Companies represented: Erie Insurance, Grange Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Western Reserve Insurance, State Auto Insurance, MetLife Insurance, Donegal Insurance, MAPFE Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Foremost Insurance, American Modern Insurance

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  • auto-insurance
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  • Barbara Propes about 2 months ago

    Jerilynn, She was so patient with me, she helped with getting me lower rates. Thank you Barbara Propes

  • Mark Faust 3 months ago

    Chip goes through walls to help clients. He ranks in the top 1% for customer service attitude, office efficiency and results. He and his team have always delivered. - Mark Faust 513-621-8000

  • Zach Meister 3 months ago

    Very very helpful, very fast responses and gives you an option to choose what you want! Price was best around, and they are very respectful! HIGHLY recommend

  • Sarah Kirker 3 months ago

    Working with you is always quick and easy. I feel like I am well taken care of.

  • Gregory Carson 4 months ago

    Premiums are low and coverage is great, what more is there to say,

  • Steve Armsey 4 months ago

    You are great with the follow up at renewal time. I appreciate that very much.

  • Roger Hamilton 4 months ago

    Always there to answer any questions and recommending the best and most economical way to go

  • Jeff Dollar 4 months ago

    Great to work with, Chip pays attention to detail and Jeri Lynn says "this isnt my first rodeo". Good folks.

  • Gary Jacobs 6 months ago

    You are always very quick to respond to any emails I have ever sent in. Normally within an hour or 2 and never more than 24 hours. Keep up the good work.

  • John Thaller 6 months ago

    excellent service, very precise quotes, i would highly recomme CHIP and ERIE insurance

  • Barbara Propes 8 months ago

    I do know if I needed Chip Berry Insurance their there for me. Always had great results with this insurance they have a great reputation with me. Thank You Barbara Propes

  • John Dexter 8 months ago

    I can count on you to keep me current and provide prompt service.

  • James Penlon 8 months ago

    Everyone has been great and easy to work with. Great rates as well!

  • Bryan Behrmann 8 months ago

    Chip Berry Insurance offers competitive rates and is very responsive to your needs when life happens and you need to file a claim or need information.

  • Phyllis Bare 8 months ago

    Very friendly and caring Staff...Jeri Lynn is wonderful and great to work with. Chip and his company is always looking out for what is best for me and my needs. If you haven't given him a chance to look over your insurance you are loosing out. Thanks guys for all you do..

  • Kathy Kincaid 9 months ago

    When I needed new insurance they were very quick in responding and gave me an excellent quote.

  • Ralph Heyne 9 months ago

    The young lady I speak to on the phone is very nice and very helpful anytime I call in.

  • Donald Bauer 9 months ago

    I had no interaction with Chip Berry, although I wanted to ask him if he was Chuck Berry;s grandson. But Jeri Lynn Radner is wonderful. She took excellent care of me.

  • Bryan Shaw 10 months ago

    Very easy to work with, and a seem less transition.

  • Laura Marques 10 months ago

    Chip Berry always proves to be there we needed. His staff is well equipped to help with any issues that may arise. They are all profession and courteous. I have had my insurance with Berry Insurance for years, and have no reason to look elsewhere!!

  • Steve Armsey 10 months ago

    I had business coverage through another agent. You reviewed my coverage and found equal coverage at a better premium.

  • Marc Oria Alonso 10 months ago

    Chip Berry Insurance it’s a very truthful company. We feel very confortable with them because they really undertand what are our needs providing us with the best insurances and prices we ever had. It’s really a blessing having them in charge of our insurance.

  • Joseph Brown 11 months ago

    Very responsive to my needs. Very courteous and helpful staff.

  • Brent Grunow 11 months ago

    Chip and his team are amazing.

  • Scott Miller 11 months ago

    Good evening... Key points that you did right - Made immediate and consistent contact. When there were questions, they were answered. A big sense of confidence when working several hundred miles away. Regards, Scott

  • Sean Buschmann 11 months ago

    Chip, his team and company are excellent. They go above and beyond any insurance provider and agent I have ever had, both personally and professionally.

