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About The Horton Group | Chicago: The Horton Group began in 1971 as a single location, eight-person insurance agency in Orland Park, Illinois. Today, Horton is a large, stable broker that delivers complex solutions to thousands of customers. The company currently features seven offices in four states. Horton provides businesses with a value proposition – tangible services – that other brokers do not match. Additionally, The Horton Group utilizes a professional approach in managing the Company’s core business operations. This unique combination of service capabilities and business excellence gives Horton’s clients real value when compared to what competing insurance brokers can offer. The Horton Group does not take its success for granted. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the Company is able to develop superior risk and benefit programs for clients who are leaders in their field. In the areas of risk management, insurance and employee benefits, Horton provides programs and methodologies that are proven to lower costs and increase value. Horton adds to its service capabilities through acquisitions and new venture opportunities. These strategies, along with the Company’s tools, techniques and talent, come together to form Horton’s aggressive, growth-oriented culture of quality.

Insurance Products Offered

  • Group Medical
  • Commercial Auto
  • Product Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Surety Bond Services
  • International
  • Captives And Alternative Risk
  • Automobile Liability
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Claims
  • Professional Liability
  • Risk Transfer
  • Management Liability
  • Property And Casualty
  • Long Term Care
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Insurance To Fund Buy Sell Agreements
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement
  • International Travel
  • Disability Insurance
  • Vacation Homes
  • Flood
  • Event Insurance
  • D And O Insurance
  • Aircraft
  • Ransom And Extortion
  • Kidnap
  • Domestic Employee
  • Wine Collection
  • Equine Insurance
  • Wedding Insurance
  • Cyber Identity Theft
  • Valuable Collections
  • Motorcycle
  • Watercraft Yacht
  • Recreational
  • Specialty
  • Health
  • Life
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Home
  • Auto


  • Mary S. 4 months ago

    Very timely, thorough and best rates. Answered my many questions with easy to understand language.

  • Donna I. 4 months ago

    The team is always looking for best prices. anytime I have a question they are easy to get to and make everything so easy.

  • Tammy M. 5 months ago

    Knowledgeable, informative and great follow up. Easy to work with and get new policies set up.

  • John O. 5 months ago

    All the folks we've ever dealt with at Horton have been extremely professional and very friendly in all of our dealings. We also appreciate how promptly they return calls and emails.

  • David P. 7 months ago

    Fast, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Top notch agents

  • Scott W. 8 months ago

    you listen and help, along with, you watch my back. it's that simple...

  • Patricia M. 8 months ago

    This is a wonderful group of agents, anytime I had a problem or a question, it was taken care of or answered. Thank you for caring for your clients.

  • James S. 8 months ago

    You called me to double check I was getting the best rates before I renewed.Also gave me a quality insurance company.

  • Michael P. 8 months ago

    We have been very pleased by the service we get from Horton. We are a small client, but you treat us as if we are your most important customer.

  • Susan B. 8 months ago

    Wrong car insurance policy sent after speaking to customer service. Policy due soon and needed a call and not just sent to me with all these errors. Called the number they tell you to call after hours. On phone waiting 45 minutes and no answer from 5:15 to 6. Worked with customer service person Pam for 3 years. Policy sent to me after I just talked to her is $100.00 more than last years with same car, no tickets and no accidents over last 30 years with excellent credit. I called her 3 days ago and asked her to reduce the liability and now the premium is $50.00 more from the 1st policy she emailed to me but did not ask if I had a cess to a printer.Total $100.00 more now Why is the wife of a Horton employee emailing me to get car insurance from her from her own insurance company?

  • Edward G. 8 months ago

    Thorough evaluation of our needs and a search for the best carrier. Also, always available for questions and quick to return phone calls.

  • James F. 9 months ago

    I have found the Horton group to be my one stop insurance shopping. Your group has always been helpful and your customer service outstanding.

  • Joseph M. 9 months ago

    Your customer service was spot on and quick. I really liked the presentation of the new policies. And, most importantly, you found me better coverage for a lower cost. Great Experience.

  • Stephen M. 10 months ago

    Made it very easy to switch. Saved me money and made it hassle free

  • John O. 11 months ago

    Our insurance agent is the ultimate professional. Never too busy to help us with any issues; always available on the phone or in person; consistently coming up with ideas to expand coverage and lower costs. We are very happy with the service the Horton Group have provided to us over the years.

