About Allen Drew: I own a Farmers Insurance agency in Edmond, Oklahoma. One of the Top 50 Best Places to live according to Money Magazine! My staff and I help individuals and families with their personal insurance needs such as life insurance, home and auto too, of course. We also help business owners with their insurance needs. Specifically small business owners with under 100 employees.

Insurance Products Offered

  • Workers Comp
  • commercial
  • Auto
  • Life
  • Home


  • Jacob Acosta 7 months ago

    Josh, is transparent and very through. I remember when I bought my house he actually went to the location and checked it out and gave me recommendations for coverage that likely fit my needs. I can’t thank him or the Team at Farmers enough. ~Jacob.

  • Donald Shepherd 7 months ago

    All around good service great and knowable. Always answer the phone or call you back to complete the issuse

  • John Loesel 8 months ago

    You all are very competitive on price and offer a ‘no-nonsense’ approach that many others could take note from.

  • Gayle Langston 9 months ago

    Josh takes time with me an goes out of his way to help me. He’s the best!

  • Anna Heath 9 months ago

    Always goes above and beyond for all my needs. I never feel rushed and everyone is always super friendly. Great team!

  • Candy Staring 9 months ago

    Quality service and reasonable rates are the cornerstones that keep us using Farmers.

  • Brian Tatro 9 months ago

    Always willing to answer questions and outstanding customer services by all of your staff.

  • Howard Williams 9 months ago

    Have always gotten my questions answered promptly, and have made my renewal payments easily by telephone.

  • Justin Kimmel 9 months ago

    Kept my rates to a minimum and helped find the rate coverage that fits for me.

  • Karla Bitting 9 months ago

    Most insurance companies just send you a policy and the price and say, "Here ya go, take it or leave it." No help in saving you money or if you have the coverage you need or don't need. Allen Drew's Agency brings you in the office and suggests ways to save money but making sure you have what you need. An insurance company I had for many years wouldn't negotiate a policy on my new home. Farmers saved me over $1000 for a year. I don't recall any insurance agency in the past offering to meet with me to look out for MY benefit. Thank you Allen and Josh for treating me like a Queen.

  • Deborah Stringfellow 9 months ago

    Always have timely responses to my needs or questions.

  • Scott Withington 10 months ago

    Excellent service. I am not a phone person, the majority of my communications on a professional level are via email. My requests and questions are always answered quickly and completely.

  • Joshua Drew 10 months ago

    The Agent and his staff are pro-active in offering advice and services. Whether it's during a Claim or simply reviewing coverage, they will go above and beyond. The service of the Allen Drew Agency is why I will never switch. Allen, Nyla, Teresa, and Josh are all great. I like that anyone can help me when I call. It's like a family! Highly recommend!

  • Maria Pando 10 months ago

    great communication with clients.

  • david calvert 10 months ago

    They have been very helpful over the years on any questions or claims I have had!

  • Geraldine Franklin 10 months ago

    I have been with Allen Drew Insurance Agency for over 15 years. I am completely satisfied with their service. I feel they genuinely care and I never have to wait when I need help and I am always satisfied with the response. Thank you Allen Drew Insurance Agency .

  • Dianna Richmond 10 months ago

    Always there to help when we need something

  • James Cade 10 months ago

    Never had any problems when I contact them for help. Any issues resolved quickly!

  • Donald Southerland 10 months ago

    You always answer my questions in a timely manner. I feel insurance is insurance and pricing won’t be that different among you but customer service is very important to us

  • Kathleen Di Russo 10 months ago

    Your office responds to our calls and Questions Quickly. We don't feel neglected or over looked. Not just a number after we sign on the dottrd line. Thank you for the great service, Kathy Di Russo

  • David Calvert 10 months ago

    You guys always take great care of me.

  • Rick Embrey 10 months ago

    Awesome customer service, promptness, and follow up.

  • Dawn Spencer 10 months ago

    You stay in touch in some form and fashion

  • Clarence Evans 10 months ago

    You were interested in listening to what we had to say about our needs, not just trying to sell us as much as you could. When the wind blew down a 70 ft tree onto our property the claim was handled quick and efficiently. We value you as our agent!

  • Karrie Dennis 10 months ago

    Always prompt, courteous & extremely helpful. Very pleased with this company. I would definitely recommend.

