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  • Kristin M. 8 months ago

    Tony Morgan State Farm Insurance Agency is the best insurance company around the area. I highly recommend them! Their staff is very helpful and friendly and will go to great lengths to insure that you are taken care of.

  • Debbie R. over 1 year ago

    Staff is always friendly and helpful! Kudos

  • Stephen H. over 1 year ago

    I like the people there. Very nice.

  • Gary B. almost 2 years ago

    Great Team, Highly Recommend.

  • Chris A. about 4 years ago

    1.0 star rating 3/31/2017 First to Review I purchased insurance through Tony Morgan for a one-year period in the past, problem free. The first time purchasing insurance with them, I was paying $350 every 6 months for basic coverage. Fast forward into the future about 4 months later and I'm wanting to start another policy with Tony Morgan. Speaking to one of Tony Morgan's employees on the phone, I tell him that I drive my Georgia vehicle less than 500 miles per year and that I want "the absolute minimal insurance coverage". I'm told that my insurance will be over $800 every 6-months. Shocked, I ask him how that's possible and mention to him that I was paying less than half that price with them 4 months earlier. He tells me that there has been a rate increase. Befuddled by this, I start to ask a lot of questions. In doing so, I come to find out that I can have "uninsured motorist" taken off of my policy, I can get a multi-car discount, I can get a discount for being a home-owner. The more I find out that my price can be lower and lower, the more I feel like I'm being sold a MUCH more expensive policy than was necessary in the first place. This is quite infuriating considering that I asked for THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM coverage for a car that I WILL BARELY DRIVE over the course of a year. My entire family and I have been with State Farm for 18 years. I will never use State Farm again due to this unacceptable experience. As a loyal, clear-spoken customer, with absolutely zero demerits on their driving record I shouldn't have to navigate my way to an acceptable rate. Especially, when I was given such a rate only 4 months earlier. And I most certainly shouldn't be addressed with the attitude and impatience that this employee chose to show me.

  • Mary B. almost 7 years ago

    Staff is always very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

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