Journey to Paradiso Presents

By BriteBee

BriteBee is absolutely honored to partner with Chris Paradiso, and Paradiso Presents©! We see this as a fantastic opportunity for us to not only grow, but shine with our thoughts, ideas, and creativity for Chris’s venture. We believe in it, love what he’s done–and is doing–with it, and are proud to be a part of taking it into the future.

Though we’re sure everyone probably already knows Chris, Paradiso Insurance, and Paradiso Presents©, let us tell you a little bit about it, and introduce you to the man behind the curtain!

No Introduction Necessary…

Residing and building his business in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Chris started his own agency in 1998, after having already been in the insurance industry for a few years. Starting out small with three employees, he has expanded to fifteen and is growing steadily! He has been recognized throughout the industry for his numerous accomplishments, many of which involve charity work with the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, his local schools, and work within his community.

As his agency grew, he knew he had to continue giving back, especially to other independent insurance agents who were struggling to get their own agencies started, to make their way in the insurance industry. Chris saw the need, and began Paradiso Presents© LLC in order to teach these agencies how to survive in today’s multifaceted and confusing online marketing world, and to educate and empower; to help these agents embrace social media and digital marketing activities to stimulate agency growth. He holds seminars and creates podcasts and webinars specializing in a huge spectrum of topics, from identity and branding, to creating websites and SEO and all manner of social media, all the way to getting your staff all-in on creating growth.

Along with all this, a couple years ago Chris started a magazine called Be the Last Agent Standing, each issue focusing on a unique aspect of the various ways to achieve these goals, taking your agency to the next level and beyond! Chock-full of articles written mostly by independent insurance agents, there is a plethora of helpful advice on insurance marketing strategies, tools, and fundamentals, digital marketing, all the various social media platforms and how to use them best. They believe in empowering the independent agent, and making a positive difference in our local communities—this is what the magazine is truly all about.

Not only does the magazine help you, it helps Journey Found, a charity whose goal is to help provide steady living situations and personal development for individuals who are mentally impaired or have specific needs. All proceeds—your contribution—from the magazine help provide a voice to those who may never have had the opportunity to be heard.

Becoming the Wingman

If all of the above sounded familiar, you’ll realize it’s because that’s what Keagan and the BriteBee team are all about. Helping not only independent insurance agents, but companies as well—those small and new who are trying to do it all while learning it all, and getting frustrated, and possibly burnt out, in the process.

Though Paradiso Presents© is not new, it is the personal and professional vision that makes them the perfect partner for our team. We are kindred spirits! It became clear after the first meeting with Chris that our vision was the same, and that we had what he needed to be not only his wingman, but his team’s as well.

I was referred to Chris by Nick Berry at Rocket Referrals, one of our business partners. When telling him my goals, he said, ‘Chris Paradiso is the man to talk to.’ So I reached out to him on LinkedIn, asking if we could talk, mentioning that I had some ideas about how we could add value to Paradiso Presents©.

It wasn’t long before he responded, saying to call him. Of course I did, and we spoke a couple times, but I mostly laid low, keeping it low-key. At one point I was going to meet with Frank Sentner in Connecticut, as Chris had suggested I meet with him.

While in Connecticut, during which time I asked Frank to become one of our advisors (he accepted!), I touched base a couple times with Chris, and asked if I could come back and spend a little time with him in discussions and at his office.

I returned later to Connecticut, staying at Chris’s house, spending time at his agency getting to know his team there, and talking in-depth about partnering with them and becoming a part of his vision. I knew we could do a lot for them, and he agreed. It was then that I began to really outline what we would, and could, do for them.

"This partnership is a perfect pair, because we’re kindred professional spirits sharing a very important belief—the importance of the brand. The brand is everything!"

Keagan Henson

BriteBee’s Vision

First and foremost, it’s our goal to fall completely in line with Chris’s mission for Paradiso Presents© : all proceeds go to the wonderful charity, Journey Found. We don’t want “a piece” of any of those proceeds, because we will never compromise his mission. We believe that’s what makes us such a perfect partner for them.

We want only to add to it. To add value and purpose. We are so excited to be a part of what he’s doing. How will we do that? Well, we believe that we can contribute a lot to what he’s doing by streamlining many things. We want to make his life easier, and to make the experience that much better.

Our goal is to accomplish that, and more. As any agency or company owner knows, a mind that goes in multiple directions can end up missing something—and that’s why they need a wingman. It’s why they need BriteBee. We can figure out what needs to get done, and we will make it happen.

We take all aspects of your brand into consideration.We take the load off, keeping in the background because we aren’t about being in the spotlight. That’s where an owner, like Chris, belongs. By being in the background, it’s where we will do our best work, helping him (and you!) grow, helping to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s non-intrusive. A humble approach. We’re the guard tower!

Our Plans for the Future of Paradiso Presents©

We plan to be the catalyst for planning more events, seminars, webinars, all geared towards the primary mission of education and helping people launch their startup marketing and online presence. More importantly, we plan to help in the understanding about brands and brand presence.

We think what Chris and his team are doing is so remarkable, and we couldn’t be any more excited about creating this partnership! The future for Paradiso Presents© is as bright as an exploding star, and we just cannot wait to get in there, and to share it all with you.

Stay tuned!


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