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  • Renato Nardi 22 days ago

    Your Co has our best interest in mind and are in tune with our needs plus you are very knowledgeable witch Insurance Cos are good for the coverage we need . Your staff is very pleasant and are always ready to answer any questions with our concerns in all I would say Chris you are doing things right Thank You & your help to help us with our needs. Sincerely Renato Nardi

  • Robert Skoumal 25 days ago

    Always there to help with my Insurance needs! Appreciate all the support over the years and look forward to continuing forward. Thanks Paradiso!

  • Donald Barton 28 days ago

    we enjoy your service and your staff has always been courtious

  • Virginia Pisciotta 29 days ago

    Your the best.

  • Nga Nguyen 29 days ago

    Fran taking time to build rapport with customer and listen to customer needs. She goes above and beyond to help all of her customers. Her customer service is phenomenal. She should get a recognition and a big raise this year. My entire family very happy with her.

  • David Smith 29 days ago

    Everything. Shopping different companies to save us money and still protecting us.

  • Gary Tasillo 29 days ago

    Paradiso Insurance and the staff deliver peace of mind that my insurance needs are met, offer competitive rates with multiple carriers, and provide the very best in service.

  • Anthony Bochicchio 29 days ago

    Outstanding customer service.

  • Donna Adams 30 days ago

    The service is outstanding! Wouldn’t change anything!

  • Peter Griffin about 1 month ago

    You lowered my insurance cost

  • Joan Paonessa about 1 month ago

    Any time I have ever needed information and have called your office I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to person who makes me feel I am special and handles my call in a friendly but professional way and gets me to. The agent I need to speak with! Also a pleasure talking especially Darlene who always knows just what I need! Thanks to everyone at Paradiso!

  • Shyrlene Chapman about 1 month ago

    Everyone in your office is so friendly and helpful. I have not encountered one person that I don’t feel that way about. I get to speak to a live person all the time! I am never left to wait for request for any extended amount of time, most often my request are handled immediately. The customer service is AWESOME!

  • Diane Brand about 1 month ago

    Great personalized service, fast responses to requests.

  • Jordan McKay about 1 month ago

    Paradiso Insurance helped me protect my investment of my camera equipment at such a low and affordable cost! Thank you so much!

  • Roger Geiger about 1 month ago

    Service with a smile!

  • Stacy Colon about 1 month ago

    I have been having trouble paying my bill over the phone with kempers automated option so I have had to call the office twice both times the staff in the office were so quick to help me with my payment over the phone!!

  • Olympia Soteriou about 1 month ago

    The best company in the world.

  • Kurt Mckinney about 2 months ago

    Your team is always nice and helps out and very courteous

  • Jeffery Susi about 2 months ago

    I have ever-changing needs with my insurance and Mark and the whole team always do their best to accommodate me and take care of my insurance needs.

  • Jeffrey Moore about 2 months ago

    Dawn did an excellent job checking other insurance companies to see if we could equal or better coverage at the same price. She did but at an even better price. She handled everything! Thanks Dawn

  • Sheilagh Matos about 2 months ago

    Just joined Paradiso Insurance and already am very happy they saved me a lot on auto insurance.

  • Diane Badawy about 2 months ago

    you guys are the best , you always have a little something-something in the mail for your customers , your little gifts are highly appreciated

  • Chad Luginbuhl about 2 months ago

    Great insurance company very prompt service no hassling.

  • Renee Santoro about 2 months ago

    accommodating, courteous, willing to go the mile to get the right quote, all around good people, very community oriented and helpful to needy children...

  • Ray Dischino about 2 months ago

    Friendly and knowledgeable service.

  • Mark Joyse about 2 months ago

    Hillary is terrific. Very courteous and prompt in returning my calls and answering my questions. It is a pleasant experience when you have a very knowledgeable and competent person handling your account. It is evident that Paradiso Insurance values its customers. I was treated like a VIP and a not "number." Very refreshing!

  • Leonard Liguore about 2 months ago

    Our son had a recent car accident which was not his fault. Your company was very responsive and genuinely concerned for his welfare. You made a very stressful time in our lives much more manageable. Paradiso Insurance helped us to get through this difficult time answering all of our questions. We are long time customers and I will not hesitate to refer your company to our friends!!

  • Luis Lugo about 2 months ago

    When shopping for insurance you guys were prompt and made the process very easy. We were pleased with the service provided and the availability of a live person at all times.

  • Mary Riley 2 months ago

    You are always there when I have a question or need help with anything.

  • Patrick Tyning 2 months ago

    You guys are awesome !

  • Lori Dusza 2 months ago

    You really care about your customers. You check in with us often, and send Birthday cards, etc.

  • Theresa Paine 2 months ago

    Very helpful and thorough service!

  • Eric Roberts 2 months ago

    Great team of people to work with. Always friendly when working with. Definitely not your normal insurance agency. Great product as well.

  • Wilfredo Figueroa 2 months ago

    I appreciate the fact that you got us a response right away.

  • Edward Kinlock 2 months ago

    You are fully versed on all important considerations insuring homes such as ours to provide adequate coverage while limiting costs.

  • Fred Autorino 2 months ago

    I could not be more pleased with Paradiso Insurance, Mark Guasta is my agent he is always one step ahead of me with renewals and very aggressive in quoting to find me the best pricing. The whole team is in contact as I have numerous policies they are always ahead of me reminding me of upcoming payments, renewal dates and any claim status. I have worked with numerous insurance agencies in the past and could not be more pleased with Paradiso. Thank you!

  • Roberto Giansiracusa 2 months ago

    Follow up on questions and always getting calls or emails back within an hour of each inquiry, every time.

  • Alicia Corsini 2 months ago

    Every Phone call, every time I stop in I am always greeted with the utmost professionalism, and treated like I matter. I have never had a question left unanswered or an issue left unresolved!!!

  • Carolee Lamarre 3 months ago


  • Scott Goodrich 3 months ago

    Very good personal service.

  • Jeanne Dunne 3 months ago

    Always ready to help

  • Heidi 3 months ago

    You guys always answer my questions quickly and i never have any issues. I recommend you to everyone!!!

  • Tim Goetz 3 months ago

    I know you put my best interest as a customer first and foremost.

  • Michael Mele 3 months ago

    You always answer my questions prompt and I get great service.

  • Rahim Shamash 3 months ago


  • Patsy Cromwell 3 months ago

    Hillary is wonderful to work with and helped me out of a tough situation and saved me over $700.00 a year with a better policy so as they say I’am a Happy camper

  • Andrea Mattesen 3 months ago

    Always professional, friendly and proactive for looking out for my insurance needs...

  • Mary Caswell 4 months ago

    Everyone that I have had any contact with has been very courteous and helpful in solving any issues that have come up from the agents to the receptionist.

  • Mary Culhane 4 months ago

    Ross Luginbuhl made me feel he was completely advocating for my best interest. He is professional, knowledgeable, authentic and responsive. He provided all of the best options and was able to answer my questions. Trust is essential and he conveyed trustworthiness.

  • Perry Caldwell 4 months ago

    We have been lucky enough not to have had to use our home and auto insurance coverage with Chris Paradiso, but I can attest to his commitment to the Stafford community, and it's Veterans. If you are a member of our community or a Veteran in need of insurance please give Paradiso Insurance call! Perry & Kathleen Caldwell

  • Matthew Perry 4 months ago

    Hi Chris, Thank you so much for all of your help, I have been meaning to message you but I've been swamped! Paradiso Insurance went above and beyond to help me and was able to obtain my house insurance and car insurance within one day while I was in a bind. Everyone was helpful and efficient! I am so grateful! Kristin

  • Jessica Milliken 4 months ago

    Fran was great answering all of our questions and saved us over $200 a month! Our previous company was going to increase us $100 a month!

  • Bryan Frinhani 4 months ago

    The team is incredibly great, especially Fran. She responses almost immediately no matter the time of the day. She makes worth with Paradiso Insurance a pleasure and always puts the customer first.

  • Kristin Thayer 4 months ago

    Paradiso Insurance goes above and beyond to make sure their customers have the coverage they need. They are extremely helpful in the event that a claim needs to be filed, assisting and checking back in along the way to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  • Walter Gill 4 months ago


  • Keith Grabowski 4 months ago

    All the staff at the office are always a pleasure to speak with anytime you call. Extremely helpful when adding my 16 year old daughter.

  • David Rovero 4 months ago

    We LOVE Dawn! :-) We'd follow her any where!

  • Reanna Goodreau 4 months ago

    Easy to get in touch with staff and get quick responses to questions or issues.

  • Gerry 4 months ago

    You are always on top of things,

  • Bruce Gross 4 months ago

    You go out of your way to help, like getting paperwork notarized. And your company always gets back to us with answers to every question. Your door is always open to help. Thank you

  • Robert Apted 4 months ago

    Great office staff. Everyone is on board to assist us.

  • Arun Prasad 4 months ago

    When sharing our feedback, do not provide confidential informations.

  • Kevin Holliday 4 months ago

    Hassle free. I've used Paradiso for around 10 years. Any request I've ever made has made feel that my concerns have always had their undivided attention. As well as the occasional call when better rates have been found. Can't imagine not having them on my side.

  • Antje Jacobs-Ultee 5 months ago

    Good service, friendly and helpful.

  • Jon 5 months ago

    Great company. Staff are great. They are always on top of all our policies and always do their best to get us what we need. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing insurance.

  • Tammy Taylor 5 months ago

    Steven help us every step of the way any questions he had the answers any time I called him he got right be to us he's awesome

  • Bryant Frierson 5 months ago

    always returning my calls and helping me get a good policy

  • Norma Foti 5 months ago

    Fran was a pleasure to work with. She not only saved me money on my homeowners policy, but I referred her to my daughter who also saved money on her automobile policy. Great customer service and money savings. That's a winning combination. Thank you Paradiso Insurance.