  • Aubrey Mercado 10 months ago

    The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. When Allen Drew took over, he worked with me personally to lower my insurance bill and still ensure my interests were covered. Very personable and someone I believe I can trust.

  • Justina Meixner 11 months ago

    Allen is an amazing person, very concerned about helping you get what you need.

  • Monty Lieurance 11 months ago

    Competitive, knowledgeable about their products, friendly and appreciates my business, available anytime and good Oklahomans and Edmondites.

  • Donald Dennis 11 months ago

    Always prompt, courteous & extremely helpful. Very pleased with this company.

  • Vicki Helsley 11 months ago

    Always helpful and knowledgeable about insurance and recommends what is best for the client.

  • Juan Trinidad 11 months ago

    always helpful with my insurance questions.

  • Michael Mitscher over 1 year ago

    Very responsive and easy to work with.

  • Michael Mathews over 1 year ago

    Allen Drew agency have always been very quick at answering any and all of my questions. They are VERY friendly and I do not receive emails from them every day like I did from my other insurance company.

  • Janice Martin over 1 year ago

    Drew and his staff offer good and prompt follow thru on any issues we have had over the past few years. They accurately care that I am happy with their policies.

  • Trina Waller over 1 year ago

    You and your team are always quick to get back with us on any question we may have. You aren’t like other insurance agencies and really make us feel valued and you are always there to help us, when needed. We wouldn’t want our insurance with any other person/company.

  • Howard Williams over 1 year ago

    Prompt acting when I have questions and akways someone to answer the phone when you call.

  • Jacob Bailey over 1 year ago

    Without us asking, you reviewed our policies and found ways to lower our premiums.

  • Justin Kimmel over 1 year ago

    Very pleased.. saved me money with same coverage and explained to me how I could further lower my rates.

  • Linda Nichols over 1 year ago

    You always find great insurance at the lowest price!

  • Eddith Larsen over 1 year ago

    Anytime I call for any reason I end up getting a response in a very timely manner. Very pleasant staff, have never been met with a grumpy person there, they are always willing to help.

  • Amber McClain over 1 year ago

    I really appreciate Josh inviting us to the office to go over policy options and helping us choose the right coverage for our circumstances.

  • Joshua Drew over 1 year ago

    I am kept up to date regarding any changes, and I'm also contacted prior to my renewals. The service and availability of the Agent and his team is unmatched.

  • Dianna Richmond over 1 year ago

    Always informing me of changes and things will will benefit us

  • Geraldine Franklin over 1 year ago

    Farmers is always helpful and ready to respond to questions. I have requested information and received it very expeditiously. I am very satisfied with the customer service.

  • Mary Hintergardt over 1 year ago

    Very friendly. And there if I have any questions. Always willing to help.

  • Maria Pando over 1 year ago

    You guys are always there for us. You always have an answer to our question. Great customer service.

  • James Cade over 1 year ago

    Quick and courteous service everyone I’ve called them: I’ve never been disappointed when I called to make a change or ask a question.

  • Jenny Allen over 1 year ago

    You guys have always taken good care of me and have showed me why an agent is so important to have.

  • David Calvert over 1 year ago

    you guys take great care of me. always looking out to give me info on any changes or suggestions on changes to my policies i should look at. always been very responsive to any claims or questions i may have.

  • Donald Edmonds over 1 year ago

    You are always prompt when needed and very knowledgeable about your service, You are always ahead of the situation and takes the worry off our shoulders.

  • Summer Chain over 1 year ago

    You and your team always call before renewal to see if we want to make any changes.

  • Sherry Ficken over 1 year ago

    Agent listened attentively it our questions and thoroughly discussed options.

  • Janna Garner over 1 year ago

    I have absolutely no complaints, only praises!! From the moment I got my first piece of mail and called for a quote many years ago till now, I have gotten exceptionally good service!! You are the only insurance provider we have ever had or heard of that will call to tell how we can lower our premiums yet go up in coverage!! We have referred anyone we can to you and will continue to do so!! Thank you so very much!! God bless always!!!

  • Monty Lieurance over 1 year ago

    friendly knowledgeable staff, complete coverage explained, good follow up if I have a claim i'm sure I will be well taken care of jelly beans were a little stale!!

  • Vicki Helsley over 1 year ago

    Knowledgeable, nice people to work with.

  • John Hebblethwaite over 1 year ago

    Open, friendly and helpful.

