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  • Angela Z. 27 days ago

    In five years I used Tilton & Unger Insurance I paid on time and never turned in a claim. When I tired to cancel my insurance I was put into a process that I never had to do with any other insurance company I have worked with. It is now over 30 days and I still don't know when I'll get my refund. I will never use then again and cannot recommend the company.

  • Dr. R. about 2 months ago

    0 value with these folks. Horrible follow ups, horrible customer service after they've got your full premium paid up front. My parents speak with an accent and listening to the way they treated them was disgusting. Will ensure to refer everyone AWAY from this place. This is NOT what Flagler county needs.

  • Lorraine B. 3 months ago

    After switching to these folks in May of 2020 because they had a more competitive rate, they did an full inspection on the home prior to writing the insurance policy. They were saving my mom and I a few hundred dollars a year. Well, all of a sudden 2 weeks ago we received a letter that we need to repair some of the "slipping and damaged roof tiles". I have no idea why they went by to inspect the home and they are now saying that this needs to be repaired with proof with photo's and a receipt. They they "will see if the insurance company accepts what you submit" or they will cancel the policy November 1st and the only other policy they can find is now $800/year higher. In my opinion, they are trying to take advantage of an 81 year old and also, what right did they have to go on the property without our permission or authorization? Stay away!!! I feel they did a total bait and switch - the policy was paid for a full year, up front and 4 months later, they pull this. I have submitted the pictures and receipt and no reply to my e-mail.

  • John C. 5 months ago

    Check your homeowners insurance.. was paying double of what I am paying now.On top of that had to wait 3 months for refund, due to the fact my adress was never updated with company..I call Tinton and Unger, only to be told it was the Covid situation that was delaying my refund. Called company myself, to be told my check was returned because of wrong address.. Had my refund in 2 days.. Tinton and Unger as my agent was useless except to rip me off....

  • Robin S. 6 months ago

    We just got a new homeowner policy. Kaylin was great to work with and saved us over $500 a year!!! Would highly recommend working with Kaylin.

  • John C. 6 months ago

    Check your homeowners insurance.. was paying double of what I am paying now.

  • Ralph R. 8 months ago


  • Paul D. 11 months ago

    Great service from everyone very helpful

  • Chenzo G. 11 months ago

    A great company ran by great people

  • Furbuysplus !. 11 months ago

    Mandy is Awesome!! Me Lyn!!

  • Lorraine M. 12 months ago

    Excellent company to do business with along with excellent outstanding pricing!! I highly recommend this company for any type of insurance!! Speak with "Mandy" she is super to work with! I have had other homeowners insurance companies over time, Mandy's attitude, her professionalism, and her ablity to get an outstanding rate is far beyond any insurance company I have ever worked with!!

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