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What is Auto Glass Shop Insurance?

If you are the owner or manager of an auto glass shop, buying insurance for your business is essential to ensure the continued and ongoing success of your business. Every company has its own set of unique insurance needs, and with the right coverage in place, you can help avoid costly lawsuits or other events that may jeopardize the future of your business.

What type of insurance does an auto glass shop need to buy?

General Liability Insurance for Auto Glass Businesses

This type of insurance coverage is designed to protect the business owner in the event of any third-party claims for property damage or personal injury. If a client sustains an injury while in your auto glass store, this is the policy you need to cover the costs associated with that claim.

Product Liability Coverage

Because you sell a physical product, buying product liability coverage can provide your business with coverage in the event of any injuries or accidents that result from a defective or faulty product. It can also cover you in the event a customer was to buy a specific product, such as a glass cleaning solution, to which they later had an allergic reaction to.

Commercial Property Insurance for Auto Glass Shops

Just like any other commercial business, a business property insurance policy will give you coverage for your physical premise, along with covering the stock and business equipment that is kept at that site.

Each insurance provider will have their own list of perils that are covered, so it’s important to look into this before you buy any insurance for your auto glass shop. If you want some help, a local commercial insurance agent can assist you with quotes and can tell you what is and is not covered in any specific policy.

BOP for Auto Glass Shop

A business owner's policy will typically combine the above-mentioned policies into a single insurance product. In doing this, you will be able to save money on your commercial insurance, while also making the policy administration easier too. In some cases, but not all, business income insurance will also be included in the package.

If you find the policy limits on your commercial insurances are not high enough, you might also wish to consider buying umbrella insurance; this can increase the level of cover you have in the most cost-effective way.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Auto Glass Shops

Most of the work that is done by an auto glass business will take place outside of the business. When you provide mobile business services, you will need to buy the right type of commercial auto insurance that covers the equipment, inventory, and vehicle adequately.

Commercial auto insurance policies can cover fleets of vehicles owned by the business, along with loaned or leased vehicles, and personal vehicles used by the employees who own them if employees use their own vehicles, you will need to be non-owned and hire insurance.

Garage Keepers Liability for Auto Glass Shops

It’s relatively commonplace for an auto glass shop to need to store other people’s vehicles on their premises. Once these vehicles are in your shop, you become liable for their safekeeping. As such, you will need to buy a garage keepers liability insurance policy to make sure your customer's vehicles are covered in the event of a flood, fire, natural disaster, extreme weather, or more.

Workers Compensation Coverage

It is a legal requirement to buy worker's compensation coverage for your staff. If can protect your auto glass shop from facing legal action in the event a worker sustains a work-related injury or illness.

Buying auto glass insurance is essential, not only to cover your assets and your business, but your customers, your stock, and your investment as well. Knowing the right type of coverage to buy, at the right level, isn’t always easy; for a tailored auto shop insurance quote, talk with a local commercial expert today. They can help to answer your questions and offer guidance as to what insurance is best for your auto glass shop.

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