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What is Car Wash Insurance?

If you own a cash wash company and need insurance, you may have many unanswered questions about precisely what type of coverage you need to buy. From covering the physical location/s you operate from, the equipment you use, your employees, and the cars of your clients; when you get quotes for car wash insurance, you need to ensure everything is adequately covered.

Who needs to buy car wash insurance?

Whether you operate out of a single location, you are a multi-site car wash company, buying the best car wash insurance for your unique needs is critical. Aside from this, if you provide vehicle servicing, in-bay automatic car washing, self-service car washing, or hand wash services, then you will also need to buy the appropriate coverage to protect your business from any undue financial stress.

What type of insurance does a cash wash company need to buy?

Just as with any type of commercial operation with public interactions, there are many risks you face on a daily basis that you need to protect yourself and your business from. Here, we discuss your options and outline what each will give your car wash insurance against.

  1. Business Owner Policy

A car wash business owner policy is a great way to save money on your commercial insurance. It combines general liability coverage, business property insurance, and in some cases, it will also cover business interruption coverage as well.

With these two or three different types of car wash insurance combined into a single policy, most of the typical risks you need protection from. This includes any third-party liability claims of property damage or personal injury. Because of the nature of the work you perform as a car wash company, claims of property damage need adequate levels of coverage. It will also protect your business premises against a number of named perils, and it will cover the equipment you use, and any inventory you may have.

Although not all business owner policies will include this, if you do have business interruption insurance included, this will give you the added benefit of being able to receive a reimbursement for any profits you lose should your company be unable to operate as usual following a covered event.  

  1. Commercial Property Insurance

Although you can buy a BOP which will include this type of coverage, you can also buy this as a standalone policy. It can protect your expensive equipment and your inventory. It will also insure the physical premises against a range of perils.

  1. Equipment Breakdown Insurance for a Car Wash

If your business depends on equipment to do some of your work, then you might also want to consider buying car wash equipment breakdown coverage too. When you consider the amount of lost income that your business will incur should you be unable to carry out essential services to your clients, this type of car wash insurance is often a sound purchase.

  1. Garage keepers Liability Insurance for a Car Wash

If your clients leave their vehicles in your care, this type of coverage can protect you financially, should they become damaged because of a covered peril. This type of insurance will typically cover vandalism, theft, fire, and collision damage as well. It is not always applicable to all types of car wash businesses, so it’s essential to check with a commercial insurance agent as to whether or not you need to buy insurance for this risk.

  1. Business Auto Insurance for a Car Wash Company

There are some car wash companies that offer to collect and drop-off their client’s vehicles once their valeting work is complete. While it might not be the first thing you consider, if you are buying insurance for a car wash business, and you offer this service, then you should have this insurance. Should either you or your workers’ drive a car for work purposes, then you will need to buy commercial auto insurance to cover those work-related driving activities.

Get a Quote for Car Wash Insurance

If you are a new car wash company, an existing business, or you’re scaling up your operations, you want to make sure you are getting the best value when you buy car wash insurance. Speak with a commercial insurance agent and make sure you are getting the right levels of coverage for your business.

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