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Showing people how to protect and grow their assets because one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned over the last 5 years as a Financial Services Advisor is understanding the needs of clients and recognizing that everyone’s economic and life situation is unique. I understand that my clients are the most important part of my business and that personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial products and services. Whether your current goals involve building a robust emergency fund, protecting yourself against unexpected risks, or planning for retirement, I want to help you make the best decisions with your money. My Financial Service Products: * Health Insurance * Life Insurance * Educational Trading Program If you ever have questions about your plan or about specific financial products, contact me. We will schedule a time to talk and address any questions you may have. Working together, we will create a plan to meet your financial goals.

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  • Cepheus R. 9 months ago

    Poor experience I was fooled into signing up with bey and associates. I was planning on settling my claim with the insurance company. Arrowhead conned me into signing up with them (they notified bey and associates of a potential client) even though I said I wanted to handle it myself. I signed up thinking they had my best interests which was false. They signed off on a check I knew nothing about that my insurance company mailed and then accused me of cashing it. I've never been so humiliated. They never cared about my injuries and left me too dry at trial. IDK what to do but post this and forewarning to anyone. DO IT YOURSELF first and if you need help then ask for advice. (Solicitation,Slander, Defamation, Insult To Injury, the list goes on. That is just a bare minimum of what I experienced. It's been 5 year's I planned on going to trial they conned me into thinking we were and that we can win when im fact they only wanted me to settle. I've asked for my files over and over they couldn't provide it and then they start throwing numbers around but say there not certain so I'm left confused at least 5 people handled my case and it's still ongoing until I fired them from my case being an email was sent from an attorney accusing me of cashing a med pay check that they only knew about. I knew nothing about a check being mailed to me until 8 months later after the check was already mailed out so now you tell me who had access to the check. I could care less if I receive any money from my accident which wasn't my fault . I should of never went to Arrowhead and I should of never signed up with bey and associates.

  • Garrett 10 months ago

    Very helpful. A trucking company rear ended me and tried to get out of it in a scummy way, they were extremely helpful. I called a couple other places and they took forever and sounded unprofessional. When I called great customer service and everything I needed they helped out with. Great legal advise they gave me, it turned out something that they normally don't do but they gave me everything I needed to proceed further. Thanks Matt McKaren (Hopefully that is your last name spelt correctly).

  • Maxine S. 11 months ago

    I want to thank bey and associates for the professionalism, communication and making this process smooth and effortless. Each of you are truly appreciate it. I definitely will come back and I highly recommend Bey & Associates

  • Ronda M. 11 months ago

    Bey & Associates were prompt and on top of everything when my MVA first happened. They arranged my treatment, met with me to explain the process and asked if I had any questions. The case manager assigned to me was NOT on top of things at all! I dont know if she was overwhelmed or just unorganized. I had to resend documents, reach out to treatment centers to inquire about my records, and call HER to stay on top of my case. She even debated with me when I asked her why she doesn’t call ME for updates. She made my experience LONG and unpleasant. If it wasn’t for Attorney Mary Robb, I was going to see how I could find other assistance! Attorney Mary Robb is a Godsend!! She is Awesome!!! She was there every step of the way when I had to make a recorded statement to an adjuster. Mary is patient, personable, and just a Super Sweetheart. Bey & Associates, you need to clone Mary!

  • Jasmine D. 11 months ago

    Bey & Associates serviced my needs satisfactorily! Brittney, Kenneth and Tara kept me up to date during the duration of my case and in the end I was very pleased with my settlement. I hope that I never need a lawyer again but if I do they’ll be my first call. Thanks so much.

  • De Robert J. about 1 year ago

    I Acquired a contract with this law firm, through my doctor. Staff at this firm is very supportive and professional!!! I just spoke with Taylor A. Middleton, Esq. this morning, and she took the time to update me on my son's and my cases. She educated me also on the different ways of dealing with big and powerful insurance companies. I really appreciated that!!! look this firm will walk you through your issues step by step, I highly recommend!!!

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