  • Laura K. 11 months ago

    Very simple. The best service you would want in an insurance broker. Very helpful, always there when you need them. We are very grateful that we have such an excellent relationship with Horton.

  • Charles B. 11 months ago

    All your personnel are always friendly and very helpful. Even when i complain about high prices-which is often- they try to address my complaints.

  • Lee H. 11 months ago

    I really appreciated when my policy is up that I get a call telling me that I still have the best rate or that you will change me so I can save money. Everyone has always been helpful.

  • Stephen S. 11 months ago

    Your staff was very helpful when we had an accident with our car a year ago and assisted us in coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Also your staff is knowledgable about any questions we have had regarding our insurance policies.

  • Walter J. 12 months ago

    I was always given a quote that could not be beat by anyone and was treated very well from your staff. I never had to wait to talk to a real person.

  • Matthew S. about 1 year ago

    Very prompt with a response to any and all questions, as well as providing quotes. Very knowledgeable.

  • Janet K. about 1 year ago

    Everyone is very helpful ! Most important to me is how I’m walked through everything, so I don’t feel like I’m missing important information. My questions are answered immediately. I feel secure.

  • Jeri K. about 1 year ago

    Customer Service is excellent! Every phone call is always handled accurately, efficiently and timely.

  • Manuel L. about 1 year ago

    Amazing customer service with quick and efficient results. I had a quote and new policy in two days and saved a good amount by switching my insurance.

  • John R. about 1 year ago

    Everyone that we have come in contact with has been knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. Every question has been answered quickly. .

  • Diane W. about 1 year ago

    I got prompt response to my emails and calls. I found that encouraging

  • John S. about 1 year ago

    The Horton group has always handle my accounts perfectly, I or my company have been with the Horton group for almost 30 years

  • Michael P. over 1 year ago

    Good support when we have a question or need something. We can recommend you with confidence that the people we refer will be properly taken care of.

  • Lawrence S. over 1 year ago

    Your service is great and personal and offered a policy with a price that was right to meet our needs

  • John G. over 1 year ago

    The Horton group has handled our claims promptly and efficiently with several follow up calls to answer any other concerns we might have. Your agents have made helpful suggestions to speed up repairs, auto rentals and towing options. I’ll be happy to recommend this insurance agency that has taken very good care of our homeowners and auto insurance for many years.

  • William M. over 1 year ago

    I appreciate the the hard work the group puts into establishing and maintaining a close relationship with its clients. The Horton Group creates a one-on-one rep-client pairing so I know who to personally talk to as opposed to blindly reaching out and hoping I get someone who will be able to help me. Communication in any relationship is key and my rep goes out of her way to listen, analyze, and promptly follow up on my insurance needs. I realize that this type of personalized service is not easily achievable in mass, but in spite of a large client base that is enjoyed by the Horton Group, they manage to do it very well. Your efforts are not going unnoticed.

  • Michael W. over 1 year ago

    Communication with the office is fantastic. They are prompt, make it easy to send information back & forth, professional, and courteous.

  • Richard S. over 1 year ago

    We have had wonderful customer service. Many suggestions in our best interest were provided, which we greatly appreciated.

  • Michael L. over 1 year ago

    Great teamwork and very transparent communications. My questions and consents were answered promptly with very clear explanations.

  • James G. over 1 year ago

    The Horton Group does a great job finding the coverage we need at an affordable price. The staff is very helpful whenever questions or claims arise.

  • Beverly E. over 1 year ago

    The few times I’ve had a claim you guys have always taken care of it immediately. Prompt service❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • John M. over 1 year ago

    Personal service with reaching out to me individually helps a lot and makes me feel better. Thanks!

  • Peter H. over 1 year ago

    Comparing different options and providing the information without me asking. Looking out for me getting the best rates.

  • Marylou P. over 1 year ago

    I count on Horton to always give me the best coverage for my house. I've recommended your group to not only friends but family also.

  • Karen H. over 1 year ago

    Service is fast, & people are friendly. I recently moved & the insurance transfer from the old townhouse to the new one was handled very well.

  • Bruce M. over 1 year ago

    Research! Knowledge of products and the right fit for our needs!

