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For more than 30 years, the professionals at Losey Insurance and Financial Services have insured assets and helped grow wealth for clients in Baton Rouge, LA. We are a family-owned independent insurance agency, utilizing relationships with CPAs and attorneys to coordinate individual and family insurance needs with risk management, wealth transfer, and estate planning. Our specialties are customized client portfolios and expertise with umbrella and personal excess liability insurance policies. Our protection covers high-values homes and possessions as well as businesses and life insurance.

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  • Lauren L. 9 months ago

    I connected with Losey through my accountant in another state just before the holidays. They gave me the option of meeting by telephone on in person and corresponding by mail and fax. My primary residence is in another state, but I chose to meet in person because I wanted a reason to enjoy some great Louisiana food. I waited until I received my vaccine to schedule; however, the office was very clean, everyone was wearing masks, and there was a glass screen down the middle of the conference room table. They gathered a lot of information from me before the meeting and told me the in person meeting would take 4-6 hours. I met with 3 different people and was finished in about 5 hours. They were very organized, educational, and professional. They were very responsive to the changes I made in person from what we thoroughly discussed ahead of the meeting. We connected with my other advisors and attorney through conference call during the meeting. At the end of the meeting they provided me with a list of items for follow-up. I was very impressed! They offer the option of meeting annually or as often as I see fit. I appreciated they want to work directly with me in coordination with the other professionals I engage.

  • Tangerine H. 10 months ago

    Mr. Losey is definitely on his game. He is very knowledgeable about the products & services he sells. Be prepared to wait & if you have anxiety, take your medicine before your appointment. He is like a mad scientist about his work, and has trouble relaying his message in layman's terms. Nevertheless, he is a keeper. We have sought his financial services for years and feel secure with him.

  • Brandon 11 months ago

    We’ve been using Losey Insurance for approximately 3 years since we took a Dave Ramsey class. He was recommended through Dave’s website. We have had good relations with he and the staff up until today. My husband was looking for ways to save money per month, and he found a car insurance company that offered the same exact coverage as our current, for $100 cheaper. So my husband faxed Loseys office a request form for him to sign to drop our car insurance that they had recommended and originally signed us up for. No response. So my husband called his office and the woman put Losey on the line. The entire conversation was Losey making my husband feel like he was making horrible financial decisions for our family. My husband could not get ONE word in. He was extremely disrespectful, and was extremely rude for the entire phone conversation. The conversation ended with “Welll I need y’all to come to the office to sign some papers. But I don’t think I’m going to change your mind anyway. So bye.” And he hung up before allowing my husband to respond. Needless to say, we will no longer be using their services, and will no longer be recommending them to friends and family. I feel sorry for his employees. This was posted under my wife's name and they said it didn't occur with someone in their office and they don't have a record of her. Well, my name is Brandon Hebert and they do have my record. This place is horrible- specifically Losey himself. Do not recommend him as an advisor and have contacted Dave Ramsey's website about his practices.

  • Sarah D. about 1 year ago

    A coworker used to mention these people all the time, then she moved away. I had a poor claims experience with the company my family had "always" had insurance with. I looked up my old co-worker and reached out. I had no idea that there were so many choices for insurance! I should have taken time to do this a long time ago. My parents recently got insurance here too. Very professional and responsive to my questions.

  • Blaise N. over 1 year ago

    Mr frank is awesome! He was very kind and courteous and helped me with my personal situation in the shortest amount of time! I felt he really cared about me being a customer of his insurance group...thank you Mr. Frank😊😊

  • John W. over 1 year ago

    My dealing with Mr. Lose is great.

  • Steve E. about 2 years ago

    My insurance company recommended this agency when I recently transferred to Louisiana. Good experience so far. Neat they work as a team and always have an agent to speak with when I call.

  • Jay L. about 2 years ago

    Excellent food and great trivia on Wednesday night. Fantastic and friendly service is also a hallmark of how things get done here.

  • Antonia O. almost 3 years ago

    Managing my insurance through Losey has made everything so much easier than I thought possible! I was apprehensive about my insurance being affected after being unfortunately rear-ended, so not knowing the consequences through my insurance, I called my agent, Frank. He explained everything thoroughly to me and reassured me in my next steps. Since having them handle my insurance, I've saved money, and they've quickly resolved all my questions and concerns along the way! Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend going to them if you're looking to make insurance as painless as possible.

  • Dp3 G. almost 3 years ago

    Over at Losey insurance they take time to research the best coverage and make sure to get it for the best price. Their team members obtained quotes from multiple companies and walks you through the process , making sure I knew everything i needed to know before purchasing insurance .I was able to get the best coverage for a cheap price. If your like me and tired of going to other companies where when you leave out the building you feel like you just been bamboozled, COME HERE!! They are very patient and willing to work with you making sure you're satisfied with the insurance you're getting. THANKS

  • Lincoln T. almost 3 years ago

    My teammate recommended them for insurance when I relocated to Louisiana because the cost was exponentially more. They obtained quotes from a lot of companies and compared them with me which I really appreciated because I learned some things. They coordinated with the realtor, bank, attorney, and CPA, which again saved me a LOT of time on my closing. They are into antique cars and had a super way to cover my car collection. I had a second meeting with Gary to discuss my long term financial goals. Good things and very smart choice!

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