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What is Travel Agent Insurance?

If you own a travel agency, you’ll know all about insurance! However, when you have to buy or renew your travel agency commercial insurance, navigating the different options and types of coverage can be a time-intensive challenge. Read on to find out the different types of insurance you can buy for your travel agency business.

What insurance does a travel agency need to buy?

As a travel agency or travel agent, there are potential risks that could leave you exposed to financial stress or litigation if something was to go wrong. In most cases, the occurrences are accidental or unforeseen, so it is important to buy the right type of insurance for your travel agency.

Travel Agents BOP – Business Owner Policy

A business owner's policy is a key type of insurance that provides you with coverage for a range of risks. It combines general liability coverage and commercial property insurance into a single policy. Buying BOP insurance for your travel agency will essentially give you coverage for third-party claims of personal injury or property damage, and it can cover your property for a range of perils. It will also give you coverage for your office furnishings, equipment, and any inventory you hold at your business premises. Many travel agency BOP insurance policies will also include business interruption coverage, as well. This means that should you be unable to open after a ‘covered’ event; you can reclaim some of your lost income for this period.

Professional Liability Insurance for Travel Agents

Another crucial type of insurance for travel agents is professional indemnity insurance. It is also referred to as Errors and Omissions or E&O coverage. Regardless of how diligently you carry out your services, mistakes can occur. If an error is made that results in any financial or emotional harm, then your client could sue you. Buying professional indemnity coverage for your agency can protect your business from such claims.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Travel Agents

If your agency uses a vehicle to collect supplies or drop paperwork or travel documentation to clients directly, then you will need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy. This can protect you and your team in case of an accident.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Most travel agencies will hire staff, and as a legal requirement, you must provide workers compensation insurance. This covers any medical expenses for your employees should they have an accident at work or develop a work-related illness.

Data Leakage Insurance for Travel Agents

As a data-driven business, most of the travel you book and the work you do is carried out on computers. You collect personal information from your clients, and in some cases, you hold financial data too. If your business suffers a breach, and any of your data is compromised, then you are legally obliged to inform any affected parties and provide them with ongoing credit monitoring services. If you consider all the clients you have records for, then it’s easy to see how the costs can easily add up. This type of insurance can help you cover the costs you will incur, and it will also cover any related PR messaging as well.

How to Buy the Best Travel Agency Insurance

Buying insurance for your travel agency online is time-consuming and it’s not always easy to compare the different travel agent insurance options. Speaking with a local commercial insurance agent can take the guesswork out of the equation as they have experience and knowledge of the best types of coverage that your business will need.

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