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If you need to buy Medicare Insurance, there are key facts you should first consider before signing up. Here, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the different types of Medicare coverage you can buy and explained the key differences between each.

What is Medicare Insurance?

Medicare is a federal government program that provides health insurance. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the name of the government agency, also referred to as CMS, that runs Medicare. Medicare is part-funded by Medicare taxes and Social Security that is paid, along with premiums and the federal budget.

How does Medicare Insurance Work?

Once you enroll for Medical and are eligible, you can choose to receive your benefits from a couple of sources. The first option is the traditional Medicare program that is offered via the government. The second is via a Medicare Advantage Plan, which is essentially private insurance that is provided by companies.

Whom you get your benefits from can impact two key things:

  • Where you get your medical treatment
  • How much your out of pocket expenses will be

For instance, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you could face a number of network restrictions as part of your coverage. This means that your access to specific hospitals and/or doctors will be limited. However, with Medicare ‘original’, you are going to have a much wider choice of hospitals to choose from. However, there are additional benefits to choosing an Advantage plan for your Medicare treatment, such as being able to access dental and vision care; which an original Medicare plan will not cover.

Understanding your Medicare choices is crucial as it allows you to select the right type and level of coverage for your needs.

What coverage is included with Medicare?

Here, we look at what is included with Original Medicare Coverage.

  • Part A – this provides coverage for inpatient hospital services
  • Part B – this provides coverage for outpatient medical services
  • Part D is known as Prescription Drug Coverage, and in most cases, you will need to buy PDP separately.

If you’d like to get a quote for PDP, the team at Daza Insurance can help you find out the cost of this coverage.

Now, we take a look at what coverage is included with Medicare Advantage.

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan through a union or employer, then you will still have Medicare coverage. Each plan needs to provide all Part A and B services that would be covered by a traditional Medicare plan. However, there are different restrictions and rules to consider, and these can impact where you can receive your care, along with your expenses. Many Medicare Advantage Plans will include Part D coverage as well.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicaid is a type of government program that works in partnership with local states to provide coverage for people who have a limited income. Each state has its own rules for Medicaid eligibility, but it can include people who are pregnant, who are disabled, or who meet other criteria. Medicare eligibility is not determined by income, and it is possible for a person to have both Medicaid and Medicare coverage.  

We Here to Help!

We offer a huge range of resources to help you understand Medicare coverage, including a range of online Medicare video tutorials that make it easy to find out more about popular queries, such as traveling abroad with Medicare, enrolments, and more.

If you have any questions regarding Medicare coverage, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. We can help to answer your questions, and if needed, provide you with a tailored quote for your Medicare insurance needs.

Disclaimer: This information has been written for the public as informational only. Since coverage varies from state to state, it is important to speak to a licensed insurance agent in your state.

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