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  • Maryanna C. 26 days ago

    Blanca Townsend is an ABSOLUTE wonder! She is responsive, thorough and will take all measures possible to ensure you receive the best insurance at the lowest rate. She is trustworthy and great at her job. We love working with her and will stick with Blanca!

  • Jim V. 2 months ago

    Konen is absolutely the best I used them for years and it was nothing but quick responses and proactive attention to my needs.

  • Jon F. 3 months ago

    Great service and professionalism. Highly recommend!

  • Kim W. 5 months ago

    It is refreshing to find a company that cares about their customers, that personal touch is rare in today's environment and Konen's service proves they are a top notch organization! I work with Melanie Garza and she is always professional, knowledgeable and very responsive, no matter what the topic.

  • Kim K. 6 months ago

    If you are looking for an very knowledgeable and very helpful agency to help you with your insurance needs...look no further! I've been working with Konen for many years. Their team knows everything you will need to know to obtain any type of insurance. They also provide amazing customer service and will guide you through the process, should you need to file a claim. Marty was so helpful helping my husband and I obtain insurance for our home and vehicles. He even helped us get the appropriate life insurance for our needs. I feel very safe and secure knowing I am appropriately insured through Konen!

  • Joanie B. 7 months ago

    Konen insurance is the best. Great response time. Also quick answering questions. All staff very nice and always happy.

  • Nicole A. 9 months ago

    “I receive excellent service whether it be about billing, our policies, or a claim. Your company always goes above and beyond in finding solutions to situations that arise.”

  • Dianne H. 9 months ago

    “Konen Insurance is comprised of knowledgeable agents who provide excellent personalized service. They care about their clients and are there for you, not just some unknown person on a phone.”

  • Ellen S. 9 months ago

    Excellent, responsive customer service every time!

  • Dan W. 9 months ago

    Happy to recommend the team at Konen. My agent, Tammy, is ridiculously knowledgeable and professional on all things related to business insurance and has guided me for years on the essential aspects of coverage, (both needed and required), to protect my company and to help me sleep at night. Keep up the great work!

  • Diane H. 9 months ago

    “Konen Insurance has the most helpful employees. They treat everyone as if they are the most important person in the world. They take the time to explain everything and want what is best for you.”

  • Steven A. 10 months ago

    “When I shopped insurance recently, Konen was able to explain in detail the differences between garden variety insurers and the service Konen provided. I was going to switch, but in the end they were able to give me an apples to apples comparison which showed they were competitive and also found savings for me. Konen is full service and full quality delivered!”

  • Paula S. 10 months ago

    Nick was very informative and honest. He tried to find us the best deals possible. When I ask for help, him and Melanie are there to help us in a quick and professional manner.

  • Tim K. 10 months ago

    “Martin was great to work with. Hassle-free experience. I received more coverage for a better price as well.”

  • Mike H. 10 months ago

    “Your Guys response time has been great. I deal with Martin Lipton and I make changes to my cars a few times a year as I store them in the winter and any time I reach out to him he is very prompt in getting back to me, just added another vehicle a few weeks ago and as always quick to get back to me. He also helped me out when I refinanced and need updates for my escrow.” It is nice to have a person local and one person to deal with vs dealing with a different person every time.

  • John M. about 1 year ago

    We purchased Erie Home Insurance thru Konen and recently filed our first claim. The service provided by Erie was excellent, as they processed our claim quickly, answered our questions in a timely manner, and funded our claim via Zelle which is an excellent process (all insurance companies should use Zelle).

  • Craig L. almost 2 years ago

    Offered the best policies for our situation. Excellent service ... knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. Everyone had our best interest at heart.

  • Wayne C. almost 2 years ago

    “Great service. Love the yearly check-in to make sure everything is where it should be. Also appreciate the advice when discussing option/situations.”

  • Tierra B. about 2 years ago

    My agent is always in communication with me asking how things are going and if I need help. Martin is super responsive to any questions I ask and does so in a very timely manner. The one claim we've had, he's been there with us every step of the way to walk us through it. We are in great hands with Martin and Konen Insurance!

  • Maureen B. about 2 years ago

    Having recently moved to the area from out of state, I was so happy to find a local agency to take care of my renters and auto insurance. Marty helped me find the most affordable and effective coverage and is always there to answer questions or provide more info. I’ve been very pleased with the personal and professional service at Konen!

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