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About Coverage Direct: Coverage Direct is an innovative, technology-focused independent insurance agency serving Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. At Coverage Direct we focus on creating customized insurance options tailored to each client's specific needs. Our unique video quote proposal allows our Coverage Direct agents to explain options in a practical, convenient, and tangible way. No more high-pressured sales tactics or inconvenient appointments in the middle of the day. At Coverage Direct, we are here to provide our clients with the most efficient way to purchase home, auto, business, and term life insurance without sacrificing the coverage you need. Click the link below to learn more.

Companies represented: Selective, Travelers, Nationwide, Donegal, State Auto, Secura, Foremost, Dairyland, Integrity, Progressive, West Bend, Western National, Hippo, SafeCo

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  • Lindsey D. 21 days ago

    I am always confident sending referrals to Coverage Direct knowing they will be in great hands by the professional staff that is always ready to provide top notch customer service. Coverage Direct is truly a team when it comes to providing their services & willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

  • Robert P. about 1 month ago

    The staff at Coverage Direct is timely, thorough, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend them!

  • Drew S. about 1 month ago

    Top tier customer service!

  • Mark F. about 2 months ago

    Coverage Direct has been very supportive to our needs for a complete insurance package. We have auto, home, life and liability insurance with them and they are very timely and informative when responding to questions or needs. Thank you for your help and we would suggest anyone to have them review your potential needs when looking for insurance of any kind. Mark and Ann

  • Danielle C. 2 months ago

    Julie Lofdahl is the best, she makes things happen!!

  • Leslie S. 3 months ago

    Megan has was very responsive to my inquiries. She acknowledged my questions quickly and if she wasn't able to answer right away made a point to tell me when she'd be getting back to me.

  • Ben B. 4 months ago

    Always willing to answer questions, and very easy to make adjustments like when I purchased my new truck.

  • Christopher O. 4 months ago

    Friendly, knowledgeable customer support that is interested in helping.

  • Ian M. 4 months ago

    Always friendly and approachable with a timely and knowledgeable response.

  • Tim V. 4 months ago

    The best customer service I have received from any business!

  • Lowell S. 5 months ago

    Check each year at renewal to make sure I get the best coverage for the best price. Help me make decisions on what coverages I should have to protect my assets. Always get right back with me on questions and recommendations.

  • Zachary F. 5 months ago

    Great communication and services

  • Matanyah L. 6 months ago

    Julie was great, terrific, went the extra mile, and sooooo helpful. She was patient with me and answered all of my questions. What a great asset to your team.

  • Stephanie W. 6 months ago

    I appreciate the transparency Coverage Direct provides around my policies and benefits. They are always quick to respond when I have a need which I greatly appreciate!

  • Ryan C. 6 months ago

    Coverage Direct has been great to work with. They go out of their way to make sure you have the right insurance coverage that fits your needs. They are there when you need them and have always been super responsive.

  • Doane B. 6 months ago

    Direct Coverage is always available to answer my questions and resolve any issues with speed and accuracy. When I call or email, I always feel like their most important customer!

  • Tom S. 7 months ago

    You're more so one on one with ur customers and always called back in a timely manner keep up the awesome work

  • Darren T. 7 months ago

    I love the personalized service! I know that when I contact you, I will get a quick response and I won't have to worry about a thing.

  • Robert P. 7 months ago


  • Brandon D. 7 months ago

    Zach is always very responsive to whatever question or situation we may be going through. It is good to know we have a partner we can trust when it comes to our home and auto coverage.

  • David G. 8 months ago

    I have needed specific changes to my needs for car insurance. Every time I had a change I would let my rep know and she would get back to me in less than 24 hours with an answer. She has been wonderful to work with.

  • Mc Coy H. 8 months ago

    These guys, wow... Hands down the best people I've worked with... Not just from an insurance stand point (I've switched all my business, personal, auto and life insurance to them) but just as people in general. I can have a chat with either of the owners about anything at any time. They'll text you back right away to answer your questions... If you're looking for any kind of insurance, literally look no further... Coverage Direct has you covered!

  • Kendel R. 8 months ago

    Prompt service and competitive pricing.

  • Greg C. 9 months ago

    Ryan has been very helpful and attentive to questions we might have had. We had a water leak in our new house and Rayan contacted restoration company and over saw the repairs. Great company to work with!

