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  • Aaron N. 5 months ago

    I was with a company all my life, and Sarah helped me save so much money by switching my company. It was painless, easy and quick. I will be recommending them to friends and family.

  • P T. 5 months ago

    decided to look around for new insurance to lower my monthly payments. i recently talked with sarah pratt. she made it very easy to switch from my previous insurance company. she was able to up my coverage and cut my deductibles in half

  • Pamela P. 6 months ago

    I spoke with Ms. Sarah at State Farm and she was very professional and knowledgeable about life insurance policies. The quote she give me was awesome, much lower then I expected. I will continue to use State Farm for all my life, auto and home ins. They are the best!!!!

  • Bob P. 6 months ago

    I was looking for a good break in insurance and after talking with Sarah Pratt it was the obvious choice to switch to State Farm. Sarah really made the whole process simple and seamless. She is great to work with and very customer friendly. Thank you all at the Ledbetter office for great customer service.

  • David N. about 1 year ago

    Very nice people to work with. Only 4 stars because policy is higher than who I'm with now

  • Donald E. over 2 years ago

    Friendly staff, clean facilities, helpful staff

  • Meliss R. over 2 years ago

    Very professional, nice people

  • Marshall D. over 2 years ago


  • Arch B. over 5 years ago

    I would give no stars. If you decide to use this insurance agency make sure you get everything and I mean everything in writing and pray there is not a billing issue. One of their agents recommended that I get renters insurance along with my auto insurance to lower my monthly payment. I don't need it because I am staying with my parents for a few months but I figured if it lowers my payment why not. The agent told me that it would lower my payment from $126 per month to $99 per month which sounded great. I asked if there were any fees to add this and I was told no. Three months later I get a bill for $200 and was told if I didnt pay in full they would cancel both policies in 2 weeks,I didn't have and extra $100 bucks. I called to asked why my bill was so high and first they said it was for fee's for adding the renters insurance, then they said it was for a past due balance which I provided my bank statement to prove that wasn't true, then I was told that I didn't pay a deposit 6 years prior when I stated my Auto policy which ended up not being true. I was told that when I call in the get a quote that it is not actually a quote it is more of an estimate that could actually be higher which was never explained to me when I agreed to this renters insurance. So it ended up I had to pay $35 in fee's to start the renters policy, and my real rate is $115 per month instead of $99 per month which isn't that big of a deal but is still fraud. When you call Jim Ledbetter's office you may be give a quote but you may end up paying much more then what they tell you. Also when I first called them I just wanted to know what the additional $100 was for. It took 5 phone calls each lasting at least an hour or more with the Jim Ledbetter office and the corporate Customer service department. All of that just to get a bill break down. I can't believe these people can tie their shoes in the morning

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