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  • Paul R. 4 months ago

    Hometown insurance. Nice folks

  • Prophetess M. 5 months ago

    The Atmosphere was fun and the food was on point. The Shrimp & Grits was what I had. My son had Steak & Eggs, and my Grandson had Chicken & Waffles. We Will Definitely Visit Again.

  • Brandan B. 5 months ago

    Patty is awesome!

  • Amy C. 7 months ago

    I have taken time to consider writing this review however my experience is too important not to share and a very hard lesson learned. We had private flood insurance through Poppell for 2 years at around $450-500/year, which was a fantastic price. However, this summer, when I opened the renewal letter from the flood carrier, our policy premium had increased from $500 to TEN THOUSAND!!! dollars, yes $10,012 to be exact!!!!! Of course I immediately called our rep, Cynthia Kelly, to ask what was happening. I was immediately put off when I was greeted by a giggle and her exact words were "it's not a typo, I already checked, thats private insurance for you, I couldn't believe it myself"....my response..confused, you knew? you checked, when??? Our rep not only knew this increase happened but she also made sure it was correct and STILL did not reach out, did not intend on reaching out, left it on us to call her and question the gut punching policy renewal...not only did she not call and warn us or a professional heads up...she did not offer ANY solutions, ZERO...literally told me to call around to find better???? I thought I was dealing with an insurance agent, I guess not. So, I immediately hung up and did her job. Thankfully I found a reliable, hard working agent who immediately helped us get a policy that was 95% cheaper. After locking in new policy, I called Cynthia and asked her to cancel the insane policy. She stated we did not need to cancel that it would just run out and not renew. I questioned her multiple times because clearly I did not want that premium to be paid and she repeatedly assured us that it would run out and not renew. Guess what....the policy renewed...$10,012 deducted from our escrow account...now the hell really starts...I immediately call her, she promises immediate resolution...a week goes by, she goes MIA...dodging me. I finally have to get nasty..to which Im told all the monies will be refunded, 2 more weeks go by, I FINALLY get a cancellation notice confirming the insane policy was cancelled ONE MONTH LATER, which mind you she should have done from the get go and we repeatedly asked her to. Now I spend another 4 weeks chasing the money..the whole time hearing from our mortgage company our mortgage payment is going up $1000 in JUST escrow to offset the deficit caused by this premium. on 11/3 I asked for an update, Im told check was sent to mortgage company for premium refund...I call the mortgage company for 2 weeks asking for updates. I then learn from our mortgage company on 11/20 that the mortgage company returned the check because it was UNSIGNED!!!!! Are you kidding me??? I email and call on 11/20 to Cynthia..CRICKETS, NOTHING NO RESPONSE!!!!! on 12/1 I had to threaten to get a lawyer involved, guess what...I finally get a response. She then calls me...and assumes zero responsibility for completely dropping the ball and not doing her job. Not only did she speak to me as though I did not matter and was an inconvenience in her day, she proceeded to tell me "mortgage companies do not usually pay the premiums and insurance" (Insert flabbergasted face) Uhm excuse me? Most lenders REQUIRE to pay the premiums, taxes etc...that's the whole purpose of escrow???!!!!!!!! I knew right then and there she did not have the skillset nor the experience nor the insurance intelligence that she claimed. I was so upset I just hung up on her mid sentence, I couldn't take another minute of the BS. I had now undergone 3 months of complete hell and insane stress b/c of this woman and her lack of skill. I had to do her job, stress every hour of every day, sit for 1-2 hours a day on the phone with customer service over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS...threats of mortgage increase etc...and she was going to sit there and be so irresponsible and inconsiderate. I don't think I have ever been so livid or felt so helpless. (see additional review for rest)

  • Eric C. 7 months ago

    Review Continued At this point, all I wanted was a straight answer and concrete proof this premium was being returned correctly with a signed check...so I called to see if I could go over her head, or if there was even someone over her head...I was able to reach John, who appeared to not have knowledge of the situation...which did not surprise me, I bet Cynthia was not forthcoming with a TEN THOUSAND dollar screw up...John was very kind and helpful...which was a relief but the damage was already done...Do you know what its like to have to contemplate selling your home, where your kids lay their heads, all because someone was lazy and unwilling to do their job? Finally on 12/14/2020 the premium was returned and deposited. It took 3.5 months...over THREE months.....so before choosing this company to help you...consider the above...do you have the mental and emotional strength to endure such a catastrophe? If not, find an agent that will work FOR you...not against you... like they did for us. Our family is still mulling over what to do...

  • Gordon J. 10 months ago

    Very friendly. Serving our community very well.

  • Lee S. 12 months ago

    Great fast service

  • Joyce H. over 1 year ago

    Very helpful

  • Kenny E. over 1 year ago

    I have insurance with them for many years great people

  • Ginger S. over 1 year ago

    My claim was acted on Day 1 by Judy C. The entire process was simple and timely. Thank you.

  • Michael C. almost 2 years ago

    This has been our insurance broker for probably 20 years. No matter what our needs are they are always there to help. I have bought and sold a couple vehicles. They have been able to get me insurance from a school bus to a hearse. Believe it or not the hearse was the rough one. They have always gone over and above. With a smile. We will keep going to Poppell until they are gone or we are.

  • Erinn D. over 8 years ago

    If you are looking for an honest, hard working insurance company - John Poppell is your guy :) I had the pleasure of doing business with him and really enjoyed the experience. He was very helpful with any questions, worked to get me the best rates and was responsive to my phone calls. I recommend this business.

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