About John Smith: I love to help people and businesses understand the nuisances of insurance. From what they are buying to what might be right for their lives to what it costs. I consider myself to be a teacher in that respect.

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  • Susan Blom 10 months ago

    1 star because you have to in order to review. I was first contacted on March 25, 2019, by a woman via email, for my approval to remove my name from the homeowner's policy I own with my ex-husband. She wanted permission to remove my name from the homeowner's policy. I replied this is the first I heard of any of this and I needed proof that there would be insurance on the home as I was still indeed on the mortgage deed. My ex-husband was supposed to have my name off of the deed/mortgage a year ago; he did not. At any rate, this came as a complete surprise to me. My response was I did not know anything about the home insurance and would not give my consent to take my name off the policy until I knew there was another insurance policy on it because as of now, I am responsible for the mortgage if something should happen to my ex-husband per the Mortgage company. Here is the problem. This woman never got back to me, so I again emailed her regarding any updates on this issue on March 29, 19. Then she said she did not know what was going on with this issue and to contact my ex-husband. I said he does not discuss anything with me or talk to me. Therefore, I said to her can this be escalated to management because you do not know how to handle this? She gave me the email of a manager, and I emailed him on March 25 and 29, 19, hoping for some information on this issue. I emailed him the following, which I know he received because I got back a "email read receipt" in my inbox. I wrote: "I have not heard anything further on this. May I ask what is going on? I am in the dark about all of this, and would like an update in reference to this issue as it involves my name and I have not heard anything further from your office during the last week. As far as leaving it up to my ex-husband to contact me, that will not happen as we don't speak after our divorce. I do not tolerate being uninformed on the subject of my affairs, and this is not appropriate business ethic behavior from any of the parties involved. He ignored me completely! After waiting patiently because I realize people do get busy at work, I tried again after 5 days, April 3, 19. Again, I was completely ignored by him. I wrote: . "It's been 5 days. Any updates on this issue? I thought passing this onto management would give me more information." Feeling like I am being profoundly mistreated by this man to which I had done nothing to encourage this behavior by, or ever even met or spoke to, I again wrote on April 4, 19: "I am being ignored and reporting the lack of your business ethic to a customer to several agencies and also placing my comments online. I have not contacted that office since. I STILL do not know what is going on. I did not want other women to be treated as I have been by this company. In this current environment, most women are not simply going to sit back and be treated this way by an a person that has an "authoritative male position" in a company. I deserve just as much respect as I offered him and will absolutely under any circumstances allow myself to be treated this way. How would you like to be treated? There is profound lack of communication, no respect offered to the policy holder, and lack of ethics and business morals as far as I have experienced. Ignoring a policy holder completely is absolutely and incomprehensibly RUDE! I was, and am, astonished at my treatment by this man. I am an intelligent, educated and talented woman in my public and private life and HAVE morals and ethics, especially within my business setting. Most people would be fired for this treatment of a customer.

  • John Wood about 1 year ago

    Fantastic customer service. I was in Purgatory--a.k.a The City of Newburgh Department of Motor Vehicles, and there was a dot missing or a comma or whatever and they were ready to reject my whole pile of BS paperwork to register my commercial truck. I called WA Smith and Jack and Cathy literally dropped what they were doing, I heard the poor man sigh as I do when I have to do the same, and corrected and immediately faxed over the insurance certificate to the DMV. Otherwise, it would have been three and a half hours completely wasted.

  • Dr Brooks over 1 year ago

    Very responsive and helpful staff from top to bottom. All questions reviewed and researched in detail. Great service that you don't experience every day.

  • Hilda Robinson over 1 year ago

    I have been with This company for years and have been very satisfied completely. Dawn is always wonderful and always helpful. Susan Greer was great in getting everything done and quickly. Thank you for always making sure you give me the best service

  • Jennifer Nolan about 2 years ago

    My experience with Christine is always a pleasure! She always gets right back to me with answers. She has made selecting insurance that much less stressful for me! She is very thorough about explaining everything to me and making sure that I understand what I am selecting and double checking that I am selecting the appropriate health coverage for my living situation and health. I am grateful! Thank you!

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