  • Robert Adair over 1 year ago

    It's very early in the relationship, but so far, your team has been admirable. As I've mentioned, the proof will come someday when a claim is made; the quickness of response, the care and payment. Thanks.

  • Calena Groves over 1 year ago

    I like the way you are always looking after my insurance needs and making sure I am not purchasing something I don't need! Thank you!

  • Lisa Simpson over 1 year ago

    Good rates & excellent customer service!

  • Andrew Westerman over 1 year ago

    We love working with an agent that knows his customers and is willing to help us craft a plan that suits, and changes with, our needs. The level of friendliness and service from Allen Drew and his staff is beyond compare.

  • Israel Ramos over 1 year ago

    If we have questions regarding our policies your office staff is always very helpful and friendly and answer all of our questions or concerns!

  • Rebecca Grau over 1 year ago

    Great phone service.

  • Heather Bradford over 1 year ago

    We love our agent, Allen! His staff is pretty awesome as well:)!!!

  • Donald Shepherd over 1 year ago

    It machelle and how she listen and so willing to help you

  • Cheryl Kelch over 1 year ago

    Good detailed explanations.

  • Jennifer Shipley over 1 year ago

    Helped us lower our homeowners insurance rate by a substantial amount and retained the same amount of coverage.

  • Kay Drew over 1 year ago

    You help people understand insurance and what fits their needs.

  • Gary Childers over 1 year ago

    Made the process of a new roof after a storm very easy. Very satisfied

  • Krista Welch over 1 year ago

    Everyone is always very helpful. We have never had a bad experience with anyone at the Allen Drew insurance agency.

  • Suzann Olah over 1 year ago

    the quick response to any questions I might have and my cost of my total packages of coverage.

  • Don Beam over 1 year ago

    Allen and staff always provide excellent service and are professional and helpful.

  • Nathan Johns over 1 year ago

    The staff have always been helpful when I have called into the office.

  • Jana Johnson over 1 year ago

    You aren't pushy. You let me decide things I might need and I'll ask questions.

  • David Dunn over 1 year ago

    Questions are answered promptly. Calls are returned quickly and not rushed. Any advice given is accompanied by explanation and what the repercussions might be depending on the situation that might apply.

  • Anna Heath over 1 year ago

    Love Love Love Michelle. She has always been there for me and able to answer any questions I throw her way. An excellent part of your company!

  • Bill Oakes over 1 year ago

    just really good service and response

  • Matthew Guarnieri almost 2 years ago

    Sorry I meant to hit 10. Always AD Agency has responded expeditiously to my inquires and requests for information regarding my home and auto policies. In addition, turn time for claims were handled immediately upon my call. Our thanks to Allen and his amazing staff!! MG

  • Anna Heath almost 2 years ago

    Love Love Love Michelle. She has always been there for me and able to answer any questions I throw her way. An excellent part of your company!

  • Donna Weatherford almost 2 years ago

    You all are like family, You all take the time to be thoughtful and help us in what is best for our family.

  • Darren Tepe almost 2 years ago

    The entire staff is very helpful, honest and patient. They make you feel like you’re part of the family.

  • Craig Culbertson almost 2 years ago

    Allen and his staff care about their customers. Allen takes time to explain insurance coverages in a kind and friendly manner.

  • Marydith Harris almost 2 years ago

    Everyone I have talked with has been professional, kind, and shown they are invested in the best possible outcome for my situation.

  • Jalil Sohrabi almost 2 years ago

    Mr. Drew is always there when we need him and is extremely helpful and kind.

  • Ron Osterholt almost 2 years ago

    The entire staff is always very courteous and prompt with any questions or information I may ask for. They have a customer for life

  • Joy Hamilton almost 2 years ago

    A real person (usually Michelle) answers the phone and solves the problem or answers the question. Good rates...very competitive with other companies. Keep up the great work of caring for your customers. Lonnie and Joy Hamilton

  • Darla Chitsey almost 2 years ago

    Allen and everyone in his office have always been very helpful. Have worked with him for years!

  • Kathy Wright almost 2 years ago

    You have always been there for me.

  • Lyle Clark almost 2 years ago

    Answered all of my questions and very patient while I processed everything. You were very helpful.

  • Scarlett Bowman almost 2 years ago

    The staff at this agency are caring, professional, and accessible. I would recommend them to family and friends but, generally, do not volunteer recommendations unless asked . . . hence, the 9 rating vs. a 10 on probability of making such a recommendation..

