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What is Alarm Installation Insurance ?

As an alarm contractor or security company, it’s your core function to protect other people and their property. Buying the right type of alarm contractor’s insurance is the best way to protect your business, your people, and yourself. Here, we explain the different options for alarm installation company insurance.

Who should buy alarm installation coverage?

Any business that supplies and/or installs alarms in either a commercial or residential setting should buy alarm contractor insurance. This could apply to a security company, a freelancer, or a self-employed installation engineer, CCTV installers, alarm monitoring stations, or services.

From employee or client injuries, damage to your commercial vehicles, property damage, and faulty products, the risk of a lawsuit for any of these situations is reason enough to buy insurance now for your alarm fitting company.

What types of insurance should an alarm contractor have?

Buying insurance for your alarm contractor company can give you financial protection against any claims or events that would otherwise cause you severe financial stress.

  1. General Liability Coverage

A general liability policy for an alarm engineer will provide coverage for your business should it face any third-party claims for property damage or bodily injury. Given the nature of an alarm installer's work, it is imperative you have the right levels of coverage for your general liability insurance in place.

  1. Commercial Property Coverage

A business insurance policy for your alarm installation company is key. Not only does it cover your inventory, but it will also ensure your physical premises are insured against a range of perils, along with your equipment and any furnishings you may have. Even if you lease your office building, you should still buy commercial property coverage for your alarm contractor company.  

  1. Commercial Auto/Fleet Insurance

Regardless of the size of your team, as an alarm installation business, you are always going to need to buy auto insurance to cover your vehicles and yourself for any use while you or the team are working. You will need to know the value of any stock or equipment that could be kept in the vehicles overnight or during a typical working day.

Whether you lease, borrow, or own your fleet or vehicles, you will need to buy commercial insurance for your work vehicles.

  1. Professional Liability / E&O Coverage

Buying liability coverage for your alarm contractor company is another insurance essential. You get third-party liability only with a general liability policy, and this type of coverage is quite different from this because it protects you from any errors, mistakes, or misadvice that results in a financial loss or in injury to a client or somebody on their premises.

  1. Workers Compensation Coverage

If you hire workers, then you need to buy worker's compensation coverage. This will cover the cost of any medical expenses that could arise should a member of staff sustain an injury or work-related illness.

  1. Inland Marine Insurance/Property in Transit

If you ship out any of your equipment or inventory to clients ahead of installation, then you might need to consider buying additional coverage for these goods while they go through the shipping process. 

  1. Data Breach Coverage

While you might not immediately consider this insurance necessary, buying data breach coverage is important for alarm contractors and installation companies. Consider the personal, financial, and security information you store on file for your clients. If this includes passwords or alarm codes, can you imagine the potential financial risks your company may face if this information was to become compromised in any way?

Data leakage insurance can help you with the ‘clean-up’ following a data leak in your business. It helps with essential communications, ongoing credit monitoring services, and more. 

The Best Way to Buy Insurance for an Alarm Installation Business?

If you need to buy insurance for an alarm contractor’s company, then getting insurance quotes online can be a challenge. In some cases, you are not presented with all the relevant options, and it can be hard to know the right levels of coverage for your individual needs.

The best quotes for alarm installation insurance are those obtained from an expert commercial insurance agent. They are best placed to guide you in finding the best coverage levels for your business and the unique risks you face.

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