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What is Physical Therapist Insurance?

As a physical therapist, you provide a range of essential support services for your clients. However, as a business owner or independent physical therapist, you face specific risks with the work you do, and buying insurance for your physical therapy work is essential in order to protect you financially from this exposure.

Here, we outline the best types of insurance you should buy for your physical therapist business.

What insurance does a physical therapist need to buy?

Regardless of whether you work alone, or you own a physical therapist business, your liabilities and exposure to financial risk need to be covered. Here are the most important types of physical therapist insurance policies you should consider buying.

  1. Physical Therapist Business Owner Policy

A business owner policy, or BOP for short, is one way you can save money when you buy insurance for your physical therapist business. It combined a general liability policy with commercial property insurance. Depending on the insurance agent or company you decide to purchase insurance from, you may also find the business interruption is included too.

When you buy a Physical Therapist’s BOP, you get financial protection against a range of important areas. This includes coverage for any third-party property damage or personal injury claims. It will also give you Business Property Insurance that covers your physical building, your equipment, furnishings, and any inventory you hold at this fixed place of business.

  1. Professional Indemnity / Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists

Also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance or E&O for short; this gives you professional liability coverage that will protect you financially should a client decide to take legal action against you for professional negligence. For instance, advice that worsens an injury, a failure to help a client improve their condition, and any other oversights or mistakes.

  1. Cyber Liability Coverage for a Physical Therapy Business

This type of insurance policy for physical therapy companies is becoming increasingly important due to our dependence on technology to collect and store data about our clients. For those who work in health and wellbeing services, it isn’t just financial or contact information that is stored on the company servers, making the need to buy insurance for cyberattacks greater than ever before.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance for Physical Therapy Companies

Most Physical Therapists will use a vehicle to transport their equipment to various locations. As this is a clear case of business use on a vehicle, you will need to buy insurance that covers your vehicle when you use it for work-related reasons.

  1. Employee Insurance for a Physical Therapy Business

This insurance only applies to those people who own a business that hires staff. Worker’s compensation coverage is usually state-mandated insurance for any business that has employees. Although there are minor variations across the different states, essentially, you need to buy insurance that pays for any medical expenses for your team should a person injure themselves at work or develop a work-related illness.

How to Buy the Best Insurance for a Physical Therapist

If you are trying to buy insurance online for your physical therapy business, you’ll often find that different commercial insurance companies will offer different levels of coverage. Each will also have their own set of additions and exclusions, along with a range of supplementary insurance options that you need to consider. It’s no wonder that so many people find it time-consuming and difficult to compare the costs of physical therapy insurance policies.

Using an expert commercial insurance agent can help you find the best quotes for physical therapy coverage. You will save the hassle and time of having to sift through policy terms, and it also means you get their advice on how to choose the right levels of coverage for your work as a physical therapist as well.

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