  • Cheryl Aspy almost 2 years ago

    Very responsive to needs and concerns

  • George Dykes almost 2 years ago

    Farmers insurance in and of itself seems a little pricey, however the customer service provided by the Allen Drew agency is outstanding and they are always very helpful when contacted and always looking to see if we can save money or if we need to realign our benefits for outside influential changes.

  • Michael Deason almost 2 years ago

    You have excellent customer service. No matter who I deal with in your office, I always appreciate the time and effort that is spent to help me. Everyone in there always has a great attitude and a smile on their faces.

  • April Vaughan almost 2 years ago

    Easy to call and ask questions.

  • John Knight almost 2 years ago

    Quick responses by agency. Allen is available.

  • Carol Miller almost 2 years ago

    I like the people in the agency I use. They are very on top of things and always helpful.

  • April Holuby almost 2 years ago

    Your agency stays on top of things! I never have to ask for discount checks, new proofs, or anything. When discounts apply to me, you add them, when my policy renews, you send me the paperwork. I never have to call for anything other than to make my payment!

  • Janice Martin almost 2 years ago

    You and your staff work hard to keep pricing down and keep the paperwork in line. Your staff goes out of its way to make sure we are happy.

  • Scott Foust almost 2 years ago

    Allen Drew tries to save me money and keeps me informed about my policies.

  • Mary McDonald almost 2 years ago

    you spent time with me and answered all my questions and offer information

  • Ron Graham almost 2 years ago

    Michelle is wonderful. I like it that I can walk in and ask any questions. Michelle also had us in and helped use save some money on our home insurance.

  • Eddith Larsen almost 2 years ago

    Always available

  • Joshua Drew almost 2 years ago

    Valuable knowledge and advice, as well as service.

  • Mary Hintergardt almost 2 years ago

    Very friendly and helpful

  • Dianna Richmond almost 2 years ago

    Allen has always taking care of any needs that I have when I call him in a timely manner. I like the fact that he will talk with you and not have to deal with the other staff. Nothing wrong with them I just like talking to the head person.

  • Amanda Collins almost 2 years ago


  • James Cade almost 2 years ago

    Great customer service, no hassle or surprises either time I️ had to make a claim.

  • Harry Tahsequah almost 2 years ago

    There is always someone who can help when I call for questions regarding my insurance.

  • Professor Hefner almost 2 years ago

    I appreciate that they take the time to do a thorough review of my policies each year and are willing to spend the time with me to go over any changes. This year's review resulted in a savings of $600 on my homeowner's policy with added coverage! They definitely make it worth the 30 minute drive from south Oklahoma City.

  • Donald Edmonds almost 2 years ago

    They always answer the phone quickly and sound anxious to help you. They are very knowledgeable regarding everything they do. They also check with you to see if there is anything else they need to do for you. Very friendly agency. Plus he sends out new calendars for the next year, game schedules for both major colleges in the state for football and the professional basketball team in OKC.

  • Ofon Ntia almost 2 years ago

    Allen and his team are very attentive to client questions and concerns and seek resolution. As a client, I’m always informed and kept up to date on on going or resolved problems. I and my family feel like people in the hands of Allen Drew agency and not a number. This can be a daunting task when looking at a huge corporation such as Farmers Insurance, but Allen and the crew make it look easy.

  • John Orem almost 2 years ago

    Pleasure to work with, always take my calls, timely and professional response to my questions

  • Harriet Havenstrite almost 2 years ago

    Your agency and company showed an interest in my insurance issues.. thank You Harriet Havenstrite

  • Rosalyn Drew almost 2 years ago

    Really cares about the client not just selling.

  • Terry Langley almost 2 years ago

    Provided exactly what I requested.

  • Amber Hefner almost 2 years ago

    I appreciate that they take the time to do a thorough review of my policies each year and are willing to spend the time with me to go over any changes. This year's review resulted in a savings of $600 on my homeowner's policy with added coverage! They definitely make it worth the 30 minute drive from south Oklahoma City.

  • Brandie Jackson almost 2 years ago

    The Allen Drew agency always takes care of any need I have that day. Everyone in the office is extremely professional.

  • Traci Thompson almost 2 years ago

    The people at Allen Drew agency have always been friendly and helpful in taking care of my insurance needs.