  • Jake V. 9 months ago

    Customer service is excellent, everything is taken care of in an extremely timely manner and with little involvement required by me or my office staff. We greatly appreciate everything you do!

  • Travis P. 9 months ago

    We had our prior insurance carrier for several years and didn't think there was any way to beat the rates we had. We decided why not get a quote to see what was out there. We ended up being pleasantly surprised with a lower rate and better coverage. The process was extremely smooth and we greatly appreciated the side by side comparison. Our agent clearly explained the difference in policies in terms we could understand and continues to make sure our needs are met! Love our dealings with Coverage Direct! Highly recommend!

  • Tyler K. 9 months ago

    I have a had all of my business and personal insurance products with coverage direct since they opened. I couldn't be more thrilled with the promptness and care I have received. I would highly recommend

  • Tyler K. 9 months ago

    I have a had all of my business insurance products with coverage direct since they opened. I couldn't be more thrilled with the promptness and care I have received.

  • Kelly V. 9 months ago

    Both Ryan and Zach go the extra mile to get things done. We have had wonderful service and great experience. Anything and anytime there are questions both are quick to answer. Couldn’t ask for better service in insurance.

  • John Y. 9 months ago

    Ease of use, and service when signing up for coverage was good. Never had to wait for answers, all of my questions were answered quickly and thoughtfully.

  • Justin H. 9 months ago

    Good team to work with makes insurance the easiest it can be. thank you

  • Richard P. 10 months ago

    The service I received from Coverage Direct and Zach was top notch throughout the whole process. They did what they said they’d do.

  • Meagan A. 10 months ago

    I have really enjoyed the exceptional customer service I receive from Coverage Direct. Any time I need help or have a question my Agent is quick to reply and very knowledgeable.

  • Meredith C. 10 months ago

    Ryan, Zack and Megan give me quick, friendly, personal and accurate service every time. The coverage cost is fairly priced.

  • Rebecca K. 10 months ago

    Every time we need anything, from a simple question to a big claim from an accident: it is handled professionally and quickly. It’s like we’re talking to a friend, not an insurance agent. Switching to Coverage Direct not only saved us a ton of money every month, it’s shown us what real customer service looks like!

  • Sonia H. 10 months ago

    Ryan, Zach, and Megan always answer the phone, listen to what I need and take care of everything right away. They are great!

  • Joni B. 10 months ago

    A lot of great questions about different properties and feign sad and owner would not even realize that would make a huge difference in somebody's outcome of a tragic accident or mishap. My past insurance had no ideas of anything done correctly

  • Rodney I. 10 months ago

    Coverage Direct has great service and saved us 500 bucks a year with the coverage they found us. This was with equal or greater amounts covered than our old plans. I highly recommend.

  • Anthony H. 10 months ago

    Anything and anytime I need something they’re always right on it!!

  • Lowell S. 10 months ago

    Like all the different companies you represent and how you check each ones prices each year when my policy is about to renew to insure I getting the best coverage for the best price.

  • Bryan S. 10 months ago

    I know that if i have a question, i can actually call and talk to my agent and not a call center. Being able to talk directly to someone who knows my business and it's needs is important.

  • Michael K. 10 months ago

    Communication..... Positive and Friendly Attitudes... Caring attitude when talking of issues and/or changes... To me the personal way of doing business is very important...and that quality service is more important then price...even though in this case I get both.

  • Sande A. 10 months ago

    We love doing business with Coverage Direct!!! EXCELLENT customer service!!! Easy to reach. FAST to handle any situation!!!

  • Sherri G. 10 months ago

    I love that you guys are proactive. I had no idea that my rates were increasing and you had contacted me before I'd even realized it with a better solution. It's nice to know you are looking out for your clients. Gave me peace of mind and increased my level of trust in you. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Mike K. 10 months ago

    Communication..... Positive and friendly attitudes... Caring attitude when talking of issues and/or changes... to me the personal way of doing business is very important...also that service is more important then price...

  • Nicholas B. 10 months ago

    Zach, Ryan and the entire team at Coverage Direct are always available when we need them.

  • Nicole T. 10 months ago

    In November I was in need of new car insurance but didn’t really know where to start. Working with Megan was wonderful. The same day I sent over my information, she was able to find me a less expensive policy with better coverage. She explained the new coverage to me very patiently and helped me cancel my old policy. Nothing but great things to say about Coverage Direct!

