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  • Cait S. 8 months ago

    This testing location is professional and friendly. They took covid-19 protocol very seriously. Nobody likes testing, but I feel comfortable taking my exams here.

  • Nirmit S. 8 months ago

    Worst Place for taking TOFEL , They don't give you Blank Papers on time

  • Jolly D. 8 months ago

    Do not take exam here , Go some other Place Honestly Good Set up but very unprofessional staff . During my Time Sensitive Test , Couple of time I raised my hand to request blank Pages but I was neither given attention nor pages !! I have to go on her reception table to ask for the help while the clock was ticking . Slow and Sluggish Lady Screw my exam by not giving timely response and making me wait On other centers Exam Supervisors attentively respond and deliver the request of extra papers

  • Tony B. 9 months ago

    Following COVID protocols very strictly. Definitely felt safe here! Friendly and calm workers, not adding any stress to the test that you take while you’re here.

  • Billy H. 11 months ago

  • Sharon over 1 year ago

    Publix great store

  • Kevin B. over 1 year ago

  • Ahmed D. over 1 year ago

    I was taking the TOEFL test there today. Most of the staff were extremely rude, lazy, and zero customer service skills. African American old lady with eye glasses, no name tags, took her about 5 minutes to give me another scratch paper because she was struggling to log in her computer; however, she knew that my test had started. Almost 4 more people were waiting for her until she could finish a task 3rd grade student could do in 5 seconds. And when I told her that I would report that to ETS. she didn't even care.

  • Fatima A. over 1 year ago

    Rude employee and when you complain they hold your results. Terrible customer service.

  • Fatima A. over 1 year ago

    Rude employee and when you complain they hold your results. Terrible customer service.

  • Scott S. over 1 year ago

    Nice people, clean facility.

  • Rhett M. over 1 year ago

    Joker rocks.

  • Ximena R. about 2 years ago

    This is a company of scammers. The only objective of this company is to steal your money. This company requests $250 per exam and after the exam, they will send you a score by mail and you have to "TRUST" the work of these INCOMPETENT people. I received a completely UNFAIR score in the speaking and writing tests, and when I called to request a copy of my exam, they told me that I cannot see/review MY OWN exam, and if I want to be scored with JUSTICE, I have to "PAY $160 MORE!!!!!” you don't have the right to view your mistakes and know WHY you got the score that they said you got. They will give you a BAD SCORE with the only intention to gather more of your money. They are thieves protected by the security services, acting as if they are following the security rules, but they are NOT!!! The PROMETRIC Test Center of Charlotte is a shame, during the LISTENING test I could not hear anything, everybody was talking while I was trying to do my listening test, I raised my hand, just like the security guard told me, and nobody came to help me and fix the problem. The score of the LISTENING wasn’t JUDGED RIGHT and doesn’t correspond with my listening level of English. This company will make you do the test over and over until they steal all your money!!!! You cannot complain or request to do only your listening test again, due to they didn't provide a room with a reasonable level of quietness. The authorities must run a noise test for the test room during the exams. Furthermore, the authorities should NOT APPROVE these centers to do the TOEFL listening test. On the other hand, ETS must give a FAIR score with the $250 that each student pays at the very first moment, instead of requesting 160 MORE DOLLARS to give a student a FAIR score in the speaking and writing test. Nevertheless, this CORRUPT, UNFAIR AND FAKE company will never give you a fair score on the first time, they will make you do the test over and over until they accumulate enough amount of money from each student!!! I DO NOT recommend this MACHINERY OF CORRUPTION!!!

  • Serena C. over 2 years ago

    I don’t know what is the problem with other people. I took 4 tests here and never had a problem. Maybe they didn’t prepare well and try to release their anger in a form of a negative comment. Staff is doing their job. It is however hard to schedule testing at a convenient time.

  • Nick V. over 2 years ago

  • Butters M. over 2 years ago

    I regret taking my test at this testing center. I had 30 minutes left to go on a very difficult section of my test, and one of the staff decided it was a good time to come into the testing area and start cleaning the computers directly behind me. It was extremely distracting, noisy, and definitely broke my attempts at concentration, which I needed very badly for my test. The door to the testing room is constantly opening and closing due to people leaving and entering continuously, for the room accommodates probably around 20 computers for people to test in. I do not recommend this testing center at all. I'll briefly mention the 6-7 year old child who appeared to be hanging out in the testing room towards the end of the day. It was almost as if he was just playing on one of the computers while others were still in the room testing - perhaps he was actually taking a test....i'll never know.

  • Jennifer B. over 2 years ago

    Betsy - the terrible lady up front - sure is miserable. I googled this place to see If maybe I would pass along my negative experience today but from reading through everyone else’s, I don’t even need to share. (I passed my test, BTW). So, Betsy...if you ever read this, please know that life has so much joy and happiness....I truly hope you turn your frown upside down one day and try smiling or laughing for a change 😊. It really made me sad to read these comments and see that you live this way - EVERY DAY. It’s never too late to change, B! Take lessons from Felicia - she was awesome!!

  • New I. almost 3 years ago

  • Laurie W. over 3 years ago

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