  • Patricia Veneziano 5 months ago

    My agent Heather Santoro has been wonderful to work with! She rewrote my policy to make sure that I was covered correctly. When buying my new car my the dealer was pleasantly surprised at how easy she made the process.

  • Hillary Palmberg 5 months ago

    It is refreshing to find an agency that truly puts their clients needs first. I love calling in and hearing the smiles in their voices.

  • Vincent Smith 5 months ago

    I have never dealt with an insurance company like Paradiso. Hands down the best customer service! The staff is wonderful. Thank you Paradiso insurance!

  • Eugene 5 months ago

    You are proactive in reminding us when time for renewals and audits come by and have always very quickly responded to questions that I had. You were the first company who really took the time to understand our business and circumstances when we were looking for Workers Comp insurance.

  • Mr.Muto 5 months ago


  • Dawn Herdendorf 5 months ago

    Your company had a great follow up, I really appreciated that, I’m extremely busy, and lost track of time it was nice your business took the time and realized that & Ross reached out to me in a perfect respectable time. I didn’t feel pressure. I signed with your company when it was right for me and couldn’t be happier.

  • Heidi 5 months ago

    You always get back to me quickly with answers! Love you guys and would recommend you to everyone I know!!!!

  • Kera Simons 5 months ago

    It's a great team over at Paradiso Insurance. They take care of my needs in timely, efficient manner and are always friendly. But the most important factor is that I trust them.

  • Melissa Goodell 5 months ago

    Lowered my premium!

  • Kevin Kelly 5 months ago

    Staff was very attentive to our specific needs, and didn’t sell us coverage that we didn’t need. That was huge that we weren’t taken advantage of just to make a buck. Life long customers from here on out !

  • Michael Delano 5 months ago

    Carleton is very helpful and understanding. Is a perfect example of what customer service means.

  • David Rocha 5 months ago

    Everyone at Paradiso makes you feel like they are always watching out for you personally every day.

  • William Clark 5 months ago

    Gave me the best service!

  • Mauricio Xocoy 5 months ago

    Paradiso insurance it’s been a great company that provides me with good service and affordable insurance plans And a great customer service I appreciate all the help and service that they provide to our business and personal insurance

  • Ron Villeneuve 5 months ago

    Pricing, quick response and solid advice

  • Jamie Collins 6 months ago

    Your team always gets back to me the same day. Your customer service is incredible! Thank you so much for always checking in. I truly appreciate it.

  • Danielle Lewis 6 months ago

    Rachel Powers is awesome! She informed me of the increase to my plan because of where I moved to. She also helps me find the best deal for me and my family. Definitely know I am in good hands with my rates.

  • Mark Cramer 6 months ago

    Attentiveness to customers

  • Frank Sentner 6 months ago

    Helping us to correct the missing full glass coverage on our car while getting our broken windshield fixed was above and beyond good customer service... it was GREAT!!

  • James Birkenberger 6 months ago

    Great company and great service.....highly recommend

  • Matthew Given 6 months ago

    Excellent communication and very helpful

  • Richard Paskewitz 6 months ago

    Always professional, always courteous, always helpful, always have the answers to my questions!

  • Ronald Villeneuve 6 months ago

    You folks are always so responsive to our needs, for instance, you just sent over a copy of my husband's commercial liability certificate for his next job, within hours of his request. GREAT customer service!

  • Susan Briggs 6 months ago


  • Frank Mccabe 6 months ago

    Good communication and easy transition

  • Priscilla Haynes 6 months ago

    Always available and on top of any issues. Thank you.

  • Julie Keen 6 months ago

    Fran helped me find great rates for home and auto insurance, sent cancellation forms on my behalf to my previous insurance company, and managed my first payment for my new insurances, all within several days. She started working with me on a weekend - from home - while she was feeling ill - and still managed some of the best customer service that I've had in months. I use Paradiso for my business insurances as well, and they check in religiously every year to make sure I'm all set. I love using Paradiso. Staff are top notch, friendly, responsive, and efficient. Thank you.

  • Holly Zwick 6 months ago

    Comparable/fair/better premiums; GREAT customer service! I always receive an immediate response, and everyone on the team is so helpful and kind.

  • Brandon May 6 months ago

    Great communication and helpful ways to save money on insurance !

  • Alan Dumaine 6 months ago

    Appreciate Mark Guasta's and the rest of the staff's responsiveness and follow-up when needed.

  • Kursad Ece 6 months ago

    you have excellent customer service.

  • Tammy Bailey 6 months ago

    Hillary is the best! We highly recommend her!

  • Cara Pavalock 6 months ago

    Paradiso gives me individual attention and works hard to give me the best rates. I trust them with my business. Thank you for all your help!

  • Peter Soulia 6 months ago

    You guys are always there to help when we need it. Thank you very much.

  • Lynn Mannix 6 months ago

    Great prices exceptional customer service

  • Amy Hartenstein 6 months ago

    I love the quick and effcient personal service I received.

  • Gary English 6 months ago

    Your staff is always very responsive and helpful, which means I don’t have to exhaust a lot of my time which I am grateful

  • Alec Capstick 6 months ago

    Everyone I've talked to has been extremely friendly, polite and helpful. I've had exactly 0 issues with anything.

  • Cory Bostick 6 months ago

    Paradiso insurance really cares about us and are always responsive whenever we call. We have been clients of Paradiso for many years and they are an excellent insurance agency.

  • Barbara Capuano 6 months ago

    Always quick to handle any issues.

  • Michael Rossano 7 months ago

    Good customer service

  • Priscilla Baccas 7 months ago

    I've been using this company for years. They are great and the agents are even greater!!!

  • Keith Smith 7 months ago

    First of all my son in law is Joe Mooney so I have an in if I need help. Secondly and most important, I like it when your office contacts me before my policies come do to find out if there are any changes that need to be made. The lady (ladies) are most helpful. Thank you

  • Gene Panciera 7 months ago

    Whenever we have a question or concern you and your staff always respond in a timely manner with information that is helpful for us.

  • Jon 7 months ago

    Stays on top of our policies. Very professional.

  • Jack Donmez 7 months ago

    Thank you very much for cooperation,

  • Robert Polmatier 7 months ago

    Chris and his team are always available to talk and research the best options for our insurance needs. Very polite and personable.

  • Marilyn Monaco 7 months ago

    I have the best Insurance Rep. , Mark Gausta, if I leave him a message, he gets back to me in a short time and takes the time to listen to my questions.

  • Robert Fellows 7 months ago

    During a recent house purchase, I also requested a review of my car insurance. Not only did I save $$, the associate I worked with had outstanding knowledge of your products and superior customer service. I've had 8 years of knowing Paradiso is there to help.

  • Hope Frassinelli 7 months ago

    Your always very accommodating. Made getting my new car a very easy and painless experience

  • Gary Dyjak 7 months ago

    Easy to work with when I have questions.

  • Ray Fallon 7 months ago

    Staff is professional and always does the best for its clients...Thank you, Chris and Staff

  • David Senna 7 months ago

    Good overall customer service and good quotes.

  • Darlene Mokrycki 7 months ago

    You are attentive and responsive to my needs. And you go above and beyond for servicing my account.

  • Russell Thompson 7 months ago

    Love the convenience of working with Mark.

  • Jamie 7 months ago

    I love the amazing service your company gives. When we call and have any questions or issues. You guys respond immediately.

  • Anthony Bochicchio 7 months ago

    Friendly and knowledgeable. Quick response time. Consistently shopping us for the best deal.

  • Gary Tasillo 7 months ago

    Excellent service and competitive rates.

  • Bill Avery 7 months ago

    anytime emailed or asked a question paradiso is very quick to respond with what we need

  • Roberta Mckinney 7 months ago

    Everything is great with you guys. Everyone is always friendly and nice.

  • Joseph Scarpantonio 7 months ago

    everything. easy to work with.. you do all the work for me

  • Joan Paonessa 7 months ago

    Your staff is amazing. No matter what questions I have I always get an immediate answer or call backs very quickly! No matter who I deal with I feel like I’m talking to a friend and not just a customer service person!

  • Dena Veillette 7 months ago

    Thank you so much!!!! You guys are amazing !!!

  • Tony Spallacci 7 months ago

    The personal service your folks provide is always refreshing

  • Arthur Westergren 7 months ago

    Prompt attention to matters, finding us the best rates, friendly staff, answering questions quickly

  • Divino Dacunha 7 months ago

    I like when I called someone picks up the phone and directs me to the right person and then your guys make all effort to find a resolution and find the best deal. Thanks.

  • Peter Morran 7 months ago

    Attention to our needs

  • Judith Boyko 7 months ago

    We have the utmost confidence in Darlene Tougas. She was there when we moved 3 years ago and continues to support us.

  • Kevin O'Connor 7 months ago

    I was serviced promptly and quickly. I got my quote back in a timely manner and have not had any issues so far with my service.

  • David Blanch 7 months ago

    First of all I want to start by saying everyone at the office are so pleasant to deal with. The few times I had issues they were handled swiftly and all issue were resolved. In this day and age to call a company and get a person is nice but a bonus to have them be polite and responsive is an added bonus for sure. I might find insurance cheaper somewhere else but that added assurance of being treated like a person would be missing.

  • Lucinda Matte 8 months ago

    Always help me save money on my insurance polices!

  • Kevin McCluskey 8 months ago

    I've never heard (not once) of anyone having a bad experience with your company or employees. You all do *so* much for the community at large and that's a rare commodity in today's times. Keep up the great work and Happy 300th to Stafford! Sincerely, KPM

  • Diane Badawy 8 months ago

    As an elderly, it feels good to know that, if there are any changes to the policy, Paradiso insurance agents will contact you in person to let you know .

  • Jeffrey Cepeda 8 months ago

    they are always reminding me of when my payments are due and they are quick to send you breakdowns of payments and policy details

  • Thomas O'Donnell 8 months ago

    Price and service . Best ever

  • Michael O'Donnell 8 months ago

    Your individualized client services are a great asset.