  • Michelle B. 10 months ago

    Great team of people to work with.

  • Rose C. 10 months ago

    I heard about Coverage Direct from my lender. I compared several companies and spent hours educating myself on coverage and pricing. I decided to give them a shot for our auto and homeowner coverage. Zach was very detailed in explaining coverage and pricing. He was also prompt at getting back to me so quickly.

  • Kendal R. 10 months ago

    Zach is great at explaining our coverage and we get a very competitive price. Thanks!

  • Marc H. 10 months ago

    Prompt friendly service. I feel taken care of & that my wants & needs for insurance are heard.

  • Tim N. 11 months ago

    Ryan and Zach have done a great job handling my Business Insurance. They respond quickly and are always looking to save me money.

  • Kim B. 11 months ago

    Quick follow-up and response times and great customer service!

  • Clinton D. 11 months ago

    The insurance that Coverage Direct found, raised the premium due to differences in their database when assessing my home’ value. Coverage Direct called them and then informed me that the premium would not be released for this year. The agent then said that they would contact me about 45 days prior to renewal of the annual insurance for my home and said that they would take a look at the market again to find a comparable home owner’s policy. They saved me money and then offered further assistance - excellent service! Yes

  • Carina R. 11 months ago

    Best service, customer service. Quick reponding.. could not be happier!!

  • Nathan E. 11 months ago

    Zach is just plain awesome!!! He literally goes out of his way to answer my phone call or text anytime that I reach out to him. He keeps us updated on what's going on with our policy all the time. Such a great company to work with!

  • Justin G. 12 months ago

    Great to work with and always responds with a sense of urgency!

  • Jake V. 12 months ago

    Everything, you do everything right. I wish I could have pushed the “15” button out of 10 on the survey. You guys are excellent. Customer service and timely responses are key.

  • Scott J. 12 months ago

    Ryan Swalve has made the insurance process so easy for us!! He always responds to any questions I have very quickly and is very helpful!!

  • Ryan B. 12 months ago

    Always quick to respond and very helpful!!

  • Doane B. 12 months ago

    Extremely supportive! Always a quick response and follow-up in a timely manner.

  • Brian N. 12 months ago

    You keep the underwriters honest by going out after the lowest price possible every year at renewal time.

  • Michelle V. 12 months ago

    When I had my car accident, they took care of all the details. It really made things easy for me and I didn't have to worry about anything!

  • Tommy W. 12 months ago

    Ryan and Zach are exceptionally great at what they do. Their customer service far exceeds any other agency I've ever been with. We will continue to be loyal customers to Coverage Direct due to their value and customer service.

  • Brit B. 12 months ago

    I have an awesome rate and the folks at Coverage Direct have helped me as a first time car insurance buyer learn what I am getting with my coverage as well as making me feel like family!

  • Mike S. 12 months ago

    Personal service is excellent and the way things are explained.

  • Jewel O. 12 months ago

    Fast and thorough responses to any questions!

  • Robert P. 12 months ago

    Coverage Direct is very pro-active, keeps us well informed and always looks after our best interest! They get us great coverage at the best rates!

  • Kyle F. about 1 year ago

    Very personalized plan to fit our needs. Price is amazing and lower than what we did have. Amazing personalized service.

  • Tyler M. about 1 year ago

    Had an accident called my agent and he was super responsive and got me the information I needed within minutes.

  • Jeremy N. about 1 year ago

    Quick to answer. Quick for claims Always giving great advice

  • Chris G. about 1 year ago

    Zach has been awesome to work with from day one. I’ve honestly never had a great relationship with an insurance agent. None of them went above and beyond like Zach. Anytime I call or text him I get a response usually in seconds or minutes. Any issue or question is answered entirely and I’ve never felt in the dark at all. He’s been a pleasure to work with.

  • Veronica S. about 1 year ago

    Always available when I have questions and explains things in detail.

  • Kyle B. about 1 year ago

    We enjoy being able to simply communicate via email or text or phone call. Which ever method is best for situation is always okay with the staff. It’s simple and to the point and in terms we can understand.

  • Ryan C. about 1 year ago

    Coverage Direct provides amazing customer service and you can always count on them when you need them!

  • Jacob L. about 1 year ago

    We love you guys! Court

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