  • Diana S. over 1 year ago

    You always respond back quickly with answers to any questions I may have. I feel like you place a high priority on customer satisfaction.

  • Chester K. over 1 year ago

    The key reason is your customer care service is always there to help or answer the questions. Having an agent that listens, understands and takes time to answer the concerns is what I consider the mark of a great organization.

  • Mark B. over 1 year ago

    Always take care of my insurance needs in a timely professional manner.

  • Laura K. over 1 year ago

    You guys make the task of purchasing insurance easy. We recently added a newer vehicle, checked with you to make sure we would be securely covered until Monday since buying the car on a Saturday. No problem. The best thing is you treat my wife and I like friends. Insurance coverage with your company is one less concern on our minds with the Horton Group team.

  • Sherwin M. over 1 year ago

    You and Donna were TERRIFIC. Gave me the help that I needed after my accident. I will always be grateful

  • Ann F. over 1 year ago

    Very helpful in getting my homeowners claim reported and handled quickly.

  • James H. over 1 year ago

    I've been with the Horton Group for over 10 years and have enjoyed their services. They have been like a one stop shop for my Insurance needs while providing great customer service..... Continue your excellence services to your clientèle...

  • Berton T. over 1 year ago

    I’ve been with Horton for more than 20 yrs. always been honest and forward thinking.

  • Loretta P. over 1 year ago

    Your company is great to work with. Always timely and efficient when I have filed claims.

  • Scott G. over 1 year ago

    The Horton Group has very respectful and helpful employees. I am always assisted in a timely manner and have never been displeased with the service I have received.

  • Diane A. almost 2 years ago

    Customer service, whenever I have needed information or help everyone that helped me was very pleasant, every time!!

  • Donald S. almost 2 years ago

    I receive a prompt reply any time I have a question. There is always someone available to assist me and I can get my concern resolved quickly.

  • Amy S. almost 2 years ago

    We have appreciated years of great service with Horton through our Client Analyst, Rose. Service is seamless and easy. Questions and claims are dealt with in a timely manner. Highly recommend their services. Jim & Amy

  • Roy A. almost 2 years ago

    Mike Lloyd is a great agent. He is very attentive to our questions with quick responses.

  • Roger K. almost 2 years ago

    While supplying a deep expertise in insurance, you listened to what we wanted rather than trying to sell us what you wanted.

  • Scott D. almost 2 years ago

    Took care of my concerns and changes in a prompt, professional manner.

  • Katelyn B. about 2 years ago

    you guys helped me find the best insurance at the best price and I can’t thank you guys enough!

  • Staci P. about 2 years ago

  • James P. about 2 years ago

    Very helpful in getting my claim settled. Courteous, professional folks.

  • John K. about 2 years ago

    the service is great that is why i have been with you for so long THANK YOU

  • David R. about 2 years ago

    Good service, prompt and correct answers to questions, trust and professional conduct.

  • George H. about 2 years ago

    Your customer service is the best. When I have a question it is answered in a timely manner. Your staff is always checking to make sure things are taken care of and we are getting the best rates possible. Horton Group is company that can be trusted with a staff to back it up!

  • Donald M. about 2 years ago

    Treat us like family!

  • Diana S. about 2 years ago

    Someone always gets right back to me with an answer, when I call with a question. I really appreciate that.

  • Richard P. about 2 years ago

    As customers for 17 years, we now know that there is no other insurance for us, and no need to compare rates because yours are the lowest. You make us feel like family when you do your yearly search of the best rates. We have only changed companies 3 times, and you did all the work. Thank you. for that.

  • Gregory B. about 2 years ago

    Very responsive service and going the extra mile to shop rates while explaining where the value matters in buying home, auto, and umbrella policies.

  • James B. about 2 years ago

    Always very helpful and right on top of things

  • Laura K. about 2 years ago

    Your professional and congenial service attitude makes being your customer a pleasure. Thanks for taking care of our insurance needs for home and auto. We are glad we insure with Horton.

  • Michael S. about 2 years ago

    Very dedicated team. You can count on them to assist you through any issues and needs.

  • Steven G. about 2 years ago

    You have always been very professional, very helpful and are quick and polite in answering our questions.

  • Russell L. over 2 years ago

    Great agent contact always a personal touch

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