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What is Tree Trimming Insurance?

Working as an Arborist or Tree Trimmer can be a dangerous job. Whether you work for a landscaping business or you work for yourself, you need to buy the right tree trimming insurance to protect you from the risks of the job.

Buying Insurance for Tree Trimming Services

While there is no specific insurance for tree trimming services or landscaping professionals, the key to finding the best type of insurance coverage for Arborists, is to understand and assess your individual insurance risks and make sure your insurance protects you and your business from these threats.                                                                          

Regardless of whether you are a new tree trimming business needing to buy insurance, or you are simply re-evaluating whether or not you have the best-priced insurance for your tree trimming services, here is a summary of the main risks you need to protect yourself from.

  • Theft, loss, or damage to your vehicles, equipment or tools.
  • Damage to other people’s property.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Errors and omission exposure arising from consultation services or advice that leads to a potential loss.
  • Injuries to others arising from a malfunction of equipment, negligence, or the use of chemical or toxic substances.

Other factors that you need to consider as you review your liabilities and risks is to think about the different types of work you do, the tools you use, the heights you could have to work from, and the substances you might need to use. Essentially, anything that could result in damage, an injury, or a loss for you individually, for your staff, your clients, and your business as a whole.

This is why people who want to buy tree trimming insurance use a commercial insurance agent to help them more easily navigate the insurance market.

What Types of Insurance do Tree Trimmers or Arborists need?

If you talk to a commercial insurance broker, there will be certain choices you need to make about the type of insurance you buy for your tree trimming business. Here is a summary of the most common types of coverage Arborists can buy.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you give advice as part of the services you provide, then you should consider buying professional liability coverage, or Errors and Omissions insurance as it is also known. It can offer protection against any liability claims made due to poor advice, negligence, or any recommendations for services that result in a loss for the client.

General Liability Insurance

This is a basic liability insurance policy that can cover injuries made to any property or person. It is also an essential part of what’s known as a business owner's policy. The levels of coverage offered will vary greatly from one insurance provider to another, so it’s important to check the finer details of the policy to make sure you get adequate coverage for your tree trimming business.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This works in almost exactly the same way as your regular auto insurance policy, but it covers the commercial vehicles that your business owns or leases, and it can cover you and members of your team for the driving of trucks, cars, or vans for commercial purposes.

Inland Marine Insurance

This type of insurance can protect any equipment you need to transport from one job to another. The conditions and coverage limits can vary greatly from one provider to another, so it’s important to check the individual details of any insurance before you buy it.

Product Liability Insurance

If a product you make, sell, or distribute was to cause an injury or any damage, the product liability coverage could offer protection for any legal expenses or settlements. For tree trimmers, items such as sprayers, fertilizers, chemicals or trimming tools could be the cause of such an incident.

Business Property Insurance

Business property coverage is designed to protect your business assets, such as property, equipment, and inventory. Even if you lease a property, you will need property insurance to safeguard your equipment and your stock.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your business is unable to operate for a covered event, then this type of coverage can help you with the ongoing costs of your operations, your employee's pay, and more.

Workers Compensation

Although the individual laws vary from one state to another, generally speaking, workers' compensation coverage is required in all states. However, the minimum number of workers in your business varies between states. Make sure you know your local requirements and adhere to them to ensure your workers get the coverage they are entitled to.

Who needs tree trimming insurance?

If you have a tree trimming business or you professionally manage trees or shrubs for another company, then you might need to buy arborist insurance to cover the risks you face at work. Here are some of the most common occupations for people who need to buy tree trimming insurance coverage.

  • Tree trimmers and pruners
  • Tree removal experts
  • Hardscapers
  • Tree pest management specialists
  • Municipal tree care specialists
  • Landscapers

Talk to a commercial insurance broker before you buy tree trimming insurance. They can help you understand what’s available at any given time; they will work with you to make sure you get the best insurance for your tree trimming business.

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