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What is Insurance for Supermarkets?

Aside from selling a huge range of goods and products to your customers, there is an increasing range of other services supermarkets now provide to clients and local businesses alike. Whether you need to buy insurance for a small supermarket or chain of stores, there are many considerations you need to make to ensure you buy the best insurance for your supermarket at the right levels.

Like many other supermarkets across the country, services are being expanded to include offerings such as check-cashing services, parcel delivery and collection points, money transfers and more. While this is all great for customer convenience, it also places additional risks on your business that will need to be accounted for when you look at buying supermarket insurance.

For example, if, like so many other supermarkets, you now handle personal information about your customers on a device that allows to you to collect and send parcels on their behalf, have you considered buying additional coverage for cyber liability and data breach protection to cover your supermarket for these additional risks?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

Talking with an expert commercial insurance agent who

knows the right questions to ask will benefit you and your business. If you want to get a quote for supermarket insurance, they will be able to make sure you’re buying the right level and the right type of insurance for your specific business needs.

What type of insurance does a supermarket need to buy?

  1. General Liability Insurance for a Supermarket

Buying a general liability policy for your supermarket is key. As a business owner, regardless of whether you run 1 or 100 stores; your general liability coverage is key. As a product and people-driven business, there are two types of liability insurance that you need to include with your supermarket general liability coverage.

Premises Liability Coverage

Business premises liability insurance is a type of general liability insurance policy that offers coverage for any accidents or damages that occur on your premises, just outside your supermarket and/or in the parking lot.

Product Liability Coverage

Your business is built around the products and goods that you sell. Should any of the products you sell cause harm, illness, or an injury to your clients, then having product liability insurance in place can give you financial protection from any legal action or expenses connected to the incident.

  1. Commercial Property Insurance for Supermarkets

Purchasing business property insurance for your supermarket is another critical insurance for your company. It provides you with a level of coverage for your equipment, your stock, your furnishings, and your company property. When getting quotes for property insurance for your supermarket, you should make sure you understand the exclusions and inclusions clearly, along with the policy coverage limits.

  1. Supermarket Business Owner Policy – BOP

Buying a business owner's policy is a quick and easy way to combine a number of essential insurances into a single policy, saving you time, money, and potential future hassle. Most business owners prefer to have as much commercial insurance as they can with the same provider; it’s easier to administer and there are often savings to be made as a result of this too. A BOP for your supermarket business will combine general liability insurance with commercial property coverage, and in some cases, it will also include business interruption coverage too.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance

Most supermarket business owners will use at least one vehicle for work-related reasons. Whether it’s visiting suppliers, making deliveries or collections, attending events, or depositing money at the bank; any work-related use of a vehicle needs commercial auto insurance. This type of coverage will usually insure you against any acts of vandalism, theft, or accidents.  

  1. Worker’s Compensation Coverage for Store Employees

Most supermarkets will hire more than 5 workers in their store. As a state-mandated insurance requirement, you should buy worker’s compensation insurance for your staff. If they develop a work-related illness or are involved in an accident while working for you, this insurance will cover their medical expenses, and in some cases, it will cover a portion of any lost wages as well.

  1. Umbrella Insurance for Supermarkets

All of your commercial insurance policies will have a maximum upper limit. By purchasing umbrella insurance, you can enhance those limits. This can help to protect your supermarket in the event of a claim being made that exceeds your policy limitations. It is often cheaper to buy an umbrella insurance policy than extending individual policy limits.

Quotes for Supermarket Insurance

If you want the best levels of coverage for your supermarket, at the best price, speak with an expert commercial insurance agent. They will usually have an in-depth understanding of the supermarket insurance options and can often help you to tailor a policy that’s right for your individual risk profile and business needs.

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