  • Judith Taylor 8 months ago

    You give great service

  • Kathleen Fisher 8 months ago

    I like that I was contacted prior to the renewal of my policy.

  • Jeffrey Kleinberg 8 months ago

    We love heather santoro, our agent. She is just amazing!! We could not be happier.

  • Linda Muraski 8 months ago

    Loved working with Mark Guasta, great job and follow through!

  • Luis Lugo 8 months ago

    Paradiso Insurance was prompt and accommodating. I will refer family and friends that may need a new provider.

  • Matthew Powell 8 months ago

    Best costumer service ever. Highly recommended!!

  • Lori Dusza 8 months ago

    You care about your customers.

  • Lorin DaRos 8 months ago

    We love the Mom and Pop business approach. When we first applied for insurance in 2012, we were impressed with the hands on and personal touch. When I became an employee for Paradiso Insurance in 2017, I experienced first hand that this is the way they do business 100%. Could not be happier. Thanks to all who service us.

  • John Finch 8 months ago

    Any time I have a problem I can make e phone call and the problem is always taken care of as fast as possible by the paradiso team

  • Michael Roche 8 months ago

    Joe Mooney gives us kid glove treatment. He attends to our every need and gives great advice and guidance. We see your company not just as a broker of insurance but a trusted partner/advisor.

  • Jennifer Faienza 8 months ago

    The customer service I receive when I call Paradiso Insurance is always friendly, personable and knowledgeable. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure my questions are addressed efficiently and in a timely manner. I never feel that I’m just a “client “ but rather a part of the family when I call. Everyone has many choices today but when it comes to trust and outstanding customer service I wouldn’t work with any other agency but Paradiso Insurance.

  • Hans Kretzmer 8 months ago

    You are always concerned about the cost of insurance and are not afraid to shop for competitive prices - we appreciate that.

  • John Evans 8 months ago

    As I have said before, your honesty and integrity are very important and your staff is very knowledgeable and always happy to help out with any issues you may have. You guys have me as a client for life. Take care Chris and staff. - from John and Jean Evans

  • Father Coleman 8 months ago

    I received my quote for Our Lady of Mount Caritas’ home insurance by phone and email and I just have to mail in the check. This makes me life so much easier.

  • Patrick Defrancesco 8 months ago

    Very attentive service and fair pricing.

  • Catalina Rosado 9 months ago

    The communication with customers is what your insurance company does right.

  • Richard Busick 9 months ago

    Your staff is tops. Professional, personable and they perform well to meet our insurance needs. You’ve got a real ‘team’ there.

  • Jack Goven 9 months ago

    It's hard to find a good moral, patriotic company these days.... Mark has been a big help to me, has gone out of his way numerous times.... Office has always been friendly and helpful ... I'm a big GOD and country believer myself... thank you for the chance to say so.

  • Jeanne Paolini 9 months ago

    Prompt service whenever I call

  • Father Coleman 9 months ago

    My experience with Paradiso Insurance has been wonderful. I have never had any difficulty with the company and appreciate their professionalism.

  • Scott Goodrich 9 months ago

    Excellent customer service!

  • Donald Letizia 9 months ago

    Available when needed locally

  • Peter Guasta 9 months ago

    Great insurance provider. They always shop to get me the best prices for renewals and when I need to make changes they are very responsive.

  • Michael Mele 9 months ago

    Any time I have a question I get an answer right away, anytime I need anything its ready before I hang up the phone and they always ask if I want it mailed or would I like to come down to pick it up. Where does one get service, I will tell you: Paradiso Insurance. Thank you, Michael Mele

  • Sidiney Xavier 9 months ago

    Awesome customer service!

  • Rob Butler 9 months ago

    The staff at Paradiso Insurance is by far the best you could want to work with. Have been doing business for years and they always continue to stive to be better! Great customer service and always willing to address any issues that come up.

  • Kenny Reese 9 months ago

    Stephanie & her staff respond to our emails /calls promptly. I appreciated that she sat in on the audit last week which was held at your office... helped make things go smoothly. Thanks!

  • Stephen Sowa 9 months ago

    Always take care of my needs immediately.

  • Marc Duffy 10 months ago

    I reached out to Chris because I have a friend starting a business (a 25 year old first time entrepreneur). I asked Chris if he'd take a few minutes to maybe share some advice or help in any way possible. Within 1 week, a meeting was set on the calendar. I can only imagine what Chris's schedule looks like. But, what does Chris do? He meets with my friend for over 4 hours!! My friend called me on the way home from his meeting and he was over the moon happy with how much Chris helped him. Chris is everything that we as agents should strive toward. Thank you Chris!

  • Cindy Caneen 10 months ago

    Paradiso insurance company is professional and will get you great competitive rates. It is always a pleasure working with them.

  • James Johnson 10 months ago

    Prompt in responding to concerns

  • Rena Jacobs 10 months ago

    You guys are just awesome

  • Samantha Hogan 10 months ago

    Very helpful, courteous and it is nice that when I call I get a human to talk to and not automated services.

  • Cynthia Caneen 10 months ago

    You always look for the lowest rate for me. It’s always a pleasure to do business with your company.

  • Mandarina Brady 10 months ago

    Super helpful all the time. Quick response

  • Alison Luong 10 months ago

    Great people to work with. Very helpful and patient. Amanada did not mind at all in calling multiple times to an insurance company to get things straightened out when issues arose. Very quick in resolving issues as well without any headache!

  • Mark Guasta 10 months ago

    best agent ever!!!

  • Reanna Goodreau 10 months ago

    Everyone is always helpful and informative when I call with questions or need help. Prompt at getting back to me.

  • Jason Johnson 11 months ago

    I've been a client of Paradiso Insurance for many years. They're always proactively looking to save me money without sacrificing quality insurance. Their friendly staff are quick to answer any questions I may have and help me every step the way. Thank you!

  • Dori Wilson 11 months ago

    Paradiso Insurance is by far, my favorite insurance company that I’ve worked with. My prior agent never reached out to speak with me about my renewals to tell me my policy has increased. Paradiso is always paying attention to that for me and not once, but twice, Darlene has shopped my policy out for me and saved me a lot of money. I just recently emailed Jordan for a policy change, and the service was prompt and she was courteous to work with. She even followed up the next day and sent me updated declaration pages. Thank you to the entire personal lines team for always taking care of me.

  • John Cepiel 11 months ago

    Paradiso has always been very helpful to me. Especially during my husband's illness when I needed to change the policies. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • David Gerson 11 months ago

    Great response when we had a pipe burst, causing major damage.

  • Matthew Backe 11 months ago

    Always on top of things and fixes problems straight away. Great customer service.

  • Emil Santia 11 months ago

    When we needed insurance you were very informative and that was very helpful in our decision in choosing Paradiso for our insurance needs

  • William Lee 11 months ago

    The customer service at Paradiso is excellent. It makes the whole process of insurance easier to deal with. They do the hard work of getting the right insurance for our needs.

  • Timothy Gagnon 11 months ago

    Local insurance company and ability to speak to an insurance rep without waiting is good.

  • Dante Varvelli 11 months ago

    Always there to help no matter what the situation, feel confident they will always do what's best for you.

  • Jessica Bancroft-Davis 11 months ago

    Chris and his staff are always very responsive to questions and great to work with.

  • VJ Singh 11 months ago

    Excellent Customer service. They are very professional & are very well organized and are honest & reliable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for Homeowner’s insurance.

  • Ish 12 months ago

    It is a wonderful feeling to feel like you are a part of a very large family. I always got the best price from Paradiso insurance. Its very easy to reach anyone about any question. Never had any issue with payment plans or getting the best insurance coverage.

  • Heidi 12 months ago

    The team at Paradiso Insurance is absolutely fantastic. We so appreciate everything you do for us. -Heidi

  • Joseph Faienza 12 months ago

    Great customer service!

  • Carmen Colon about 1 year ago

    You work with many carriers and do great a job comparing them to get the customer the lowest quote posible. You also have good customer service.

  • Priscilla Haynes about 1 year ago

    Always friendly and helpful.

  • Robert Zalewa about 1 year ago

    Your representatives are courteous, cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful in directing us to the best policies available.

  • Justin Atkins about 1 year ago

    You go above and beyond to get the cheapest prices for insurance and fight to keep that low rate. Amazing customer service.

  • Kathleen Donahue about 1 year ago

    Great service. Prompt response. Terrific rates.

  • Joshua about 1 year ago

    Very professional. They know how to get things done. I would absolutely recommend to anybody.

  • Nicholas West about 1 year ago

    Not pushy in trying to sell coverage. Honest in trying to save us money and get us the best coverage in the process.

  • Wayne Shary about 1 year ago

    Follow up on and communication is what is key to any successful business.

  • Joseph Scarpantonio about 1 year ago

    Our agent Mark is always there to exceed our needs. You're the best combo. Thank you.

  • Joseph Scarpantonio about 1 year ago

    Prompt responses - always willing to assist!

  • Denise Trench about 1 year ago

    Courteous staff and very helpful!!

  • Steven Munn about 1 year ago

    Always get top notch service with Paradiso Insurance!

  • Joan Paonessa about 1 year ago

    The staff is so friendly and helpful and always answers any questions I have very professionally but makes me feel that we are old friends!

  • Roberta Mckinney about 1 year ago

    There is not much more to say. My dealings with you have been great.

  • Craig Marcus about 1 year ago

    The staff at Paradiso is great at customer service and knowledgeable.

  • Darren Ouellette about 1 year ago

    Everyone at Paradiso is friendly and goes above and beyond what is expected from an insurance agency. We needed something notarized and couldn't get there before closing, but Stephanie not only stayed late but also faxed and emailed our document to Travelers. It was unexpected but very much appreciated. I would highly recommend any of my friends and family to switch to Paradiso, where you're treated like family.