  • Tim Miller 11 months ago

    Chip and Jeri Lynn have been very responsive to our needs and are proactive with regard to our needs. I highly recommend their service.

  • Nathan Hirt 11 months ago

    Good at finding rates, personable, available for questions, and Gosh darn it, we just like you.

  • Todd Hague 12 months ago

    We appreciate the personal interaction and attention to detail. We feel we have friend looking out for our best interest in our insurance. Thank you!

  • Betsy Tenbosch 12 months ago

    Readily answer my questions and help me make decisions on insurance

  • Melissa Drury 12 months ago

    They are always quick to respond and follow through on any needed items. I know I can count on them!

  • Kevin Armstrong 12 months ago

    Chip Berry Insurance has been very helpful not only to me but to my clients as well. Good courteous service is the norm.

  • Joseph Brown 12 months ago

    Very responsive. Immediate needs met. Very informative.

  • Bob Scarborough 12 months ago

    I recently received a quote from Costco regarding my auto and homeowners insurance. Chip saved my over $200 on my auto and $135 on my annual policy. I highly recommend Chip Berry Insurance!

  • Kelly Arnott 12 months ago

    Questions answered very quickly, and a personable touch

  • Tim Miller about 1 year ago

    I appreciate you thinking outside the box to come up with plan recommendations that fit our needs. In addition, you have outstanding follow up.

  • Brian Coppolino about 1 year ago

    Chip and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. We know we can rely on them!

  • Todd Hague about 1 year ago

    Quick response. Genuine human feedback. I feel like we work together on the best possible coverage and solutions.

  • Bob Scarborough about 1 year ago

    Outstanding customer focused service. Chip is extremely knowledgeable and is driven to get my wife and I fantastic coverage and rates.

  • Christopher Hahn about 1 year ago

    Chip always has our best interests in mind. Very thorough to make sure we have the best plan for our needs and saves us money as.well !

  • Roger Hamilton about 1 year ago

    You always have taken care my needs, it's that simple.

  • Kimberley Daugherty about 1 year ago


  • Michael Domenick about 1 year ago

    Face to face availability is key and you guys provide that!

  • James Penlon about 1 year ago

    Great communication great prices

  • Christine Prespare about 1 year ago

    Chip Berry and Chip Berry Insurance brings expertise to any insurance matter. He and his company are not afraid to do the hard work, and their customer service is excellent!

  • Joseph Brown about 1 year ago

    Has always been very responsive and helpful with both my personal and business policies.

  • Brian Coppolino about 1 year ago

    Responsiveness, valuable guidance, and ease of doing business.

  • Kevin Armstrong about 1 year ago

    Chip and his staff are always on top of things for both myself and my clients. They work hard to make sure I have the coverage I need. I will continue to refer people because I know they will be treated the same way I am.

  • Laura Marques about 1 year ago

    Chip Berry Insurance always works hard to give their clients the best coverage possible. The staff is always helpful and understanding. Working with them makes my life easier!

  • Lisa Kling over 1 year ago

    Chip Berry Insurance is always looking out for me. I highly recommend them.

  • Jane Butschie over 1 year ago

    Quick, easy to work with, and patient.

  • Kerry James over 1 year ago

    Great constant communication. Always looking for the best options at the best value.

  • Steve Armsey over 1 year ago

    Once the initial coverages were established, Chip makes it easy when renewal time comes around..

  • Connie Kinney over 1 year ago

    Chip Berry Insurance found me a great rate and are always available if I need assistance.

  • Gregory Carson over 1 year ago

    You helped me with a commercial need which my old agent could not provide and then you saved me money with better coverage.

  • Russell Breitfelder over 1 year ago

    Fielded all my questions...which was a lot. Very helpful and friendly!!! Found things I couldn't on my own.

