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What is Gas Station Insurance?

If you need to buy insurance for your gas station, knowing the right to of coverage for your needs is essential. Whether you have a single location to insure or multiple sites, and if you want to combine your gas station and convenience store in an insurance policy, you’ll find answers to your questions here. 

What types of insurance does a gas station business need?

If you’ve invested in a gas station, no doubt you’ve spent lots of time and money in the business. Getting the right insurance for your gas station is essential in protecting your investment, and knowing which insurance you need to buy is critical. 

General Liability Insurance for Gas Stations

Buying general liability coverage will protect you from some of the everyday events and hazards present in most businesses. For instance, if a customer was to injure themselves while on your business premises or their property is damaged, it is your gas station’s general liability insurance that will pay for this. 

Commercial Property Insurance for Gas Stations 

Buying property insurance for a gas station will give you coverage in the event of a named peril that causes damage to your property and its contents. There are specific endorsements in place for gas stations that extend coverage to include repairs to canopies and pumps and damage caused by fuel tanks. 

Business Owner Policy for Gas Stations 

Buying a business owner's policy is one way you can save money on your gas station insurance. By combining the above-mentioned general liability and commercial property insurance policies into a single policy, you can save money and get comprehensive coverage that, in some cases, will also include business interruption insurance as well. 

Business Income Insurance 

Business Income coverage can help you if you need to suspend operations following a covered event on your commercial property insurance policy. It can help to mitigate any losses you might face if you are unable to operate as usual. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance 

You have lots of equipment in your gas station, that is essential for business operations. You might have a car wash and convenience store as part of your offering, and these can all be costly to repair. This insurance for your gas station will help fund the cost of any repairs. 

Commercial Crime Insurance 

There is a risk of theft in a gas station, and this risk could be from customers or employees. This insurance will help you with financial protection in the event of a covered theft.

Pollution Liability Insurance for Gas Stations

Whether you suffer from a gasoline leakage or another event that is deemed to be pollution, buying this insurance for your gas station can help to cover the costs of the clean-up.

Liquor Liability Insurance 

If like so many other gas stations, you serve liquor; then you need to consider buying liquor liability coverage to protect yourself financially from any claims that may arise if a third party blames the store for any injury or damage. It can help you with the cost of a settlement from any such claims.

Workers Compensation Coverage

As an employer, you will need to carry worker's compensation coverage for your staff. It can help to cover any medical expenses in the event a worker was to become injured at work or suffer from a work-related illness. 

Other Useful Insurance Endorsements for Gas Stations 

  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Insurance for fuel tank contaminations
  • Franchise Insurance
  • EPLI

So, whether you are solely a gas station, or you have other elements to your business, such as a convenience store, liquor store, car wash and more; buying insurance to cover you from any financial distress in the event of any unexpected circumstances is key. 

Talk with a commercial insurance expert to make sure you have the right levels of coverage for your individual risks. 

How much does gas station insurance cost?

The cost of insuring a gas station will depend on a range of factors, such as the business’ income, your location, your opening hours, your security systems, how long you have been in business, any supplementary services you offer, your claims history, and the levels of coverage you want to buy. 

In order to find the most affordable options for your gas station insurance, talk to an independent insurance agent. They can answer your questions and provide you with a full insurance proposal for your business. 

Why do gas stations need to buy insurance?

If you own a gas station, there are many risks you face on a daily basis. Insurance can help you mitigate the potential impact of those risks should the unexpected occur. It can prevent the business from having to close its doors and protect the personal assets of the business owner should the company face any legal action. 

Here are some of the everyday risks a gas station may have:

Employee Injuries – With regular inventory being received into the store that requires moving and stocking, there is a risk of employee injury. 

Burglary – If your business was to fall victim to a burglary or break-in, then aside from the cash held in-store, you also face the risk of physical and emotional injuries to your employees and customers. 

Employee Crime and Theft – As a gas station, there is a lot of cash and sensitive data that are handled by your employees. Even with proper referencing in place, you don’t always have a 100% assurance that your staff is entirely trustworthy. 

Damage to Property – Aside from your physical premise, there are other things that could become easily damaged by vandalism or reckless driving, such as tanks, gas pumps, car washes, signage, fences, and more. 

Trips and Falls – Perhaps one of the most common risks in any public-serving business is when a customer trips and falls. This might be due to a misplaced mat in your store, poor lighting, a wet floor, or another reason.

With the right type of insurance for your gas station, you can help to safeguard your business with financial support for any unexpected events and ensure your long-term commercial success.

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