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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you or your team use a vehicle for work-related reasons, then buying business auto insurance is essential. Whether you own a fleet of company cars or van or you want to insure a single company vehicle, you need the best commercial auto insurance for your individual business use requirements.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

A business auto insurance policy is a type of insurance you will need to buy if your company uses any type of vehicle in order to carry out some or all of its work. If you rely on your company vehicle for anything that is work-related, then you will need to buy a commercial insurance policy.

Who Needs to Buy Commercial Auto Insurance?

Business car insurance or business truck insurance gives your company an essential layer of protection in case of an accident that involves your employees, third parties, or your equipment. From something as straightforward as a collision to a worker who is unloading heavy equipment and sustains an in injury while carrying out their job, buying commercial auto insurance can prevent you from extreme financial stress. It will also give you the ability to continue to have access to a vehicle should yours be off the road following an accident or any damage.

What Does a Business Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

As you can imagine, you can tailor a commercial insurance policy to meet the needs of your company. For some people, they will need to cover a fleet of vehicles with multiple drivers, and for others, it could be a single vehicle only. There is then the issue of company equipment, and this can be covered as well. Here is a quick summary of the different things that a commercial auto insurance policy will cover.

Bodily Injury

Bodily Injury is another area that is covered under a commercial auto insurance policy, and it includes any claims of physical injuries to third-parties. This could cover legal expenses, medical expenses, a loss of income, funeral expenses, and any pain or emotional damage.

Collision Coverage

Most companies that need to use a vehicle in order to carry out work-related duties will depend on their transport being in a useable and working condition. For those who visit clients or deliver goods, it is the company vehicles as well as their drivers that keep the business operations in order. Commercial Collision Coverage will pay for the repairs or the replacement of any vehicles in the event your trucks or cars are involved in an accident with another vehicle, or they have an independent collision because of an icy road or similar.

Comprehensive Coverage

This provides coverage for your vehicles beyond collisions. For instance, buying comprehensive commercial auto insurance can help you to cover the costs of any repairs or replacement of a vehicle in case of vandalism, theft, or weather damage to your vehicle. So, if a tree were to damage one of your cars or there is a flood, your comprehensive auto insurance will typically cover such events.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury as part of a commercial auto insurance policy will give you coverage for you and your employees, as opposed to any third parties. This means that should one of your employees be making a delivery using an insured vehicle, and they lose control of that vehicle and sustain an injury, your business car insurance policy will cover their medical expenses in full.

Property Damage

This part of your business auto insurance policy will include any third-party coverage for damage caused to their property. In most cases, this will be their vehicle. It may also provide coverage for any legal fees and expenses, but is specifically related to damage that is caused to their property.

Additional Extras for Commercial Auto Insurance

With almost all commercial auto insurance companies, there will be a range of optional extras you can select from.

  • Underinsured Motorists

If another driver was to cause a collision or hit you, and they write-off your commercial vehicle and/or create an injury, but they do not have enough coverage themselves to pay for the associated expenses, this coverage will make up for any shortfall.

  • Rental Reimbursement

This can provide you with reimbursement for any rental car expenses you might pay while your vehicle is being repaired.

Although careful driving and experience driving commercial vehicles will always help to keep your staff and your fleet safe, accidents can and will always occur. If you want to buy commercial auto insurance for your company, regardless of the size of your business or your fleet, you will need to check the specific exclusion and inclusions on any policy you decide to buy.

What types of vehicles can be covered by a commercial auto insurance policy?

Food trucks, service utility trucks, cars, box trucks, and work vans are just a few of the typical types of vehicles that can be covered with a commercial auto insurance policy. It is sometimes referred to as truck insurance, fleet insurance, commercial car insurance, or business auto insurance.

If you want to buy commercial auto insurance for any vehicles used in the agribusiness sector, you should speak directly to a business insurance expert about this, as you may need special coverage for this type of vehicle.

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