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What is Insurance for Convenience Stores?

Asides from selling produce and goods to customers, convenience stores are now starting to offer a range of other useful services, such as money transfers, parcel collections, check cashing services and more. While this level of diversity is great for clients and profits, it adds an additional level of risk that you need to account for when buying insurance for your convenience store.

What type of insurance does a convenience store need to buy?

  1. General Liability Insurance for a Convenience Store

Buying a general liability policy for your corner shop is essential. As a convenience store owner, there are two types of liability coverage you should include with the GL insurance for your shop.

  • Product Liability Insurance

Your entire convenience store is built around the products that you sell if any one of the products that you sell causes an injury or harm in any way to your customers, having product liability coverage in place can give you financial protection.

  • Premises Liability Insurance

Business premises liability insurance is another element of a general liability insurance policy. It provides coverage for any type of damage or accident that occurs within your business premises, in the parking lot, or just outside of the store.

  1. Business Property Insurance for a Convenience Store

 Buying commercial property insurance for your store is another critical insurance that provides coverage for your stock, your equipment, your furnishings, and your property. Each insurance company will have its own exclusions and inclusions, so it’s essential to check which perils are covered and which are not.

  1. Business Owner Policy – BOP

A business owner's policy for your convenience store is an easy way to combine a number of essential insurances into a single policy. It will combine general liability coverage with business property insurance, and in some cases, it will also include business interruption coverage as well.

  1. Business Auto Insurance

The majority of convenience store owners use at least one vehicle for commercial reasons. Whether it’s visiting suppliers or taking your deposit to the bank, you might also provide delivery services as well. This type of insurance will provide you with coverage for any acts of theft, vandalism or accidents.  

  1. Worker’s Compensation Coverage for Store Employees

If you hire any staff in your store, you need to make sure you buy worker’s compensation coverage. If they have an accident at work or they suffer a work-related illness, this insurance will cover any of their medical expenses.

  1. Umbrella Insurance for a Convenience Store

Your business insurance for your convenience store will have a maximum upper limit. Buying umbrella insurance can give you an enhancement to those limits, which can help to protect your convenience store should a claim exceed your policy limitations.

Get A Quote for Convenience Store Insurance

For your convenience store to get the best type of insurance, you should always discuss your insurance requirements with a specialist commercial insurance broker. They have an in-depth understanding of the commercial insurance market and can provide you with competitive quotes that are based on the specific risks your convenience store faces.

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