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What is Restaurant Insurance?

If you want to buy insurance for a restaurant, you’ll find the best information about which types of coverage are best here. We quickly explain your options and give you a summary of the different types of insurance you can buy.

What insurance do you need to buy for a restaurant?

Whether your place of business is a coffee shop, a deli, a fast food outlet, a cafe or a restaurant, you need the right insurance to protect you personally and professionally.

Restaurant Business Owner Policy – BOP

The most popular type of insurance coverage to buy for a restaurant is a business owner's policy, also known as a BOP. It combines a number of the individual policies listed below, and in doing this, it offers an easier procurement process, and it costs less too.

This will usually combine business income insurance, general liability, and commercial property coverage. The levels of coverage vary greatly from one insurance provider to the next, and there are lots of moving variables that can be added on to a standard BOP, that makes the policy more tailored to the insurance needs of a restaurant.

Commercial Property Insurance for a Restaurant

Buying business property insurance for your premises can provide you with coverage, whether you own or lease your building. Aside from covering the building, it will also cover your equipment and your inventory in case of a covered event.

Commercial Liability Coverage for a Restaurant

Buying liability insurance for your restaurant is essential. It can protect you against any third-party claims for personal injury or property damage. Product liability coverage can also protect your restaurant from any claims that may arise from a food-borne illness.

Commercial Auto Insurance for a Restaurant

If you use a vehicle in connection with your business, even if it’s simply collecting supplied, then you need to buy business auto insurance for the restaurant’s use.

Here are just a few of the different categories of additions you can make to get the best insurance for your restaurant.

Utility Interruption – Covers you incase your electricity, gas, or water is interrupted.

Spoilage – If your cooling equipment suffers an outage, the food you have stored could be rendered unusable. This gives you coverage for any potential losses you may suffer.

Business Income – If your property is damaged by a named peril on your policy, and this means you are unable to open, this gives you protection against losses to your income.

Sewer Back-up – Most commercial property insurance policies will exclude sewer back-ups. This optional extra can give you coverage to cover the cost of the cleanup.

Extra Expense – In the event your restaurant is damaged, and you need to operate from another premises, this can help you cover the extra rental costs.

Equipment Breakdown – Essential protection for the equipment in your restaurant.

Employee Theft – This can cover you, should a member of the team steal food, property or cash from your restaurant.

Who Should Buy Restaurant Insurance?

If you are in a business that cooks and/or serves food, then regardless of whether you operate from a physical premise, you need to buy restaurant insurance. Some of the common categories of business include;

  • Bars, Taverns, or Lounges
  • Coffee Shops or Cafés
  • Delis or Diners
  • Fast Food Businesses
  • Food Delivery Services

How to Choose the Best Insurance to Buy for a Restaurant

Getting your restaurant insured is easy. But finding the best types of coverage for your business and getting a fair price at the same time can be time-consuming. Finding a restaurant insurance agent who is experienced in selling business insurance to restaurant clients can save you both time and money.

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