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What is Lawn Mowing Insurance?

If you operate a lawn mowing business or you provide these services under self-employment, then getting the best insurance in place is essential for the protection of yourself and your liabilities. Your transportation between jobs, the equipment you use, along with the work you carry out in other people’s premises all require tailored insurance. Here, we outline the best insurance for lawn mowing and explain the different types of coverage you can buy.

What insurance do you need to buy for a lawn mowing business?

Without exception, you need to buy liability coverage for your lawn mowing business. Then you need to consider your equipment and your transportation coverage options. Aside from this, if you employ staff, there will be other employee-related insurances you have to buy for your lawn care business.

Here is a quick guide to the different types of lawn mowing insurance.

  1. Business Owner Policy – BOP

This type of insurance coverage is a great way to save money on your lawn mowing business insurance costs. Essentially, it combines a number of insurance policies in a bundle, and it typically costs less than buying the individual insurances in isolation. The levels of coverage on offer will vary from one provider to the next, but a lawn mowing BOP will usually include general liability and commercial property coverage. In some cases, you will also get business interruption coverage for your lawn mowing business included, as well.

  1. Liability Insurance for Lawn Care Companies

There are a number of different types of liability coverage to buy; here are the most common insurance policy options for lawn mowing professionals.

General Liability Coverage – This gives you protection from any third-party liability claims for damage to property or personal injury.

Professional Liability Coverage – This gives you protection should any of your professional services and the work you do be considered to be negligent, sub-standard, or cause harm to a person or their property.

Employee Liability Coverage – This only applies if you hire staff, and it provides you with insurance coverage in case an employee decided to take legal action against you.

  1. Commercial Property Insurance for Lawn Mowing Businesses

Regardless of whether you own or lease your business premises, having commercial property coverage is essential. It provides insurance for your property against a number of perils, and it will also insure your equipment and any inventory you may hold onsite as well.

  1. Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Lawn Care Companies

If the equipment you use was to breakdown, this could leave you unable to carry out your work and result in lost income, not to mention the impact it may have on your reputation. This lawn care equipment insurance offers coverage for damage caused by internal forces such as:

  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Power Surges
  • Electrical Shorts
  • Operator Error
  • Motor Burnout
  1. Inland Marine Insurance for Lawn Care Equipment

While not essential, this type of insurance is considered useful for lawn mowing companies. Inland marine insurance protects any lawn care equipment, regardless of whether it is owned or leased, regardless of the location. Usually, inland marine provides coverage from theft, fire, breakage, vandalism, water damage, and damage caused by others.

Where to Buy the Best Insurance for a Lawn Care Company

If you want to get the best coverage for your lawn mowing business, it is always best to speak with an experienced commercial broker in person or over the phone. With their industry knowledge and experience of the wider insurance market, it is often quicker and easier to talk to them about your business and get their guidance as to what levels of coverage would be best.

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