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What is Childcare Insurance?

If you work as a childcarer, whether that be alone or you run a nursery, then you will need to buy the right childcare insurance to give you the best levels of coverage for the work you do.

Here, we outline everything you need to know before you buy babysitter and nanny insurance for your childcare business.

What types of insurance coverage do you need as a babysitter or nanny?

Whether you are a part-time nanny or a childcare professional running a daycare center, you need to buy specialist insurance that is tailored for individuals who provide care for young people. Regardless of whether you work from your home, someone else’s, or in a commercial premise, you need to protect yourself in case you are sued.

General and Professional Liability Insurance for Nannies

Regardless of your experience or exposure, you need to protect yourself financially in case you are sued. When you buy general liability insurance for your childcare work, you are giving yourself protection in case you are sued for causing a personal injury or damaging somebody else’s property. The importance of buying professional liability insurance for childcare work is often overlooked. However, this coverage will give you a financial safety net should you face legal action for negligence claims.

Auto Insurance

If you ever have a need to use your car for work-related reasons, or you carry children in the car, then your insurance policy must reflect this. For some childcarers who commute to a single place of work on a daily basis, then a specialist commercial auto insurance policy will not typically be needed. But for anything else, you need to make sure you get specialist coverage in place that insures your vehicle and any passengers if you use it for work.

How Does Childcare Insurance Work?

If you buy nanny insurance, you can expect it to work in the same way as any other commercial insurance policy. You select the type of coverage you need along with an appropriate level of coverage for the risks you face.

If you need help establishing how much insurance you need for your childcare work or business, then speaking with a commercial insurance broker can help you get the answers you need. They have an expert level of knowledge of the insurance market and they will understand the risks you face and be able to guide you accordingly.

In most cases, they will be able to provide you with a quote for childcare insurance quickly, too, giving you a clear answer as to the cost of insuring your childcare business.

Do you need to buy childcare insurance if you hire a nanny?

If you are a family that is hiring a childcarer or a nanny, then you should also consider buying workers' compensation coverage; this often will include you if you hire a domestic worker, such as an au pair or a nanny. If your nanny is injured at work or they sustain a workplace illness, then this coverage will pay for any lost wages or medical expenses.

Who needs to buy nanny insurance?

Childcare insurance is right for anybody who takes care of children or for anybody who hires a nanny or au pair to take care of their children. It is the working status of the nanny that determines who needs to buy the childcare insurance. For instance, if a nanny meets the IRS, standards for self-employment will need to buy business insurance in order to protect their assets.

Please note that in the majority of states, the family who hires a nanny is considered to be an employer. As such, this could mean you are legally obligated to buy workers' compensation coverage for your child carer.

The Best Place to Buy Childcare Insurance

If you want to get quotes for childcare insurance, dealing with an expert commercial insurance agent can help you quickly find the best levels of coverage for your unique needs. You can get answers to any questions and often find out the cost of childcare insurance on the same day.

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