  • Gino Zaccardelli about 1 year ago

    I have been a client with Paradiso Insurance for about 10 years. Everyone has been incredibly professional, courteous, and helpful anytime I have contacted them. Chris and his team are consistently on time and on task for every need that I have, and they’re extremely prompt returning calls and providing answers to my questions. Every time I have a friend who has an insurance issue, I quickly recommend they give the agency a call. They are definitely one of the favorite people I deal with, as I’m certain I’ll always get a friendly and professional service as well as a valuable product.

  • Patricia Tarnowski about 1 year ago

    Our family has always been happy with your great customer service. Our questions are answered promptly.

  • Christopher Randall about 1 year ago

    The Paradiso Insurance company is a modern day business with service and ethical standards reminiscent of a bygone age where it was the customer, not the bottom line, that came first. Integrity and kindness, coupled with efficiency and modern technology make Paradiso Insurance the place to go for all of your insurance needs. It is like having a relative or good friend in the business. They really do go the extra mile for their customers!

  • Lisa Colombo about 1 year ago

    Everyone is so helpful, kind and respond quickly to any requests we may have. Great team at Paradiso Insurance!

  • Priscilla Baccas about 1 year ago

    The employees in the personal auto department are always happy, friendly and polite. These qualities are very rare nowadays.

  • Shalom Haas about 1 year ago

    The office is superb at returning phone calls and answering questions. It is so nice to have an actual person to explain things when, buying a new car and changing insurance information or that call I receive when they review my file and find better or less expensive coverage. Great!!

  • Virginia Pisciotta about 1 year ago

    You do a great job and have great employees, including Stephen.

  • Lucinda Matte about 1 year ago

    I love the personal interaction your staff provides.

  • Jim Catalina about 1 year ago

    Great service, very friendly, and great prices.

  • Kurt Mckinney about 1 year ago

    You guys are great. Do a great job!

  • Richard Niederwerfer about 1 year ago

    You are attentive to my needs and go out of your way to find the best deal for me.

  • Donna Niewinski about 1 year ago

    Everything. You make us feel like family in many ways.

  • Matthew Powell about 1 year ago

    Great response time and very helpful with information.

  • Gary Tasillo about 1 year ago

    Great service and friendly staff.

  • Elizabeth Mace about 1 year ago

    Everybody I speak to on the phone when I call with an issue about my flood insurance policy is super nice, professional and helps me.

  • Behroz Davis about 1 year ago

    I've been with Paradiso insurance now for almost thirteen years, it was a smaller crew back then, but even so, one thing that I've noticed that always remained consistent is the good customer service you guys have.

  • Deborah Wolpert about 1 year ago

    Superb professionalism and makes the customer feel important.

  • Chris Coleman about 1 year ago

    You are always willing to work with me. That is very important for me.

  • Ricky Casagrande about 1 year ago

    Doesn’t matter when I call or whom I talk to, they are always helpful and friendly!

  • Carol Wilson about 1 year ago

    Customer service is top notch. Easy to contact and get information on policies. Friendly staff.

  • Pamela Williams-Rheaume about 1 year ago

    Great customer service. Always!!!

  • Melonie Nadeau about 1 year ago

    Your always looking for the best price for the customers budget as well as their needs.

  • Anthony Bochicchio about 1 year ago

    Questions and requests always receive a prompt and helpful response.

  • Christopher Paradiso about 1 year ago

    Awesome staff caring and always looking to go above and beyond

  • Colleen Demirgian about 1 year ago

    Great rates for car insurance and homeowners insurance. Always get to speak to someone on the phone if needed without a hassle.

  • Cynthia Ostrowski about 1 year ago

    Great company!

  • Karen Roderick about 1 year ago

    Everyone who I have dealt with has been very pleasant and extremely helpful. Dori went above and beyond when I lost my husband

  • Cory Bostick about 1 year ago

    Someone from the staff always calls me back when I leave a message.

  • Lorin DaRos about 1 year ago

    Always considerate and helpful with questions. Darlene and Tanya are very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. They are a joy to do business with.

  • Mary Riley about 1 year ago

    I am very happy with the service; you guys are always willing to help in any way, and I appreciate it. You’re great at what you guys do.

  • Matthew Scranton about 1 year ago

    I only had 24 hours to cancel and old policy, get coverage and figure out why previous company had impacted my history negatively. Chris called me right away listened to my needs, acted right away, and his team took care of everything seamlessly. I run a customer service business and value great service. Paradiso is a great example for all businesses to strive for.

  • Thomas Eames about 1 year ago

    Always there when needed. Good research on insurance options. Also good comments from people we have referred.

  • Chad Luginbuhl about 1 year ago

    Quick response on any question.

  • Diane Swain about 1 year ago

    I appreciate that you compare premiums on renewal.

  • Yolhami about 1 year ago

    Good price.

  • Dena Veillette over 1 year ago

    You guys are amazing! Very helpful! Always get back to me as soon as possible. Compassionate. Paradiso employees are the kindest. I love the fact after you help you follow up with feedback! Thank you so much for my Thanksgiving Day card too. I recommend yu guys to everyone! Happy holidays!!!!

  • Richard Corsini over 1 year ago

    Everyone in the office is a pleasure to deal with! Knowledgeable, and helpful. I recommend Paradiso Insurance to everyone!

  • Richard Busick over 1 year ago

    Every contact we’ve had with Paradiso has been a very positive experience. We’ve always been greeted with friendly, courteous staff who listen, ask appropriate questions, and provide timely answers. The follow-ups have been prompt and over the last 4 years that we’ve been customers, it gives us the feeling that the staff truly cares about finding what’s best for our needs. Thanks for your great service.

  • Emile Blais over 1 year ago

    The few times we called, your office answered our questions in detail and in a timely manner and accurately. Thank you.

  • John Evans over 1 year ago

    For us the most important thing is you people are very upfront and honest about your business and dealing with your clients. I have been doing business with Chris for years now, and I'm going to do continue to work with Chris and his fine staff - they are the best.

  • Becky Simons over 1 year ago

    Great service when needed

  • Maria Lopez over 1 year ago

    I like that you keep in touch like family!

  • Leslie Leonard over 1 year ago

    So friendly and efficient!! I feel like you guys really care. I also love that you give back to the community.

  • Roberta Koplar over 1 year ago

    Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful, as well a very patient with my questions.

  • Carolee Lamarre over 1 year ago

    Live person who answers the phone quickly and gets me to the right person.

  • Michelle Sokolis over 1 year ago

    Your office staff is always very nice and helpful. You have good pricing as well.

  • Tony Spallacci over 1 year ago

    Very responsive and friendly.

  • Sybil Gettner over 1 year ago

    I've only had the one-time contact with Paradso insurance, but they were very nice and helpful.

  • Ann Bartalotta over 1 year ago

    I have had good experience with your company and the staff has been really good in getting me the best price possible. I am only hoping within time the price gets lowered.

  • Leslie Bates over 1 year ago

    Customer service is prompt and helpful.

  • Scott over 1 year ago

    Always there whenever I have any questions.

  • James David over 1 year ago

    Mark is very responsive. He proactively found a more economical solution for me after several years with one carrier. And the paperwork process is always clear and easy given their digital signature process.

  • Christopher Curtis over 1 year ago

    Great service and promptness!

  • Timothy Cromwell over 1 year ago

    A lot of it is because how much Chris P. and the company gives back to the community. Just good people. Very price competitive and makes sure you have the coverage required.

  • Thomas O'Donnell over 1 year ago

    Treated like family. Gave me many choices. Follow up was expedited.

  • Tina Cianci over 1 year ago

    Excellent customer service! Patient, considerate, helpful, and knowledgeable. Individualized, complete attention makes me feel like Paradiso Insurance sees me as more than just another client.

  • William Clark over 1 year ago

    You were able to reduce my premium and still have the same coverage!

  • Patricia Luetjan over 1 year ago

    Certificates always accurate and fast when requested.

  • Steven Correia over 1 year ago

    Paradiso agency was a huge help with title problems I had regarding a mislabeled salvage by the DMV, the release of an old vehicle I sold from my towns tax records, finding me a new policy when I purchased my new car, registration and title work. I could not be happier.

  • Sandra Larson over 1 year ago

    I do not understand all the types of insurance, but your office took the time to explain it. Thank you.

  • Delores Howard over 1 year ago

    Everyone of the girls have always been helpful, pleasant and patient with all my questions and concerns. I am completely confident that whenever I need to change my coverage they will do their best to find the right policy to suit my needs.

  • James Lambert over 1 year ago

    Friendly, great staff.

  • John Kovach over 1 year ago

    Always available when I call and follow up promptly with requested policy quotes and information.

  • Thomson Kelly over 1 year ago

    When I moved from West Hartford to Hartford, and added my college age son to my insurance, Mark and the staff worked really hard to find the lowest possible rate that provided the best possible coverage. They are responsive and hard-working. The insurance company I ended up with, Kemper insurance, proved itself also very responsive and hard-working when I filed my first claim.

  • Gary Lotreck over 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, I was in a car accident and my car had to be repaired. I was pleased with the support and service that was provided.

  • Ralph Henderson over 1 year ago

    Very prompt when you have a claim; very fast getting back too with any problems.

  • Stacey Hagopian over 1 year ago

    When our car insurance premiums went up we called and asked you to see what you could do. We didn't have tickets or accidents and we couldn't understand why such a great increase. You shopped around for us and were able to get it back down. You took care of the details and we appreciate that.

  • Louis Lacaprucia over 1 year ago

    Hillary is always extremely helpful whenever I call needing help. All staff is very pleasant.

  • Richard Perryman over 1 year ago

    Very responsive, professional and most importantly, knowledgeable!

  • Gary Hunt over 1 year ago

    Great and knowledgeable and friendly employees that find the best deal for all my insurance needes!!

  • Anabela Xavier over 1 year ago

    Great customer service! They check for best rates amongst various insurance companies saving you time and money. Highly recommended!

  • Bruce Gross over 1 year ago

    You always look out for our best interest. Thank you.

