#InsuranceAgents: The Person Behind the Professional – Meet Richard Brown with Centennial Insurance Group


5 Key Takeaways from Richard Brown

  1. Become a lifetime learner
  2. Find a mentor
  3. Hire admin as soon as possible to help with the non-sales aspect of your business
  4. Research and duplicate
  5. Take time to relax

On this episode of the Person Behind the Professional, we are glad to be sitting down with Richard Brown. Richard is the co-founder, vice president, and insurance agent with Centennial Insurance Group in Oklahoma City. Richard co-founded Centennial Insurance back in 2007 and has been growing it since. He loves spending time with his family and serving the people of Oklahoma through insurance.

Richard was born in a small community called Tupelo, Oklahoma and graduated high school in a class of 15. Originally, he wanted to become a registered dietician, but while he was working on his master’s degree, his ambitions changed. He had a buddy in insurance that was able to introduce him to the industry. In 2005, he started out working for a captive company doing insurance and investing. However, investing wasn’t really working out, so he and his business partner, Bryan, decided to branch out and start an independent insurance agency. So, in 2007, Centennial Insurance Group was born.

When they started Centennial Insurance, both Richard and Bryan went from having base salaries to nothing. However, neither of them had any kids at the time, so they were able to work long hours. Because they were just starting out, many of the people they were reaching, were hesitant to do business with someone that was new and untested. The carriers they worked with were also relatively unknown to their customers. Nonetheless, they both hit the pavement and started shaking hands in order to get things moving. With boots to the ground, they didn’t really take any breath of relief until the 3rd year mark when they finally started using automation in the business and really felt relieved when they hired help in 2013.

They’ve continued growing and now have a Medicare division in both Oklahoma and Texas. We discuss this growth, the benefits of serving clients as an independent agency, starting an agency with a partner, and much more with Richard.