  • Aubrey Mercado almost 2 years ago

    This agency makes me feel like an important part of their business, not just another name.

  • Gina Smith about 2 years ago

    Allen and everyone at the agency always does whatever they can to help, and we never feel like a bother and they get it done fast. It's the friendliest agency in town!

  • Henry McVay about 2 years ago

    Always keeping in touch with me about my coverage and making sure I have what I need but not more than I need. They keep me up to date on any changes that might benefit me.

  • Allison Ladusau about 2 years ago

    Michelle always takes great care of me

  • Elaine Edmonds about 2 years ago

    Takes very good of his costomers

  • Lin Lee about 2 years ago

    You guys are always there to answer any questions I may have or help me figure out the best way to make my policies work together.

  • Dwight Bruce about 2 years ago

    Professional service and competitive pricing.

  • Jim Joseph about 2 years ago

    Willingness to meet after hours. Knowledge of products.

  • Lisa Simpson about 2 years ago

    Everyone is very nice to work with. At our initial meeting with Joshua, he was very personable, nice, knowledgeable and explained everything to us very well. I've dealt with 3 other people in your office, & again including you, everyone has been very nice. Also we really are happy with the rates we are paying! They were significantly reduced (at least half) from our other policy that we had for about 19 years.

  • Heather Bradford about 2 years ago

    Allen is also so helpful and friendly, along with his staff!

  • Donald Shepherd about 2 years ago

    Michelle, she's a true blessing. She"s so knowable

  • Kay Payne about 2 years ago

    You are like family! We have been doing business with you for many years and you and your staff always have the answer!

  • Karen Adams about 2 years ago

    Your professionalism, kind & courteous staff. The fact that the person is important to you & your staff. The help to understsnd all the coverage we were getti g. Thanks for going the extra mile.

  • Michelle Flores about 2 years ago

    Nyla and Josh are always on top of everything that happens with my policies. They make a great team. Allen is the Best Agent ever!!!!!! You guys ROCK!

  • Krista Welch about 2 years ago

    From the first time we met Allen, we felt like long time friends. He, and his staff, have always been so kind and considerate and are always available to answer our questions.

  • Nick Wallace about 2 years ago

    You and your team have always been up front and honest with me regarding my policies and quotes, whether Farmers was the best option or not and even offering advice on policies from other companies.

  • Samer Srour about 2 years ago

    Great customer service and always trying to understand customer's concerns and accommodate policies to meet their needs...

  • Suzann Olah about 2 years ago

    Any time we had a question or a problem, Michelle was there to take of our needs on a timely and courteous manner.

  • Jennifer Nuckols about 2 years ago

    Agent and Staff are very helpful.

  • Stanley Phillips about 2 years ago

    I appreciate the opportunity to meet one on one w/ Allen. Allen provides sound advice and he understands my choices.

  • David Dunn about 2 years ago

    Always available with answers to our questions. Truthful and honest.

  • Gordon Epperly about 2 years ago

    Level of personal service. Takes time to explain my questions.. Allen never makes me feel rushed

  • Bill Oakes over 2 years ago

    Josh did a very professional job

  • Bob Diaz over 2 years ago

    Allen Drew and staff are extremely helpful, professional and work with the clients with what best meets the clients needs.

  • Matthew Guarnieri over 2 years ago

    Immediate attention was made to my concerns and were addressed accordingly in timely manner. I am very pleased with the service received.

  • Craig Culbertson over 2 years ago

    Alan is very pleasant and friendly. He also takes sufficient time to explain different insurance options. MStaff gave me a reminder call when annual payment was due which was appreciated.

  • Kristen Robinson over 2 years ago

    Our experience has been wonderful at the Allen Drew agency - they are very knowledgeable and explain everything in terms that are understandable. We get quick responses to questions and are always treated with great customer service. The agents at the front are so helpful as well - we love working with Nyla. :)

  • Dustin Walker over 2 years ago

    Allen works to find the policies (life, home, auto) that are right for me not him. He has suggest additions but he has also suggested policies to remove as our lives have changed. I depend on Allen as my honest advisor.

  • Joy Hamilton over 2 years ago

    No automated services...everything is personal...love it. You and your staff are always knowledgeable and courteous. Always available...very seldom am I placed on hold. Great rates...yes, I could shop around and find lower rates but your personal service outweighs lower costs. Overall, I am extremely happy with your and your business.