  • Luz Franqui over 1 year ago

    Everybody is very friendly and always trying to help and get the best insurance for our needs. Especially Mark Guasta.

  • Mary Baribault over 1 year ago

    Mark Guasta has been there for me at all times. He goes above and beyond. I have sent many people to him and they have all been very happy.

  • John Cepiel over 1 year ago

    The staff is very pleasant and helpful.

  • Jack Larson over 1 year ago

    Superb follow up!

  • Kevin Holliday over 1 year ago

    No pressure and whenever I inquire with product questions or details, I can always count on an informed answer.

  • Juanita Hart over 1 year ago

    With a diverse insurance background, I feel all my insurance needs are met. The agency is extremely helpful.

  • Dante Varvelli over 1 year ago

    All of the staff at Paradiso is very helpful and responsive and takes care of any requests in a very fast and professional manner.

  • Diane Nadeau over 1 year ago

    Good customer service. Quick service.

  • Ish over 1 year ago

    Everyone in the office makes you feel like you are part of the family. I do not feel like a customer that's just looking for insurance. Thank you all.

  • Laurie over 1 year ago

    Everyone at Paradiso Insurance is very responsive. Chris and his staff are knowledgeable and always happy to help.

  • Richard Paskewitz over 1 year ago

    Easily accessible for when I have questions about any of my insurance policies. Always friendly and willing to help.

  • Angela Canneto over 1 year ago

    Professional and friendly service and always looking out for you in terms of finding the best rates.

  • Priscilla Haynes over 1 year ago

    You are always friendly and helpful.

  • Kevin Kelly over 1 year ago

    I really loved the direct contact at the office and the quick responses via email. It made me feel as though I was being treated as an individual and not just another customer!

  • Fatima Lobo over 1 year ago

    I recommend you to tall my clients because you are professional, organized, prompt and courteous.

  • Barbara Capuano over 1 year ago

    Staff is helpful and detailed. Always get return calls. Staff work hard to find the best product for my family. Never feel that my calls are a annoyance to them.

  • Marisa Lourenco over 1 year ago

    Love working with Paradiso. It was pure luck finding them in 2015/2016. They’re always super helpful with keeping me updated with my car and home insurance and helping me find the best rates. Anytime I need to make changes, they’re also super helpful and quick to get them in. I would highly recommend!

  • Robin Downey-Murphy over 1 year ago

    Very fast service!

  • Marco Sierra over 1 year ago

    Excellent personal attention.

  • Darlene Mokrycki over 1 year ago

    You are always responsive and will go above and beyond what is expected of an insurance agency.

  • Ross White over 1 year ago

    I call and you handle whatever situation is thrown your way with little to do on my end.

  • Kathleen Donahue over 1 year ago

    Customer service is excellent.

  • Joseph Scarpantonio over 1 year ago

    Your response time is quick and all the staff are extremely thorough.

  • James Toccaline over 1 year ago

    Your employee reached out to me on her own when my auto rates were increasing to look at other options. I didn't have to initiate the call.

  • Wayne Wohllebe over 1 year ago

    Chris, you and your staff take care of your customers. If I ask a question, I always get a quick answer. Plus your positive attitude toward your staff and customers is what really counts.

  • Tony Quirion over 1 year ago

    Always great and fast customer service. Easy to make adjustments and follow up to ensure all of my needs are being met. I combined to auto policies along with my homeowners to streamline all of my insurance needs and I haven’t been happier.

  • Richard Shuck over 1 year ago

    Paradiso insurance is always available to help, and if you have a question or problem, it is taken care of quickly.

  • Denise Trench over 1 year ago

    Great service, prompt and efficient!!

  • David Lawson over 1 year ago

    Excellent, personal service, with fast courteous response.

  • Shalom Haas over 1 year ago

    Paradiso pays attention to my rates and finds the best coverage for me even when I can't. The extra attention and great customer service is beyond compare.

  • Judith Boyko over 1 year ago

    During our stressful move 2 years ago, we had to first get apartment insurance and then condo insurance. Both unfamiliar. Darlene was so helpful and reassuring, and it removed some of the stress. We also enjoy your yearly barbecue. What a great way to show your appreciation.

  • Kimberly Allevo over 1 year ago

    We have been with Paradiso for years and the service is always top notch! I always get a quick, friendly response. I am in the service business myself and when training associates for over the phone assistance, I always tell them to smile while they speak with the guest because the guest can “hear” them smiling. I can always “hear” whoever I speak to smiling. We had some changes this year and while they could have just processed the changes, they went the extra mile. Fran assessed our coverage. She ended up saving us a great deal of money by doing do. Thank you for always being there and keeping your clients #1. It definitely shows!

  • Michael Pifer over 1 year ago

    You get me answers to questions when I need them without delay and I feel you keep my insurance cost competitive in the market.

  • Luan Shateli over 1 year ago

    Great people,very friendly, and always a pleasure to work with.

  • Barbara Page over 1 year ago

    Every time I call I get a timely response and ALL of your help is very friendly and helpful. P.S. Love your dog.

  • Jeffery Susi over 1 year ago

    All of you at Paradiso insurance have always done your best to accommodate me. My insurance needs often change with so many kids and vehicles and you guys always keep up with me with periodic changes with respect to the coverage I need. I appreciate the fast service and I know you do the best you can to give me the best price on insurance. Special thanks to Mark and all the people at the office that help him help me so often.

  • Lucinda Matte over 1 year ago

    I love your customer service! I always have professional service when I call. Many thanks for your donation of the bicycles in the Staffordville School contest. My grandson won for his 1st grade class He was over the moon!

  • Kenneth Mcquaid over 1 year ago

    Chris and his staff work with you to understand your policy whether it's homeowners or Auto!! I have recommended them to anyone looking for homeowners and auto insurance. Thank you Paradiso Insurance !!

  • Jeffrey Moore over 1 year ago

    Very responsive to questions and providing you with what you need at the best prices available.

  • Jim Catalina over 1 year ago

    Great customer service great prices, and good people to deal with.

  • Dorothy Wittenzellner over 1 year ago

    Exceptional personal interaction with staff.

  • Allie (Bookkeeper) over 1 year ago

    The team at Paradiso Insurance is always very quick to respond to any issues or questions we may have. Consistently very professional, friendly and attentive. Thank you. Custom Construction Plus, LLC

  • Donna Niewinski over 1 year ago

    Everyone is so caring we all are family... love that feeling!

  • Debra Shea over 1 year ago

    I was in San Francisco and the rental car agency said they needed a copy of my auto insurance policy. I have never had that problem before or since. The Paradiso agency returned my call within minutes and also emailed me a copy of my auto policy immediately. That’s great service!

  • Nicholas Fusco over 1 year ago

    You guys are great. Very professional. Love working with you!

  • Christine Mulreed over 1 year ago

    Easy to deal with! Quick Responses! Alway friendly!

  • Matthew Powell over 1 year ago

    Best customer service I ever had from an Insurance Agency. Helpful people willing to help me with any questions I have.

  • James Dzwonchyk over 1 year ago

    Customer service is responsive and quick to find a solution!

  • Genevieve Fenn over 1 year ago

    Your always available to answer questions and give the right coverage.

  • Deceased Duda over 1 year ago

    I really appreciated the specialized service I received when my mom passed away. Paradiso has a world of knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of guiding you through the “tough times” with little to none aggravation. They listen and understand emotionally. Thank you for all your assistance.

  • Jessica Jursz over 1 year ago

    Amazing customer care and dedication to making this a valuable experience.

  • Jeanne Paolini over 1 year ago

    Always willing to help!

  • Gene Panciera over 1 year ago

    We appreciate your interest and being treated with respect... your staff is prompt and responsive to any concerns we have and always helping us with a professional attitude to address those concerns.

  • Gary Fallon over 1 year ago

    Very responsive, acts in our best interest.

  • Robert Fellows over 1 year ago

    In today's world it's not very often you come across a company that still has the values that this one does. It's always genuinely pleasurable to speak to any representative within the company and knowing with confidence that the information they're giving back is accurate and true. Further another point which many people may not take to heart is the fact that the insurance company gives back to the community daily and has endeared itself to the area. That alone goes a long way with me.

  • Melonie Nadeau over 1 year ago

    I had another insurance company for 25 years and in that time I was never treated as well or as professional as I am with Paradiso Insurance's staff. They call me back quickly with the information I have asked for as well as emailing me back too, so I can review the data. I'm sorry I didn't switch 19 years ago!!!!!

  • Lucio Diloreto over 1 year ago

    You folks are always available for me when I contact you.

  • Donna Francis over 1 year ago

    It is a great feeling, when you have an insurance company that works the hardest for their clients. I have experienced that feeling. Thank you Paradiso for allowing myself and my family to be happy .

  • Thomas Dillon over 1 year ago

    You are very easy to deal with and very communicative at all times.

  • Anthony Bochicchio over 1 year ago

    Very responsive to inquiries. Always looking for the best rates and coverage.

  • Jean Iris over 1 year ago

    Efficient and pleasant staff.

  • Edward Palin over 1 year ago

    Everything you guys have done for me has been excellent as far as shopping for new companies to lower my rates, and basic customer service is great

  • Randy Ortiz Sr over 1 year ago

    Very responsive and helpful!

  • Lucas Mihaliak over 1 year ago

    The ladies in the office are always there for me and go above and beyond and out of their way to help me with everything, including things that they normally don't deal with.

  • Linda Morgera over 1 year ago

    Prompt customer service. Friendly staff.

  • Wayne Detzler over 1 year ago

    Your communication and customer service is first class. I have never had a better insurance agency handling the difficult matter of auto insurance.

  • Joseph Muldoon almost 2 years ago

    Paradiso regularly reviews our needs, coverage, and insurance companies to make sure we have the best deal on the best coverage for us.

  • Shyrlene Chapman almost 2 years ago

    When I call the office it is like everyone knows me personally. I am always treated warmly and respectfully. The recognition that is given to your customers makes us feel like family.

