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What is Prison Insurance?

Buying insurance for a correctional facility is a major task for any organization or individual. With so many liabilities, expansive facilities, and unique risks to insure against, it can be a challenging task to try and manage independently. An expert commercial insurance agent with experience in providing quotes for prison insurance can help you save time while making sure you get the best levels of coverage for your organization.

Here, we explain the different types of insurance a prison needs to buy.

What Type of Insurance Does a Prison Need to Buy?

When you try to get insurance quotes for a prison, you might find there is a range of insurance companies that refuse to cover a correctional facility. However, there are many companies who sell insurance for prisons, and who offer the best levels of coverage for the unique challenges and liabilities organizations like this face.

  1. Buying Liability Coverage for a Prison

Professional Liability or Professional Indemnity Insurance, as it is otherwise known, is one of the biggest insurance concerns for prison owners across the states. Lawsuits against prisons and correctional facilities are diverse yet fairly commonplace. Regardless of any wrongdoing, the cost of defending a lawsuit for professional negligence needs to be considered and accounted for. This is why you need to buy any liability insurance for your prison at the right level for your facility's exposure.

  • General liability for prison will cover any third-party claims for personal injury or property damage.
  • Professional liability coverage will give you financial protection should you face a lawsuit for negligence up to your policy limits. This is also known as errors and omissions insurance for prisons and correctional facilities.
  1. Commercial Property Insurance for Correctional Facilities

Business Property Insurance will insure your prison building/s from a range of covered perils. It will also cover the furnishings, equipment, and any inventory you have too. Because of the size of the building, along with its age, it is important to review any type of quote for prison property insurance to confirm whether or not it will cover the actual value or the replacement and rebuild the value of the property.

  1. Medical Negligence Coverage for a Prison

This is another type of prison insurance that you will need to buy. Regardless of whether medical care in your prison is administered by private medical staff or government employees, the level of care needs to be adequate. And because inmates and prisoners have the same rights to sue for compensation as those individuals who are not incarcerated, this presents an obvious risk that you need to buy insurance for.

Examples of common prison injuries or actions that may result in a lawsuit

Here are just a few examples of injuries sustained by prisoners, and a prime example of why you need to make sure you buy a prison insurance policy at the right level of risk for your individual exposure profile.

  • Inmate assaults
  • Transportation injuries or accidents
  • Slips, trips or falls
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Visitor Injuries or attacks
  • Inappropriate use of force by staff
  • Deficient medical care
  • Machinery-operations accidents
  • Improper supervision
  • Dangerous conditions
  1. Insurance for Prison Workers

As a minimum, you will need to buy specialist workers' compensation coverage for the staff at your facility. The risk of sustaining an injury at work is obviously higher than many other occupations, and this coverage will pay for any medical expenses should one of your staff become injured at work, or if they were to sustain a workplace injury.

As a business with a large number of employees, buying employee liability insurance is another option you should consider. Also known as EPLI, this coverage can protect your business from a financial loss in case a worker’s injury is not covered under your worker's compensation insurance.

Employee benefits liability coverage is another type of coverage that a prison can buy. This is specific in case of an administrative error with the employee benefits program. It can cover a huge range of benefits administrations, such as health, retirement plans, disability, and life insurance.

Where to Buy Insurance for a Prison

Buying insurance for a prison is one of the most important management or operational tasks. Often, understanding the risks you face is only part of the equation; you also need to know the best level of coverage to buy and doing all of this online is both difficult and time-consuming.

If you want a quote for prison insurance and guidance on your policy choices, then speaking with an expert commercial insurance agent will save you time and give you the benefit of dealing with someone who understands the unique risks your organization faces.

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