  • Scott Goodin over 1 year ago

    Right from the start, your company has been very quick with getting answers to my questions and insurance needs, for my small business. . I truly appreciate and value the quality service you've provided us over the years. .Keep up the good work . . Take care and God Bless ! !

  • John Thaller over 1 year ago

    I was very happy with the service I received from Chip Berry. I was having a good deal of issues getting my previous insurance company to deal with some additional insurance my client required. In somewhat of a rushed fashion, I came on to Chip's name via my homeowners insurance agent and called Chip to see if he could help. Within days, I had a complete proposal for all the various insurances I needed for my business, which were then completely acceptable to my client. I went forward with these policies and they are now all in place, in time. I went ahead and canceled my relationship with my prior insurance representative, and will now deal with Chip who was a complete pleasure to work with and met all my needs.

  • Heidi Pasqualetti over 1 year ago

    We love Chip Berry Insurance for our auto and homeowners insurance! Not only do they provide excellent service, but we love the fact that Chip will work with us to find the best, affordable insurance for our needs.

  • Cathy Stivers over 1 year ago

    You always are there to help us if we just have a guestion or a problem we need help with. If you aren't there you call us back shortly. That means a lot now a days.

  • Melissa Drury over 1 year ago

    We have had a wonderful experience with the Chip Berry Insurance Agency. We had to make our first claim and all went very smooth. They quickly processed the claim and we understood each step. Not surprising because when we needed to add a new driver, things were quickly take care of. They are always knowledgeable and really look for the best plan that fits your needs. They have always given us good advice and direction. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Give them a chance to earn your business!

  • Tim Miller over 1 year ago

    We appreciate you being PROACTIVE, rather than reactive. Thanks for your work!

  • Bryan Lally over 1 year ago

    Communication and pricing is spot on!

  • Sean Buschmann over 1 year ago

    Chip Berry Insuramce always goes above and beyond. They understand me and my business and can proactively recommend improvements to my coverages. They are also great at recommending ways to minimize my exposure to liabilities.

  • Joseph Brown over 1 year ago

    Always responsive to my needs in a timely manner. Helpful when I have had questikns.

  • Wyvona Hunkler over 1 year ago

    Always friendly and helpful

  • Bob Scarborough over 1 year ago

    Chip is customer focused. His warm and welcoming personality are constant both in his office and on the phone. Chip is immediately responsive to our needs. His job knowledge and tenacity to securing the correct policy(s) for his clients are second to none. I highly recommend Chip’s agency both to potential customers, friends and family members.

  • Kelly Arnott over 1 year ago

    When I had totalled my car and had not of insurance hoops to go through and medical claims- you guys made it very easy to get things done and we're very attentive in my many questions.

  • Jocelyn Fairchild over 1 year ago

    Always finding the best deals on insurance and going the extra mile to make sure we have exactly what we need

  • William Moran over 1 year ago

    I changed both my Homeowners and Car Insurance to Chip Berry Insurance and couldn’t be more pleased. He worked to find me the best coverage and rates. First class service!

  • Roger Hamilton over 1 year ago

    Always took care of any questions i had with my policy right away, and are very easy to work with.

  • Don Shuller over 1 year ago

    Found great pricing quickly and easily.

  • Michael Domenick over 1 year ago

    Excellent communication, very prompt response to any concerns or questions

  • Steve Armsey over 1 year ago

    You assisted me with my business insurance with the coverage I need and at a better price than I had before!

  • Phyllis Bare over 1 year ago

    I tell everyone about Chip Berry Insurance.. They really care about your needs and making sure they take care of you in the best way possible....If you are shopping around shop no more. Call them today....The support staff is amazing also. Thanks Jeri.

  • Brian Coppolino over 1 year ago

    Prompt service, simple and straightforward easy to understand guidance.

  • Kevin Armstrong over 1 year ago

    Chip and his staff has always been there for myself and my firm.

  • Bryan Shaw almost 2 years ago

    Fast service, no bs. Got it done quickly

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