  • Jose Ferreira almost 2 years ago

    Whenever we have questions, we always get quick responses and the fact that the staff is very helpful.

  • Leslie Leonard almost 2 years ago

    Everyone is friendly and helpful when you call the office!!

  • Thomas Eames almost 2 years ago

    Excellent job researching which insurance company would be most appropriate for each client. Respond promptly to requests for information and service.

  • Ray Fallon almost 2 years ago

    Always looking for what’s best for the client.

  • Cathy Green almost 2 years ago

    I appreciated you letting me know my home owners went up and maybe you can do something about it. I appreciate your holiday and birthday cards (which you don't have to do), and I appreciate how friendly your staff is when I have a question. You are the gold standard for other insurance companies.

  • Ariel Marin almost 2 years ago

    Paradiso and Staff are always there to help and make sure I am paying the lowest rate for the highest coverage.

  • Anne-Marie Mckinney almost 2 years ago

    Recently handled a glass claim for me. Had a new windshield installed with 3 hours of the accident occurring!

  • Patricia Brown almost 2 years ago

    Someone is always available to answer my questions. I don't have to call you very often, but when I do, I appreciate what you do for me as a policyholder.

  • Karen Braccidiferro almost 2 years ago

    Fast service. Great service.

  • Jonathon Campo almost 2 years ago

    I have had a couple of occasions to contact your office about my insurance. My issues (not related to your agency) were handled quickly and courteously. The staff is top notch. You must be doing something right.

  • Constantine Stango almost 2 years ago

    We appreciate when you call with a better deal for us. You look out for your customers. Thank you.

  • Mandy Fisher almost 2 years ago

    Great communication, answered all of my questions. Helped me save money!!

  • Anthony Bochicchio almost 2 years ago

    Prompt responses to any questions

  • Michelle Sokolis almost 2 years ago

    The office staff is great at Paradiso!

  • Kelem Sylvain-Gerve almost 2 years ago

    Always available for customers.

  • Carolee Lamarre almost 2 years ago

    Because you ask "what?" What is it we did to make it right? What can we do to make it better? What can we do to make you happy? What if we re-quote to see if we can get a better price? What can we do to better the community? This is "what" I love about Paradiso!

  • Tony Spallacci almost 2 years ago

    Always friendly, helpful and honest. Great people for the community activities as well.

  • Dante Beffa-Negrini almost 2 years ago

    Always helpful and return calls promptly. Feel that you have our best interest at heart.

  • Maureen Eaton almost 2 years ago

    Just a short phone call will get us an answer immediately. Your office seems to be always available!

  • Anthony Provencal almost 2 years ago

    Team is awesome and very helpful.

  • Ruth Law almost 2 years ago

    Good communication when we have any issues.

  • Ray Dischino almost 2 years ago

    Easy to work with staff, that are prompt and efficient.

  • John Barnes almost 2 years ago

    Staff is always friendly and very helpful.

  • Diane Brand almost 2 years ago

    Very personal service, the people at Paradiso make you feel like you are their only client. They work hard to get you what you need.

  • Clayton Connors almost 2 years ago

    When my annual premium jumped by 50% Tanya jumped in to action, not only finding out why the price increased, but convinced them they were incorrect by pointing out there is fire hydrants and a fire house very close to my house. She actually called the fire marshall. Thank you.

  • Shane Bruno almost 2 years ago

    Your company is just amazing. Anything we need, your staff is always helpful and friendly.

  • Tina Cianci almost 2 years ago

    Friendly, prompt and attentive service!

  • Stacey Cheney almost 2 years ago

    You always take the time to talk with us and make sure we understand our options!

  • Evelyn Cortes almost 2 years ago

    You guys are the best.

  • Steven Correia almost 2 years ago

    I cannot be happier with your service. Thank you.

  • Sandra Larson almost 2 years ago

    Very helpful staff and they were willing to explain the types of insurance I wasn't familiar with.

  • Michelle Grasseschi almost 2 years ago

    The friendliness and professionalism of Paradiso insurance is better than any insurance company I have ever dealt with.

  • Joseph Mooney almost 2 years ago

    My agent is the best!

  • Bryan Bessette almost 2 years ago

    You people are always friendly when I call or stop in, thank you and I have been telling people to come see you when they are shopping.

  • George Ledoux almost 2 years ago

    Your service agents have always been very helpful and have gone the extra mile in helping me when I had issues with my mortgage company and property taxes.

  • Patric Jamo almost 2 years ago

    I find that everyone is very responsive, and even if they don't have an answer, they acknowledge when I have reached out, and that is very meaningful to me. I choose to use an agency in town to support local businesses. My husband is self-employed and we always appreciate when people seek out a local small business. Customer service is what sets one company apart from another and Paradiso does this right!

  • Nicole Fleming almost 2 years ago

    Hillary was extremely helpful in helping us save about 80 dollars a month on our car insurance! The process was very simple and we did everything over the phone. It is nice to be able to talk to an actual person these days who puts customer service first. We are very pleased with our new insurance rates and would highly recommend Paradiso Insurance.

  • Savitri Lyken almost 2 years ago

    You guys made it super easy to insure our house. Everytime I call there is always a friendly voice willing to help.

  • Ling Li almost 2 years ago

    The agency helped me to get my auto, home, and umbrella policies. I saved money and got for better coverages. Mark is always available (weekend and evenings) to answer my questions. I will recommend Mark to friends.

  • Alan Hannaford almost 2 years ago

    I appreciate the personal service and the way you always do your best to find a comparable product at a better price! Thank you!

  • Matthew Guasta almost 2 years ago

    Looking forward to Flag Day outing.

  • Walter Smith almost 2 years ago

    Great variety of products , fantastic service, knowledgeable associates.

  • Jon Becker almost 2 years ago

    Helpful, friendly staff.

  • Kristin Thayer almost 2 years ago

    Excellent, caring staff who care about their customers and the community. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Walter Gill almost 2 years ago

    It's nice to be able to call your office with questions, and every time we had to call, everyone is so nice. You are doing everything right, thanks.

  • Jason Michalec almost 2 years ago

    Professional friendly staff that make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. I'd gladly do business with Paradiso Insurance again.

  • Mary Baribault almost 2 years ago

    Mark Guasta has always been there for me

  • Nelson Almeida almost 2 years ago

    Customer service is amazing, quick return on phone calls and emails, and very helpful explanations when needed!!!

  • Carol Cleland almost 2 years ago

    You guys were great. Pulled all the pieces together to get it right. All the best!

  • Shawn Kelley almost 2 years ago

    Mark Guasta is always quick to answer any of our questions! He is very clear and knowledgeable with his answers.

  • Kevin Holliday almost 2 years ago

    I actually have recommended you. You guys do all my insurance shopping for me. It's one less thing I have to worry about, and that is a huge benefit of being a Paradiso insurance customer.

  • Paul Gladysz almost 2 years ago

    Why we're happy with Paradiso: 1. Competitive pricing - for both our commercial and personal policies, the pricing through your agency was better than our previous policies for either the same or better coverage. 2. Quality customer service - whenever I have a question or concern about our policies, the staff is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.

  • Andre Garant almost 2 years ago

    Great customer service, and staff looks to find ways to get me cheaper insurance for the same coverage! Also, Dori Wilson is the best!! Please give her an award or some sort of employee recognition!

  • Thomas Gardiner almost 2 years ago

    I have recommended Mark and Paradiso Insurance and will continue to do so.

  • Judith Locke C/O John Locke almost 2 years ago

    Your staff is very easy to work with and you were able to get me a lower quote.

  • Anne Saguisag almost 2 years ago

    Super fast and efficient service. Happy to be saving money on home and auto insurance!

  • Joan Paonessa almost 2 years ago

    I have been a customer for several years! I have called several times for various reasons and have had my questions answered in detail, and I especially enjoy speaking with Darlene who has helped me several times!

  • Mensur Begic almost 2 years ago

    My agent always does her best to find most affordable rates for me. Very friendly agency, quick response for all my questions. Thanks Chris.

  • Richard Paskewitz about 2 years ago

    Always there to answer any questions I have. Willingness to find us the best coverage to meet our needs.

  • Angela Canneto about 2 years ago

    Paradiso is always trying to get you the best price, and the staff is friendly and professional. Always willing to help. I trust them to look out for my best interest.

  • Joseph Scarpantonio about 2 years ago

    Entire team is terrific - quick responses to questions.

  • Cheryl Simons about 2 years ago

    Outstanding service. Everyone is always pleasant & eager to help you with whatever you require.

  • Cheryl Simons about 2 years ago

    Thank you Chris Paradiso and your team. You are wonderful people, and your services are excellent above all others! Thank you for your service and friendship.

  • Barbara Capuano about 2 years ago

    Paradiso Insurance helped me to change my insurance that resulted in savings. They are professional, knowledgeable, and caring about their customers and their community. I am so happy that I chose Paradiso Insurance.

  • Denise Bajorek about 2 years ago

    We were blown away by how fast you responded to provide a quote on auto, homeowners and umbrella products. Well done!!

  • Pavli Dashi about 2 years ago

    Highly recommended. Chris and his team have given me the best service with my insurance for home, auto, investments, life, and commercial. Thanks!

  • Robin Downey-Murphy about 2 years ago

    Mark always gets things done in a timely manner.

  • Gene Panciera about 2 years ago

    Chris and his staff are polite, efficient and do their best to assist customers. We have been customers of Paradiso Insurance for many years, and have always been treated with respect and with our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Paradiso Insurance to handle insurance needs for my friends and family.

  • Mark Massaro about 2 years ago

    The staff at Paradiso insurance always have the customer's interest at heart. They are proactive with needed changes and necessary improvements to coverage, and look out for the customers when it comes to rates. I would highly recommend Paradiso to all my friends and family.

  • Rossina Petrova about 2 years ago

    Reasonably priced; very responsive and good customer service.

  • Laura John Whitmarsh about 2 years ago

    It was a good experience overall! My mom told me to call you guys and it was exactly as expected! Professional and quality service.

