#InsuranceAgents: The Person Behind the Professional – Meet Ashley Fitzsimmons, the Beyoncé of Insurance


  Ashley’s Five Key Takeaways:

1. Find your tribe

 2. Genuinely care about your clients

 3. Don’t spread yourself too thin

 4. Embrace not knowing everything

 5. You have a voice, so use it

On this episode of the person behind the professional, Keagan is thrilled to sit down with The Beyoncé of Insurance herself, Ashely Fitzsimmons! As an unapologetic millennial insurance agent, Ashley has made a name for herself in the industry while working with her family business Fitzsimmons Insurance Agency in Forest City and winning the National CSR Award through the National Alliance. Ashley has always had a passion for assisting fellow agents and helping their agencies run more efficiently, and in 2019 she’s excited to be transitioning into an agency consulting role through OIA!