  • Nancy Ward over 2 years ago

    Allen Drew is by far the favorite Farmers agent I've EVER had, and I've had a lot of different ones in at least 5 decades of being a Farmers client. I always say: Allen gives me the kind of advice that he would give to his own much-loved Grandmother, and that alone would cause me to recommend him. ( And, I have, and will continue to recommend him and Farmers.)

  • Janet Stiers over 2 years ago

    Very helpful in making sure I have the right coverage for my home and car.

  • John Knight over 2 years ago

    Allen is extremely available. The agency is friendly and efficient and very competent. Farmers responds extremely quickly to claims and processes them through to the end in a timely manner. I have never been dissastisfied with Allen Drew, his agency, or Farmers in any way. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.

  • Ben Mannahan over 2 years ago

    When the roof on our house needed to be replaced you personally helped clear up issues and problems to make sure that the work could be done in a timely manner. Without your help it would have been much harder ant taken much longer to get done. Thanks very much!

  • Karla Bitting over 2 years ago

    No insurance company has ever worked as hard to save me money. I have never had a company that wants to meet with me to discuss the best coverage options for me. All my questions are answered and I leave knowing exactly what I'm covered for. I never feel rushed and I'm treated like family. Thank you Allen, Josh, and Nila for all you do. You demonstrate exactly what an insurance company should be!

  • Earl Mills over 2 years ago

    Your staff is wonderful and Michelle is great! She always remembers me and I appreciate that!

  • Courtney Lynch over 2 years ago

    Easy to contact, and always ready to answer any question I may have.

  • Brenda Hofstetter over 2 years ago

    Answered questions in a friendly but professional manner and took care of whatever issue we were having very quickly

  • April Holuby over 2 years ago

    I love the Allen Drew Agency for always being so kind and personable and always looking for new ways to save me money!

  • Scott Foust over 2 years ago

    Response and keeps me updated on policies and tries to save me money

  • Nora Sparks over 2 years ago

    Allen has always taken care of me even when my neighbor falsely accused me of hitting his vehicle in my company truck which is not insured through Farmers. His office associates are really good with my 22 year old daughter when she calls freaking out about a minor incident.

  • Jamie Underwood over 2 years ago

    Alan and his team are always friendly and definetly make you feel like they value your business. Alan calls periodically to discuss changes to my account that can save me money . I feel that he has the customers best interests in mind and I have a high degree of trust in him. He never tries to "oversell". Both my mother and mother-in-law have switched to Alan because of my high praise for him and they have not been disappointed!

  • Ron Zawisza over 2 years ago

    You always take the time to take care of our needs.

  • Rosalyn Drew over 2 years ago

    Knowledgeable, actually cares about their clients. Friendly. Excellent to do business with.

  • Joshua Drew over 2 years ago

    Available, attentive, and pro-active in managing my coverages and premium. All of the staff is knowledgeable and able to help with any questions.

  • Amanda Collins over 2 years ago

    You are willing to work with me.

  • James Cade over 2 years ago

    Good, hassle-free service. Every time I've needed something I've gotten the answer quickly with no headache.

  • Harry Tahsequah over 2 years ago

    I have been with Allen for some years now. I'm kept updated with my policy and payments. He finds ways to lower my payments. Thank you Allen.

  • Julie Affolder over 2 years ago

    Superior knowledge & provided scenarios with explanation of benefits in layman terms.. Worked to ask the right questions to ensure I was getting the right product & adequate coverage. Excellent professionalism & customer service.

  • Carolyn Beaver over 2 years ago

    Always were very polite over the phone and knew exactly what I needed.

  • Bryan Randall over 2 years ago

    Allen and his staff are always willing to help and considers each individuals needs.

  • Ercella Scroggins over 2 years ago

    Is good at explaining and asks questions to make best decisions for me.

  • Donald Edmonds over 2 years ago

    Everyone seems to understand your product and are always willing to help. Very prompt with service and answering questions. Very satisfied with you and your staff.

  • Stacey Enright over 2 years ago

    Very friendly office and always available and quick to respond to any questions!

  • Marcia Preston over 2 years ago

    The folks at the Allen Agency actually analyzed my homeowners' coverage and saved me money!

  • Kathleen Di Russo over 2 years ago

    Your agency is always available to us with the answeres to our questions. We have got the best service from your staff. They are always oplite and knowledgable.

