Never Shop For Insurance Again

At BriteBee, we come to work every day to solve one problem: How can we best help those looking for insurance find the perfect agent to meet their needs? When we successfully do that, we save those people from ever needing to go through that process again.

Built By Agents For The Customers We Always Wanted

As agents who spent years trying to "solve the digital puzzle" each on our own, we learned that finding the best customers online matched to our unique strengths was nearly impossible on our own.
Most of the agents we know are experts in insurance and helping customers clearly define and address their needs, as they should be, not in digital marketing, SEO, or conversation rate optimization. Add to that the 200 things each day that need to be done to run a business and it seemed clear we would never have the time to commit or expertise necessary to successfully leverage the internet to grow our business.

Because More Isn't Always Better

In fact, "more" is at the root of the problem we are fixing. When people shop the internet for insurance "more" is everywhere! More advice, more discounts, more ways to connect to whomever appears in front of them first. More often than not, it leads to being overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.
That means the best digitally marketed agencies and agents have spent a lot more time and effort only to get "more" themselves. More overwhelmed, confused, frustrated insurance consumers that are LESS likely to be a great fit for their expertise. That necessitates the final "more" closing the loop. More agency recources, time, and effort being spent following-up on more poorly qualified leads.

But Better Is ALWAYS Better

By helping the best agents rank for the right search terms, we give online shoppers better results to choose from, at the start of their search, helping them avoid "more" problems upfront and find a faster path to a better solution.
Once they land on the BriteBee site, we then use better connection tools to get each visitor quickly pointed to agencies and agents better equiped to meet their needs.
That means as agents we are better able to focus our efforts on great fits for our expertise and product lines and, ultimately, better meet their needs while utilizing fewer resources.