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What is Automotive Repair Shop Insurance?

Buying insurance for your automotive repair shop is an essential part of your business management operations. You have a range of liabilities that you need financial protection from, and if you have staff, there are certain legal obligations where your insurance is concerned too.  

What Type of Insurance Should You Buy for an Automotive Repair Shop?

As the owner of a business that provides a service to the general public, you need to buy liability insurance to cover any third-party claims. If you store vehicles on your premises overnight, which most vehicle repair garages will; then you need to make sure that you buy the right levels of coverage in case of a claim or any legal action that might be brought against you. Insurance for your employees is the other major consideration, and as you’ll learn, there are lots of options to choose from.

Here, we outline the types of insurance you can buy for your automotive repair shop.

  1. Business Owner Policy – BOP

A Business Owner Policy will usually combine a number of policies into a single offering. Buying a BOP for your automotive repair shop is a great way to save money by combining insurance products, and it also makes things a little easier to administer as well.

What’s included in a BOP?

If you get a quote for insurance for your automotive repair shop for a BOP, then you can expect to have general liability coverage and commercial property insurance included as standard. There are some commercial insurance companies that will also include business interruption insurance as well.

  1. Commercial Property Insurance

Regardless of whether you lease or own your business premises, buying business property insurance for your automotive repair shop is another key type of insurance you need to buy. It doesn’t just offer coverage for your physical premises, and it can provide coverage for your inventory, equipment, and any furnishings as well.

  1. Automotive Repair Shop Liability Coverage

As a business that deals with other people's property every day, buying liability coverage is essential. It can protect your company from severe financial stress should you have to deal with claim made by a third-party for damage to their property. It will also cover you should a third-party have an accident on your premises and make a claim for any medical expenses.

There are a few different types of liability insurance you can buy for your automotive repair shop, general liablity is for any third-party claims, and professional liability covers the work that you do and the services you and the team provide.  

If you are unsure how to choose the best type of liability insurance to buy for your garage, then discussing your options with an expert commercial insurance agent can really help you to get the answers you need, and they will also be able to provide you with a quote for all of your automotive repair shop insurance needs.

Do you Need to Buy Garage Keepers Liability Insurance?

A garage keepers policy will cover any damage that could be caused to a client’s vehicle while you are charged with its care. This is a separate policy or an additional extra to a standard liability policy for an automotive repair shop. It will typically give you insurance for any test drives and the storage of vehicles outside of your normal operational hours; acts of theft and vandalism are also usually included.

What is not covered by liability insurance for your automotive repair shop?

Although this type of insurance will cover any third-party injuries, it will not cover those sustained by your staff. If you hire staff, then you will need to buy worker's compensation coverage. Aside from this, any damage to your equipment or the physical building are not covered by an automotive repair shop liablity policy. For this, you will need to buy commercial property insurance.

The Best Way to Get a Quote for Automotive Repair Shop Insurance

If you need to buy insurance for your automotive repair shop, speaking directly with an expert commercial insurance agent is a great way to save time. When you try to compare quotes online, you are often faced with different coverage levels and specific inclusions and exclusions. By chatting with an insurance agent who knows about the types of insurance an automotive repair shop offers, you can benefit from their guidance and often get a price for your insurance on the same day.

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