ago

    I connected with this Insurance Company through ZEBRA.com Maybe you've seen the commercials on TV. Seems like it would be considerable cost to run those Ads. I bought an Progressive Auto Policy from them 1 year ago. Called them last Friday morning and left a VM asking someone to call me about quoting a Home Owners policy. Didn't hear anything as of Wednesday morning but got a random marketing email from them Wednesday morning thanking me for my business and asking me if I wanted to get quotes for my other insurance needs like Home Owners. Hilarious. They're spending all this money on trying to market to customers and they can't even return a phone call! I write back and tell them I've been waiting since Friday for someone to return MY call. That did stimulate a call from an Angela asking forgiveness for not getting back to me, but said they weren't writing policies in Florida while the TROPICAL STORM was going through, but said they should have reached out and let me know the reason for the delay. She said we'd like to offer you a Home Owner's insurance quote. My response, "I can't do business with a Company that won't return my call". I'll find an insurance office in my own backyard from now on. Seems like this Company doesn't know the importance of responsiveness when you're selling policies virtually. I can't imagine your experience will be any different if you choose to do business with them.

  • Steve Z. 11 months ago

    Good company but hard to get to the person you need to get with

  • Lizzette D. 12 months ago

    Cannot get answers after a month and numerous attempts to contact them about my status for new Work Comp policy. No, not a new client. Been their client since 2014. This is just bad business. I will have to shop elsewhere. Maybe it has something to do with the pending lawsuit...

  • Eamonn R. 12 months ago

    Amazing company. Great to do business with!

  • Ross O. about 1 year ago

    Watch your back, they are scammers! I needed home insurance and auto insurance so I contacted IOA and Nick Mitrovic wrote me a home insurance policy with their "preferred partner" Frontline Insurance. We sent the money for the policy and they sent someone inside my home to take pictures. 2 weeks later I get 2 separate letters stating that they are cancelling my policy due to non payment. I tried to email IOA and Nick no longer work there, imagine that! A guy named Robert Perez gave me a 1-800 number to call with my questions. My money is gone, insurance policy is gone, salesman is gone. Everyone, watch your back and your wallet with the sheisters! I'm glad I hadn't yet written any auto policies with them, they'd probably have that money of mine too!

  • Customers F. over 1 year ago

    Our agent, Amanda Bronson worked diligently to find new Homeowners’ Insurance for us. I can’t say enough good things about Amanda. She has all the skills and talents needed to be an excellent advisor in the complex world of insurance. She lives in this world and knows it very well. Beyond simply knowing about insurance, she has the rare qualities of empathy, understanding, and active listening. Even in today’s internet world, there is no substitute for having a smart, hardworking professional on your side. I recommend Amanda without reservation.

  • Jordan M. over 1 year ago

    I work here so yeah.

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