  • John Hourihan about 2 years ago

    Everyone is so nice. Whoever you talk with can always give you an answer! Great job done by all.

  • Todd Pucci about 2 years ago

    Great customer service!

  • Marco Sierra about 2 years ago

    It’s a joy to work with anyone in the Paradiso offices.

  • Gary Fallon about 2 years ago

    The staff at Paradiso is always responsive and pleasant. It's a pleasure doing business with company that genuinely cares about their customers.

  • Stacey Sayers about 2 years ago

    Always easy to deal with, either by email or at my request via text. It's nice to see a customer service business that is keeping up with the times and making the experience a pleasurable one.

  • Wayne Wohllebe about 2 years ago

    Chris, you and your staff are always helpful and on the ball for excellent service to us and your other customers.

  • Yvonne Thompson about 2 years ago

    Highly responsive to customer needs.

  • Joseph Muldoon about 2 years ago

    The folks at Paradiso are always looking out for our best interests behind the scenes. They always test the market to see what products give us the best coverage and value, both at annual renewal, and when anything changes, such as a new teen driver or a new vehicle. We truly feel they have their eye on the ball, so we are confident we have the best products without doing the tiresome research ourselves. They have the expertise to do it right. Thank you, Paradiso!

  • Peter Satkowski about 2 years ago

    Fast friendly service always shopping to give us s better rate at renewal.

  • Robert Skoumal about 2 years ago

    Always helpful, quick to respond, courteous and pleasure to work with! Appreciate your superior customer support and genuine appreciation in all you do at Paradiso Insurance, thanks to all of you!

  • William Roy about 2 years ago

    Quick response for my insurance quote.

  • Gary McEwen about 2 years ago

    Most importantly, you saved us a lot of money. Secondly, you were on top of everything we needed. Quick responses with all of our questions.

  • Jack Donmez about 2 years ago

    You are all the time BEST! Thank you very much.

  • Donald Allen about 2 years ago

    Taken good care of us. Chris personally called after our fire on the weekend to make sure everything was alright.

  • John Rossi about 2 years ago

    Great customer service. Always there to help. Paradiso Insurance is Insurance for life.

  • Michael Recine about 2 years ago

    Great customer service!! Helped out with all my flood insurance needs; best coverage in town.

  • David Lawson about 2 years ago

    Fast response and great pricing. Lots of value for our insurance dollars.

  • Pam Colon about 2 years ago

    Always available to discuss questions or concerns. Personalized service.

  • Arthur Westergren about 2 years ago

    Found us a good deal on insurance and responded promptly to emails and phone calls.

  • Lisa Colombo about 2 years ago

    Very friendly staff ready to answer our questions quickly.

  • Nolene Scranton about 2 years ago

    The fact that I have real persons, whose names I know and who know me, is the most important plus. I also can rely on a response in short time, even if it needs more time to resolve an issue or question. Keep up the good work. We appreciate what you do for us!!

  • Darlene Mokrycki about 2 years ago

    Great office with excellent service. Very helpful staff. Good price and excellent communication.

  • Robert Fellows about 2 years ago

    In over 30 years of owning a car and owning a home and having to deal with insurance, I have never dealt with a such a respectful and courteous firm as yours. The customer service from your representatives is outstanding. I have always gotten my answers quickly, phone calls returned quickly, and they've always went out of their way to make sure that my coverage is the best as well as getting the best price that they can for me. I highly recommend your firm, and have been doing so since I was recommended. Furthermore, your patriotism and what you give back to the community and the care that you show is highly respectable, and I do admire that.

  • Cynthia Ostrowski about 2 years ago

    Great company! Everyone is always ready to assist. Chris, you always have time to talk to me no matter how busy you are. Even Max comes out for a pet!

  • Elizabeth Kessler about 2 years ago

    Someone always available to answer questions or assist us.

  • Marco Sierra about 2 years ago

    I would recommend Paradiso Insurance to all of my friends and family. Very friendly and professional service as well as personable. Best rates I’ve found.

  • Shalom Haas about 2 years ago

    Office is always courteous and answers all my questions and needs.

  • Linda Pratson about 2 years ago

    Everyone has been very helpful and efficient!

  • Jim Catalina about 2 years ago

    Overall great service.

  • June Schlaefer about 2 years ago

    I have car insurance through Travelers and your office is the agent. I know if I have a problem (such as billing) I can call and feel very confident that my questions will be answered. So with that I thank you. -June

  • Edward Suttile about 2 years ago

    Great customer service, and it's always a pleasure to speak to when I call.

  • Jack Provenzano about 2 years ago

    The people that I have dealt with have given remarkable assistance.

  • Dee Ferry about 2 years ago

    Great customer service! Always talk to a "real live voice!"

  • Christopher Tomm about 2 years ago

    Awesome service and so friendly.

  • Nicholas Fusco about 2 years ago

    You are a very good insurance company. Very helpful.

  • Gary Tasillo about 2 years ago

    Your staff provides excellent customer service. Specifically helping my daughter on a Saturday with a insurance certificate for a new car purchase. It was her first time and I wanted her to handle the details about the insurance.

  • Vjollca Neti about 2 years ago

    We think that the policy rate offering to us is worth it and, more importantly, the people working with you Chris are very nice, competent and always available.

  • Christopher Morianos about 2 years ago

    Fast service.

  • Brian Macmaster about 2 years ago

    Always available to answer questions.

  • David Rocha about 2 years ago

    Chris, as a business owner, I always say no one will care for my business like I do. But you always make me feel like you care about my business' success and my protection as much as I do, and that means everything to me.

  • David Neal about 2 years ago

    On our personal and commercial policies Paradiso Insurance improved our coverage, clearly explained everything, and walked us through issues when claims did occurr.

  • Linda Desantis about 2 years ago

    Fast, personal response. If I have a quick question, I can just "drop in" and get my question answered. Staff is always willing to drop what they are doing to make sure my needs are addressed.

  • Marybeth Frayne about 2 years ago

    You answered my questions thoroughly and responded in a short period of time. You also followed up with the adjuster when they didn’t reach out to me.

  • Genevieve Fenn about 2 years ago

    Helped get the best coverage at a reasonable price. Always calling back when I leave a message. In a nutshell, very helpful.

  • Melanie Anthony about 2 years ago

    The group of people at paradiso have been there for my family for over 4 years and have been amazing to work with throughout. The group has responded to any concerns we've had and has been able to find competitive rates for our insurance needs repeatedly to save us money. They are very knowledgeable in their work which saves us time as well since they can answer any questions we've ever had about our various policies. Thank you Paradiso!

  • Jeanne Paolini about 2 years ago

    Great service and price.

  • Adam Zimmerman about 2 years ago

    There is always someone available when I call to need to make changes to my policy. Very helpful and friendly. Always a quick turn around on making any changes or adding any new vehicles to my policy.

  • Carol Wilson about 2 years ago

    Staff is always helpful and responsive to our business needs.

  • Joseph Padegimas about 2 years ago

    When we have questions or a problem we get it taken care of the same day. The customer service is excellent. I also like how when rates change they shop for a better rate.

  • Jason Perry about 2 years ago

    As a local Independent Insurance agent, the staff at Paradiso Insurance can shop around and get the best prices. As a small business owner, my business has benefited greatly from his emphasis on local networking.

  • Thomas Bertone about 2 years ago

    Great service in a time when service is not high on many company's priority in this day and age. Call most company's and listen to a computer ask you 20 questions. Call Paradiso and speak to a human... THANK YOU!

  • John Bergeron about 2 years ago

    Great experience. Wish all companies were this good.

  • Lucio Diloreto about 2 years ago

    Always available to answer questions and quick with the return of quotes.

  • Holly Zwick about 2 years ago

    Prompt replies via text! Informative. Great rates! Helpful!

  • Patrick Defrancesco about 2 years ago

    High level customer service. We also respect and trust our agent, Mark Guasta.

  • Cory Bostick about 2 years ago

    You shop my polices so I get the best prices.

  • Gary Brown about 2 years ago

    You have been able to find us the best price around and that's what I like.

  • Lee Palardy about 2 years ago

    Very professional staff, whenever I have a question I always get a friendly response! Keep up the good attitude and professionalism!

  • Lorin DaRos about 2 years ago

    We feel very secure that all of our needs for both home and auto are always taken care of right away without us having to do the leg work. The personal touch is above and beyond anyone's expectations.

  • John Gulioso about 2 years ago

    Timely and professional service!

  • Keisha Hoar about 2 years ago

    We love working with everyone at Paradiso. All of our questions are always answered promptly and courteously. They also answer the questions we hadn't thought of yet!

  • Heather McManus about 2 years ago

    Always quick to respond to questions and concerns, and looking out for lower insurance rates for my family.

  • Bruce Palin about 2 years ago

    You were honest and truthful and helpful in resolving any issues that we had along the way.

  • Kevin Strout about 2 years ago

    You always respond quickly to questions or concerns.

  • Robert Butler about 2 years ago

    I have been doing business with Paradiso Insurance for years and wouldn't change anything. They are over the top when it comes to customer service with a professional staff. They continue to make you feel like your actually someone, and not just number! Every renewal I am contacted by friendly staff and get new quotes to see if I can save money.

  • Joseph Caneen over 2 years ago

    Local shop staffed by hometown professionals makes me a happy driver. Thanks guys!

  • Patricia Bessette over 2 years ago

    No problems with insurance. People who work for you are nice to deal with, as are you.

  • Jeffrey Lambert over 2 years ago

    Great personal attention, assuring that best interests are sought.

  • David Burstein over 2 years ago

    Competitive pricing and good customer service... always following up with insureds and calling back quickly with answers and quotes.

  • Jonathon Campo over 2 years ago

    My agent was very personable and helped me find the best policy for me. I had used another agency in town and they took my business for granted and stuck me with an overpriced policy, took phone calls while meeting with me, etc. Plus the P's just a great and respected family.

