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  • Francenia H. 3 months ago


  • Jim J. 10 months ago

    Chicken sammiges not too bad. Not worth fighting over...

  • Heather Skye L. 11 months ago

    Pretty good

  • Skyeheather L. 11 months ago

    Was pretty good but cheated me out of $400.00

  • Karen G. almost 2 years ago

    Friendly, knowledgeable and economical assistance with all areas of insurance

  • Melissa C. almost 2 years ago

    Really nice people I do my home and vehicle insurance they're very pleased

  • Wesley D. about 3 years ago

    The customer service is very friendly. However, I've been with this company since i purchased my house in 2014 and ever since then my rates have done nothing but go up. When i started with the company i had been flagged because of an accident that happened 2 years prior and the period for wrecks to fall off insurance claims usually is 3 years. When that wreck came off my insurance claim my insurance still went up again and again. So i just recently bought a new car and my rate went from 90 to 220(per month) for having two vehicles, one new with full coverage. Then when i get the bill in the mail the price of my policy went up again by another 30 dollars to 250. I'm a safe driver with multiple cars and my house insurance with this company also. No tickets, no fines, no wrecks in 4+ years. I checked just one random quote to see how much difference it would be at another company and found out i would only be paying 100 a month for two cars with the new car still having full coverage. That's 150 dollar a month difference and for a year policy that is over 1800 dollars that i was being ripped off staying with this company. Shop for insurance people, you'll be surprised at how much you'll save just looking around.

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