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Introducing BriteBee’s “Bee Responsive” Response Tracking Bot for insurance agencies. Simply place this snippet of code directly on your insurance agency website, and BriteBee’s technology will contact your office anonymously via telephone to aggregate an average response time for your agency. Not only does this tool track your responsiveness, but it also shows how many agencies your time outperforms.

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How Does It Work?

Being able to gather information quickly is paramount for consumers who are in the process of researching. Although they can find most of what they need online, sometimes websites don’t have the answers they are looking for. In the heat of the moment, customers want the answers to their questions as quickly as possible, making them most likely to work with the agency that responds first.

Why is Response Time Important? Read the Full Article Here.​​​​​

Why is Response Time Important?

According to Insurance Journal, insurance shoppers now consider timeliness to be the most important differentiator-–above efficiency, professionalism, and knowledge-–when purchasing insurance. As an insurance agent, you need to be aware of what the customer needs and how quickly they will be ready to make a decision. Does this relationship require nurturing? Are they trying to meet a deadline? Chances are that the customer asked several agents, not just you, and if you want their business, you need to be the first one in communication with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my agency’s responsiveness score calculated?

    This time is calculated each time an automated call is made to your insurance agency and averaged over the total number of calls. Your score is automatically updated each time a call is made with the most recent response time factored in so that, at any given time, the bot will reflect your historical average.

  • What factors affect my responsiveness score?

    Currently, the “Bee-Responsive” bot reports response time for voice calls to the main agency line listed on the agency’s BriteBee profile. Future iterations will likely include other communication channels as well, such as email and texting.

  • What number does the bot call?

    The “Bee-Responsive” bot will call the main line for the insurance agency; specifically the agency phone number listed on your BriteBee profile.

  • How much does the bot cost?

    We are glad you asked! We think this bot is so great we want to give the Bee Responsive Bot 1.0 to you for free! The Bee Responsive Bot 1.0 will always be free. Isn't that Bee-utiful?

  • Does the bot only record response time during business hours or 24/7?

    The “Bee-Responsive” bot will place calls on a random weekday at a random time within your insurance agency’s published business hours.

  • How often will I receive an automatic call and will I know it is from BriteBee?

    To maintain the credibility of our reporting, we do not give prior notice of the calling schedule. The “Bee-Responsive” bot calls will take place on random weekdays at random times within your published business hours and the calling number may be different each time. The idea is to give an accurate representation of the average experience for new customer calling your office.

  • Does this meter display the time it takes for the company to answer the phone or the time it takes to speak to the actual agent?

    The “Bee-Responsive” bot only reports the time between when your phone begins to ring and the time at which it is answered, regardless of who answers the phone.

  • Does the bot track how long it takes us to pick up the phone or how long it takes my agency to call back?

    The current iteration of the “Bee Responsive” Bot only counts the time it takes for the phone to be answered.

  • How does BriteBee calculate responsiveness if I have a pre-recorded message set up on my main line?

    In this scenario, your average response time would be calculated based on the time it takes your message system to answer the call once your line begins to ring.

  • Will my rating go down if I or my team is in a meeting or gone on vacation?

    Your agency’s responsiveness rating will only go down in this scenario if you make no arrangements to have the phone answered. An answer by an IVR or voice mail system will still count as an answer. Because your agency’s score is an average of all calls, a single long answer time will have a relatively small impact on your overall average.

  • Will this bot defer them from my website if they click on it?

    The “Bee Responsive” bot is an image that is wrapped in an HTML anchor tag linking to your unique BriteBee profile. Clicking on the bot will open your BriteBee profile in a new, separate tab. This does not cause users to leave your agency website.

  • What happens if my agency has a low responsiveness score?

    The “Bee Responsive” bot simply shows your average response time in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. We do not rate insurance agencies from good to bad. Response times are reported as an absolute time (e.g. 30 seconds), and we show your rank only as the number of agencies your score outperforms.

    BriteBee exists to serve insurance agencies, and seeks to present you in the best possible light. We do not display the total number of agencies called nor how many agencies outperform your score.

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