  • Ofonime Ntia over 2 years ago

    I am most impressed with the loyalty and promptness of services. Allen Drew and his team are very knowledgeable of the insurance industry and provide efficient and appropriate services and recommendations. My family and I always feel like we're getting the best insurance package when considering price, coverage, services, etc. I have truly enjoyed the relationship we've built over the years and look forward to the continued partnership.

  • Ofon Ntia over 2 years ago

    I am most impressed with the loyalty and promptness of services. Allen Drew and his team are very knowledgeable of the insurance industry and provide efficient and appropriate services and recommendations. My family and I always feel like we're getting the best insurance package when considering price, coverage, services, etc. I have truly enjoyed the relationship we've built over the years and look forward to the continued partnership.

  • John Orem over 2 years ago

    Timely response all our questions Courteous and professional Willing to compare and contrast coverage w clear definition Full service Could not imagine how to improve other than major discounts Thanks for all u do!!

  • James Moery over 2 years ago

    Allen and his staff always take special care to make sure that we have the coverage that we need but they don't try to sell us more than we need. They are always happy to answer any questions and concerns and We feel secure knowing that they are looking out for us.

  • Dawn Spencer over 2 years ago

    We appreciate the complete and open communication that's apparent

  • Carolyn Stokes over 2 years ago

    You helped me lower my payment and still have great coverage

  • Brandie Jackson over 2 years ago

    Allen, Josh, Michelle and the entire office are always on top of all of my needs. I could not ask for a better group of people to handle all our insurance policies.

  • Jason Smith over 2 years ago

    I've been very pleased with my experience with the Allen Drew Agency. Josh has done a very good job of taking care of me and my family and it's been my pleasure to recommend them to my friends, who have stated they've had the same experience

  • Marcia Preston over 2 years ago

    When Allen Drew & staff took over for my previous agent, there was an immediate improvement. They analyzed my coverage and actually reduced my premiums.

  • David Calvert over 2 years ago

    Allen and staff are great! They take great care of you and are always attentive to any questions or needs you may have. I highly recommend them!

  • Suzanne Murphy over 2 years ago

    Appreciate the personal service, professional advise. They make me feel like one of the family.

  • Jerry Darter over 2 years ago

  • Lanell Davis over 2 years ago

    I appreciate the fact that Allen listens to me. Because of the industry I work in I tend to have a little more knowledge than the average Joe. Therefore, I also tend to ask more & more in-depth questions. Allen works to get me the answers I need to be able to make informed decisions.

  • Clarence Evans over 2 years ago

    Josh was very informative during our visit. He explained all that I didn't previously understand about my coverage. I have apparently been paying for coverage I didn't need. I haven't had a mortgage for over 10 years , yet I have had mortgage insurance during this time. I also had sump pump failure coverage while not possessing a sump pump ! Is Josh through and informed , You bet he is !!!

  • Aubrey Mercado over 2 years ago

    Really like how Allen went over my policies with me and showed me how to save money. He also addressed my concerns and explained everything thoroughly.

  • Kim Henry over 2 years ago

    Keep up the good work !

  • James Fenno over 2 years ago


  • Carmen Goldman over 2 years ago

    we appreciate the service

  • Vicki Helsley over 2 years ago

    Allen is a great agent and his staff is very helpful. They go out of their way to provide the best plans for my needs. They ask all the right questions to come up with a great and affordable policy. Terrific people to deal with.

  • Cary Small over 2 years ago

    Always helpful and responsive to our questions and concerns. I also feel like I get an honest evaluation on all the different products even if in means referring us out to another company. Everyone is nice and friendly and quickly gets me documents when I request them. Which is the main reason I'm a loyal customer.

  • Rachel Smith over 2 years ago

    You have incredible customer service.

  • Gloria Abercrombie over 2 years ago

    like the fact I can actually talk to a live person, rather than punch buttons from a menu.

  • Lisa Simpson over 2 years ago

    Joshua has been wonderful to work with, very nice, patient, great at getting back with us very quickly, answering all our questions & explaining all the ins & outs of the different policies. He is very kind & helpful. We've been really impressed.

  • Heather Bradford over 2 years ago

    You are alway easy to reach and friendly when we speak.

  • Nathan Mondal over 2 years ago

    Ins rate is less expensive than other companies. fast and courteous service.

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