  • Constantine Stango over 2 years ago

    When you have a better deal for us we have confidence you will let us know, as you have done in previous transactions. Thanks, Tino and Kim

  • Jennifer Faienza over 2 years ago

    When I call Paradiso Insurance I feel I’m given the utmost service. The staff is knowledgeable, customer friendly and responds to my needs in a timely manner. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my insurance needs!

  • Frederick Levesque over 2 years ago

    Great customer service! You always go above and beyond to help us out.

  • Maria Lopez over 2 years ago

    I texted Mark and had an answer within minutes. My car was insured immediately.

  • Mandy Fisher over 2 years ago

    I feel like the advice I receive is genuine and good. And I know you’d do the same for anyone I recommended to you.

  • Tony Spallacci over 2 years ago

    It's always a personal experience with you. You folks make business easy.

  • Carolee Lamarre over 2 years ago

    Being local and friendly is very important to me. Whenever I stop in, no matter how busy they are, everyone stops what they are doing and says hi! If the person you need is in the middle of something (Hilliary) she will always stop and take care of me. And of course all the good things you are doing for the community! And don't forget those great rates that I got on my car and renters insurance!!

  • Maureen Eaton over 2 years ago

    You found us the correct insurance for us personally and have always been there if we have had questions.

  • Bruce Gross over 2 years ago

    Thank you for all u do. You go way above and beyond. VERY friendly service and advice. Would highly recommend to others.

  • Ruth Law over 2 years ago

    Good customer service.

  • Paige Meyers over 2 years ago

    Any problem has been fixed with no hassle. Customer support is phenomenal. Someone answers the phone every time we call. Best insurance agency I have ever dealt with in 40 years.

  • Craig Babson-Smith over 2 years ago

    I am very happy with the staff that you've assembled at Paradiso insurance. They are courteous, respectful and diligent. That goes a long way.

  • Walker Greeno over 2 years ago

    We have been a commercial client for 9 years now and have had excellent customer service the entire time. Day, night or weekend, Paradiso has been there for us.

  • Luis Arboleda over 2 years ago

    Great customer service and everything was explained properly to me no surprises.

  • Timothy Cromwell over 2 years ago

    Saved me on Car and Homeowners Insurance plus it helps to like the folks you work with. Chris Paradiso is a class act.

  • Cathy Bradway over 2 years ago

    Customer service is excellent. Any issues are always quickly resolved when you ask for help.

  • Andrew Coleman over 2 years ago

    Very knowledgeable with home and auto policies. They are always looking to save customers money on policies while providing excellent customer service.

  • Diane Brand over 2 years ago

    Always a pleasure to deal with and fast responses.

  • Emil Santia over 2 years ago

    Very helpful an thorough insurance agent, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs insurance

  • Thomas Green over 2 years ago

    Very courteous and pleasant to deal with. Took care of my needs promptly. Hillary did a great job!

  • Mark George over 2 years ago

    Highly recommend Paradiso Insurance, they are very helpful, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

  • Shauna Pinkham over 2 years ago

    Attention to detail...just as simple as shooting out a call to check in and make sure we haven't made any changes to adjust our plan. It's much appreciated!

  • Fred Leone over 2 years ago

    You are simply the best around and try to get me the best rates every renewal.

  • Ross Davis over 2 years ago

    A very helpful insurance company.

  • Kathleen Fisher over 2 years ago

    I have been very satisfied with the service provided by Paradiso Insurance.

  • Brooke DeLorge over 2 years ago

    Tanya is awesome and always makes sure i’m happy and satisfied, and all my questions have been answered right away.

  • Peter Alder over 2 years ago

    I have found all aspects of your services Excellent

  • Patricia Luetjan over 2 years ago

    You are always fast and accurate with my COI requests!

  • Divino Dacunha over 2 years ago

    Hi Chris , thanks for professional expertise on my insurances needs, I couldn't more happier.

  • Salvatore Cantone over 2 years ago

    Great customer service.

  • Evelyn Cortes over 2 years ago

    Very good rates on my insurance.

  • Michelle Grasseschi over 2 years ago

    Nothing is ever perfect, but the entire staff's ability to correct any issues that arise from time to time with complete professionalism and a smile has won me over as client. They have and will continue to receive all my business.

  • Anthony Bochicchio over 2 years ago

    We have been customers of Paradiso Insurance since it's inception. They handle all our insurance needs. We have always been extremely happy with everything they do for us. We would recommend them wholeheartedly for any insurance related needs you may have.

  • Diane Dungey over 2 years ago

    We have found Paradiso Insurance has always met our insurance needs over the years. Customer service, very friendly, and knowledgeable.

  • Donna Adams over 2 years ago

    Great service, and very knowledgeable!

  • Jeff Cavar over 2 years ago

    Exceptional customer service.

  • Steve Briggs over 2 years ago

    You answer you cell phone when I call you or get back to me. In this day and age, I appreciate when you can get that kind of direct service.

  • Sue Cook over 2 years ago

    Your customer service has been awesome. Your staff has been very accommodating and helpful when there has been questions. They are also very professional.

  • Bryan Frinhani over 2 years ago

    Very accommodating and friendly staff.

  • Klodjan Baho over 2 years ago

    You guys always call me couple months ahead to let me know that my renewal is due. I always get a response back if I call when you guys are busy. And every year you guys check out how to lower my insurance and raise coverage. Keep up the good work and thanks for your service Thank you.

  • Alice Houston over 2 years ago

    You spoke intelligently to my office assistant who was taking care of my affairs when i was traveling.

  • Carl Impelluso over 2 years ago

    You always put the customers needs and interest first as well as keep me informed.

  • Jose Campos over 2 years ago

    I've been going to Paradiso Insurance for years and they have always provided the most attentive and responsive customer service and the best coverage policy options available at competitive prices. I've been told by friends how much they pay for their insurance policies and it just reinforces the fact that I don't think there are too many better options than Paradiso Insurance's offerings!

  • Kimberly Hockla over 2 years ago

    We have always had great customer service with Paradiso Insurance whenever we have had questions or have needed to make changes to our policies.

  • Rena Jacobs over 2 years ago

    Wonderful customer service. Feels like working with family.

  • Dean Bourbeau over 2 years ago

    Always helpful on the phone. I call frequently with annoying questions.

  • Nicholas Klecak over 2 years ago

    Super convenient and always very helpful ! The Klecak family has been doing business with both your insurance and your law firm for years now, and it is always a pleasure to know that we have the BEST in our corner!

  • Ivelisse Henry over 2 years ago

    You’ve shopped around for us to find the best deal.

  • John Grimaldi over 2 years ago

    Always helpful and friendly! Works to keep rates as low as possible.

  • Nina Nguyen over 2 years ago

    Great customer service!

  • Matthew Guasta over 2 years ago

    Paradiso Insurance throws great parties.

  • Michael Sypher over 2 years ago

    You were able to find us homeowner's insurance at a time when we were not able to find any due to two unforeseeable claims (hot water tank burst & burglary) we were forced to make against our previous policy.

  • Sherry Strickland over 2 years ago

    Paradiso Insurance was very helpful and always has been in the past. That is why I continue to go back to them.

  • Jon Becker over 2 years ago

    Always helpful and friendly when dealing with staff.

  • Lisa Montgomery over 2 years ago

    You were able to give me a quote quickly and your representatives were kind and courteous. (And you saved me money!)

  • Molly Anderson over 2 years ago

    Everyone in the office knows what they are doing! And you are all SO sweet, and personable! That's something I truly cherish and appreciate!! Thank you for taking wonderful care of me!

  • Reanna Goodreau over 2 years ago

    Staff is friendly and helpful when I call or email. I feel that I'm getting honest answers and advice.

  • Walter Gill over 2 years ago

    We appreciate your fast markdown on our drivers discount made to our account for taking the senior driving test. That was so quick. Thanks very much..

  • Lisa Graves over 2 years ago

    Great follow through and quick service. Love Dori!

  • Tina Mihaliak over 2 years ago

    Friendly and professional .

  • Patrick Soucy over 2 years ago

    Always able to help with any of our insurance needs quickly and efficiently. Takes a lot of stress off us.

  • Louis Soteriou over 2 years ago

    Paradiso Insurance's customer service is second to none.

  • David Gerson over 2 years ago

    Great response when we needed help with coverage for major water damage.

  • Andre Garant over 2 years ago

    You have amazing customer service! People like Dori are fantastic to work with!

  • George Melnick over 2 years ago

    Saved us money from our previous policy.

  • Anabela Xavier over 2 years ago

    Superb customer service, each and every time, with all their staff! Comparison quotes are run for you sometimes without you even requesting it--so you can always be an informed consumer! Trustworthy, fantastic staff and fast, reliable service!

  • Gary Kendrick over 2 years ago

    Whenever we call everyone is glad to help us; no one at Paradiso ever seems to be having a bad day.

  • Lynzie-Rose Koutsopoulos over 2 years ago

    The customer service is wonderful! I deal and speak with Hillary a lot, and she is very helpful. I don’t plan on switching insurance, because I can always count on Paradiso Insurance to take care of everything.

  • John Cepiel over 2 years ago

    I appreciated the picnic that Paradiso offered in the summer, and I appreciate the little details like remembering my birthday and other things that make it personal. Thank you, Helena

  • Anne Janiak over 2 years ago

    Best run office I have ever seen. Helpful beyond expectation.

  • Antje Jacobs-Ultee over 2 years ago

    Very helpful.

  • Lori Giedraitis over 2 years ago

    Very competent and always there when I have a question!!!

  • Juanita Hart over 2 years ago

    Extremely helpful .

  • Benjamin Hecker over 2 years ago

    Very welcoming with letters, and they meet all my needs for my apartment insurance.

  • Marilyn Rothman over 2 years ago

    Stephanie and her team are always knowledgeable, professional, quick to respond and fun to work with! - Colleen Riggott at Rothman Real Estate, LLC

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